Baiyoke Sky Hotel Buffet~ Dine at the highest point of Bangkok

Baiyoke Sky Hotel Buffet is something that should never be missed out from the bucket list when travel to Bangkok. It is the highest dining spot in Bangkok, in Baiyoke Hotel which is the tallest building in Bangkok City. We can have a perfect and stunning aerial view of Bangkok city while enjoying the buffet. Baiyoke Hotel is about 88 floor height, there is different themed buffet from level 79, 81, 82 and 83. For more information about Baiyoke Sky Hotel Buffet please kindly refer to their official website :

We reached Baiyoke Sky Hotel around 4pm and we thought that we missed out the lunch hour from 11am till 3pm daily, while the dinner starts from 5.30pm till 11pm. Luckily, the lady at the counter recommended us to take the "baiyoke floating market buffet" for tea time, which was 800 baht per person ( about RM80 per person). Erm, it was quite expensive if it was just a ordinary tea time, but it turned out quite worth for the price because it included the observation deck and 360 Revolving view point at 84th floor. 

So we went up to 75th floor for our Baiyoke Floating Market Buffet. the lift was really high speed enough haha. ticket outlets is at 1st and 19th floor. 

stunned by the view in the restaurant at 75th floor. aerial view of Bangkok city. 

the interior view of "Baiyoke Floating Market Buffet". of coz, don expect a real floating market here, they just designed it with the boat themed with Thai delicacies, such as pad thai, tomyam gong etc. There is different food from different regions in Thailand. We can have it all in one place here!

we picked a seat next to the window so we can enjoy the view of Bangkok city. They even have a map of what should we try out in the restaurant!

one of my favorite: Tom Yam Gong. most famous delicacies in Thailand, and I really enjoyed it ( I had about 3 bowl of it hehe). they have shrimp, mushroom and fish fillets in the soup. a great combination of sour and spicy which opened up our appetite to have more food 

they had western food too such as pork chop, fish and chip and beef in case the customers don really enjoy thai food. I don really like the pork chop because I had a hard time to chew it! 

the river shrimp which was so big in size and fresh! another favorite in the restaurant and I just had not enough of it. I always wish to try tis out but not so confident when I saw them at the road side becoz of hygiene issue. No one wish to get food poisoning during travel right. Here I can have as much as I can because they just taste awesome like what they looked like. MUST TRY!

and they have more ingredients for mee soup. of coz they had more choices of food than this but I din really try out. 

And I just love their desserts so much. Look simple but really taste good, not so sweet and I can enjoy it without toothache. that is the best part! my saliva was drooling with these colourful dessert. 

Thai traditional kuih-muih. 

something taste like ais kacang in my country. all the ingredients were below the ice. add more marks for the taste with cream! 

pic with the signboard and the boat~ 

Finish story? not yet, we then went up to 77th floor indoor observation deck for a higher aerial view. 
sawadekaa from Baiyoke Sky Hotel, which is Thailand's tallest hotel in bangkok. 

The model of Baiyoke Sky Hotel. 

the view of Bangkok city. and the main focus was the horrible traffic jam on the road! oh gosh I could not imagine it if I was stucked in that traffic jam. The traffic jam is always heavy all the time especially weekends. that is y ppl say better pee before drive in Bangkok haha

mimic Thailand traditional floating market in the observation deck. there is a lot of things to see in 77th floor! 

does this look artistic?? haha. 

next stop: the highest view point in the town~ 360 degree revolving view point at 84th floor with spectacular and magnificent view of Bangkok city which should never be missed out in Bangkok!
and the wind current was so strong. but we enjoyed it becoz it felt awesome. 

Enjoy the view without glass barrier. The deck rotates slowly around the building so we can enjoy various views of Bangkok 360 degree. such a beautiful and "maju makmur" building hehe. The beauty of the view cant be described with words or camera, our eyes are the best tool to enjoy the view of the city. 

the wind made my hair so messy but I enjoyed it haha

the pathway of the deck. we no need to walk at all 

Last but not least, lets see the traffic jam in Bangkok City from the deck. GOSH!!! haha

Baiyoke Sky Hotel Buffet ~ Baiyoke Floating Market
Address :  222 Sukhumvit Soi 3, Sukhumvit Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10400, Thailand.
Mobile phone operator O :  +66 2656 3000 
Monday to Sunday
Day~ 11am to 4pm at price of 450 baht
Night~ 4pm to 10pm at price of 580 baht. 

thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it! 

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