Chiang Mai University International Medical Challenge~ Farewell Party

During an international conference or competition, farewell party is always the most exciting part. When ppl think that medical students are a bunch of nerd or watever, prove it in the farewell party. We rock and roll the whole way and the party looks like a club than just a normal ballroom! And we had an awesome one for CMU-IMC 2014, thank you so much to the organiser team with the powerful live band performance! I just cant forget how I enjoyed myself that night. 

FYI, those photos without my watermark are photos from official facebook web of CMU-IMC 2014, special thanks to CMU-IMC for the high quality and wonderful photos. 
tis is one of the scene during the party, spot me?? 

so we departed to a hotel after the closing ceremony. The hotel really look grand and fabulous, and we cant really wait for the party to start. 
tis is the interior look of the hotel. honestly, it is really grand enough to have any party with it. 

meet Kelly, Malaysian delegates from University Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicine Perak. 

photos together with the awesome team from Zhejiang University! the uni who always rock the event haha. 

photos compilation with lots of ppl, from my group modulator Noon and Je, cuties Mai and Pu, Anna the most popular female delegates in the event, and many more! thank you so much to u guys for creating such an unforgettable memory together. 

and we can write our thoughts and farewell speech ( haha) on the plastic~ 

our table, nice decoration with pink!

took photo with her becoz she really looks and act like one of our junior~ the most sporting girl in the event

the stage of the event~ yes we enjoyed live band show as the warming up of the party hehee

the overall view of the ballroom hall. not bad. 

and we have salty popcorn outside ( really salty enuf ><) 

thai style noodle! i love it. 

salad~ with dong fen ( nt sure wat they called in Thai) and mushroom and many more. 

no resistance with the desserts served in the hall and end up with toothache walao e. the reason y i hate and love dessert at the same time, thanks to my stupid sensitive teeth. 

a candid shot from CMU-IMC of UPM team. My frens look like they are doing an advertisement shot for i-pad while I look like a ghost flying behind emo till max. very natural from everyone here. 

and here is some show from 1st year student of Chiang Mai University. we really enjoy their show to the max while cheering and shouting down the stage! can we have this performance in UPM please????

while they were dancing for the song of Your Number to My Heart, which is a super popular song in Thailand. And we danced it for 3 times during the party session. 

and then the party session start with the live band show and we owned the whole ballroom hall! we danced, sing and laugh together. songs like Your Number to My heart, kpop songs and "the fox" are the favorite. 
and we had party with balloons

we can be serious during our study, and totally get wild when we play. 

photo together with UPM team 2 GM Yok. Thanks for everything in this 4 days time and we really had lots of fun together. Till we meet again! 

still miss every single moment in CMU-IMC 2014 although it was about a month ago. It was a successful international event and really look forward for the coming event again. Congratulation to CMU students for making this a successful and memorable one. Thanks to everyone who help us during the competition, love you guys!  

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