Penang Cafe~ Purrfect Cat Cafe

If you are a cat lover trust me you will fall in love and get crazy in this little cafe~ 

So after our second cafe hopping at folks cafe, my fren wished to go to cat cafe. At first we thought that there was no such thing in Penang because we never heard about it before. Out of my expectation, there is a cat cafe in Lebuh Muntri and it operated since the early of 2014! how can I be so dumb for not noticing the presence of such a unique cafe? The cat cafe is Purrfect Cat Cafe which is located just beside Penang Camera Museum. Easy landmark for everyone haha. 

Initially I don really want to go the cat cafe becoz I had enough deal with cats in my college. My college got dozens of cats, and the most famous one is always TIGER, the king of the cat in K17 UPM, weighed about 10kg, obese, had one stroke experience, fierce and love to fight with other cats, and human too! But I miss Tiger so much.
and my heart melted again when I saw the cats in the cafe. From the right top to left bottom : Teddy slept all the time like a boss, Bear emo starring at the sky outside, Orange the fluffy one, and Leo the chubby hehe. There are 6 cats in total in the cafe, 2 of them were sleeping and we were not not to disturb them in their sleeping room. 

The cafe is a double storey shoplot. the ground floor is the reception counter and they sell some cats' items such as bags, clothes, postcard etc. The first floor is the dining area and the cats' activities area where we can play with the cat. Still we need to follow some rules in the cafe~ 
  • we cant use flashlight if we wish to take pictures with the cats
  • we must take off our shoes before we go up to 1st floor and wash our hands first before we touch the cats
  • Do not disturb the cats when they are sleeping and eating. 
  • Do not bring the cat out of the cat zone, and do not feed them in any circumstances. 
  • Be gentle to the cats~ don be violence to them ( they are very tame so don worry they wont hurt u at all!) and do not hold them. child below 10 years old is not allowed to enter cats' zone
at first they set a rules that customers need to spend RM18 per person in order to play with the cats. But they now changed to one order per person, sounds more reasonable =)

We can leave a memo to the cafe or the cat here! 

choose the cake from here~ the worker here was really friendly enough to recommend us their signature dessert. 

they have some signboards over here for photos too~ and yes I love cats. 

the overview of ground floor with lots of stuff even monopod! but a bit pricey la of coz haha

so we went up to first floor and had some chit chat together before they served our food. Their service was fast and good enough. thumbs up! 

our first piece of cakes. Cant really remember its name ><

chocolate cake recommended by the worker~
 it is really "cocoa" enough and it melted and excited our taste bud when we had the first bite. Love the chocolate drawing. it is all about cats!

Lemon cake RM13 ++
since our frens' bday are approaching ( 2 of them) so we just had a small celebration here with the lemon cake. The cream on top looked like a flare lava haha.  

Peach soda
we took the beverages recommended by worker ( becoz we are too lazy to pick haha). The peach soda was really refreshing and the combination was good. 

Irish latte
dunno y i felt the pattern looked like a dog more than a cat haha. The Irish latte was too thick to me. 

the counter in the first floor. 

tadaaa~ our photos together with the cute cat head pillow! we had a leisure evening over here and we stayed more than an hour. Becoz one of my frens just don wish to get out from the cat zone LOL. It is nice to spend a evening here becoz of the relaxing mood. 

Then we went into the cat's zone and had some fun time with them~
Hello Leo! had enough of emo? haha
the cats here were very tame and their fur were super smooth and nice to be touch. Don worry they are clean becoz they always have their regular bath time ^^

the big cat mural in the cafe~ 

Marble was playing/ massaging/killing the mice toy~ they two stayed in the sleeping room and we cant get into this area. just take photo outside the room. So cute to see it massage the toy as if it was killing the mice!

Me with the super fluffy Persian~ Orange ^^ it was so lazy to entertain us until it don even look at the camera for a single moment. 

Leo, who are u thinking of? 

the play zone of cats~ do u noticed the sleeping Teddy? 

the overview look of the cat's area. quite spacious so the cats have enough space to play around. In fact they just sleep most of the time. This is a heaven for them. 

the dining area~ was separated from the cat's zone by a glass door. 

the cat society in the cafe~ but we did not meet Snowy and another one i forgot which of them. Just met 6 out of 8 of them. most of the cats are imported from Taiwan.

while waiting for my fren to have more fun with cats, we played some games in the cafe. The cafe had some interesting board games for customers to enjoy ^^

played building block~ Im quite good in it hehe

the highest tower that we had before it collapsed~ 

our childhood memory of snake board games. 

the outlook of the cafe in Jalan Muntri

Purrfect Cat Cafe
53, Lebuh Muntri, 10200 Penang, Georgetown
Business hour : 10am -10pm
Cafe hour : 11am-9.30pm

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