Chiang Mai Eagletrack Zipline~ 清迈丛林飞越

Do you ever experience 16 ziplines of flying fox in one shoot? Do you dare to challenge ur fear to height at an abseiling of 40m? Do you want to have something extraordinary as a tourist in Chiang Mai? then you should never miss Chiang Mai eagletrack zipline!! They have awesome paddy view and spectacular view of the forest along the zipline, not forgetting the beautiful waterfall the the end point. It is totally worth for it!

one of my bucket list is to experience the biggest thrill of flying fox in Chiang Mai, and I did it during my competition in Chiang Mai last month muahaha so happy. And Im glad tat my frens Wing Liong aka Boss, and Ping An were accompanying me for this great and jubilant experience. We had so much fun during the journey ( although both of them scared of height initially) until we had not enough of flying fox and wish a second round. Okay this sounds so insane haha. 

We chose eagletrack zipline after much consideration and comparison with Flight of Gibbon ( too costly), Jungle Flight and squirrel flight. We chose it because it is the cheapest among the others with good comments from tripadvisor. Eagletrack comes in three packages, which are the bronze, silver and gold package ( which is a combination of bronze and silver package) with different price. Please refer to their official website for the price. We booked it around a week before our departure to Chiang Mai, and we were so lucky to get their earlybird offer at 1900 baht, ori is 2400 baht per person. And we booked the earliest hotel transfer at 7.30am. They do provide hotel transfer and transportation to Chiang Mai International Airport too, without additional charge. 

So what is included in 1900 baht?  they provide a meal buffet, nature trail and waterfall ( you should never miss it!), city round trip transfer, first aid insurance, free t-shirt, free locker service and a bottle of drinking water during the journey. 
early morning at 8am, we board on the van provided by eagle track ( yes they late for that =..=) and enjoyed the beautiful paddy field view along the journey. we reached the base of Eagletrack around 9am. It was a motion-sickness journey once again!! I almost throw up becoz I never expect for it again. better sleep huh 

the van for the transfer, very comfortable hehe. can accommodate around 10 ppl in one time. 

after we put our belongings in the locker, and sign the consent form, we were directed to a place to wear our equipments on, they helped us to wear it hehe. 

here I am, well-equiped! look like a warrior haha. Im ready to go!

then we hop on a lorry to the starting point. we started at the starting point of bronze package, and had a short break at the end point of bronze b4 the starting of silver package. The staff there gave a good safety briefing before the start. they will do the lock and unlock of the harness for us in each platform ( so it is really safe! but we had to wait for each other). we got 2 cable with 2 pulley for double safety~ just enjoy the fly

a short training on the flying fox~ there was 2 staff during the whole journey, 1 will catch us at the next platform and another one will ensure our safety at the platform be4 we start. and here, Boss is ready to fly for his first ever flying fox in his life ~ 

and here is the photo of Ping An's flying fox

and mine one! here you can see they really ready to catch us at the next platform. and my right hand was holding a stick which act as a brake in the high speed trail. the feeling is just too gorgeous during the flying fox and I love it so much! feels like im flying in the jungle between the trees~ back to the nature haha. this is my 5th flying fox experience just FYI. 

the view of the forest~ greenish, unpolluted, with super fresh air ( wash my lungs here once again from the haze in KL aiks aiks) 

selfie when I walked on the bridge~ they have many patterns for the bridge haha, but I think ESCAPE theme park in Penang got more than it 

the timber balancing beams, challenge ur balance people! and beware the staff will shake the whole bridge from the ground haha. yes the bridge is suspended in the air, just imagine how excited it is gonna be! 

I guess this is the zodiac bridge~ just a benign one, not so scary, but one of us hold himself on the rope with both hands during the journey muahaha

My selfie during the flying fox~ yes I took it when I was flying in the middle of the flying fox. Selfie level: ASIAN muahaha
they have 16 ziplines with 35 platforms, among them, 4 of the ziplines are the long one if not mistaken, really long enough until we cant see the end haha. but don try to take selfie or pictures if the track needs a brake in middle, you might drop your camera anytime. I did the selfie shoot during the track with tackle spider web.  

just a short break for some water before we started our journey in the silver package. 

the hill tribe ladder. it is really... really... tall enough. 

the stick which act as a brake system during the flying fox haha it is just too cute to me. don miss it or drop it! hang it nicely, we need it until the end of the journey. 

Boss gave a nice pose on the Kung Fu walk. 

the zigzag walkway, ok i admit it I had an embarrassing moment here, but Im not gonna tell u Xp

and finally we reached to the most exciting part~ the longest zipline throughout the journey which we will fly thru a beautiful view of paddy field. I read it in some blogs and videos before and I really look forward for it. It never let me disappointed! and I managed to catch some beautiful photos during the fly muahaha

here is the view of the paddy field, although it was not as spectacular as the Bali one, still beautiful enough for us to take a deep breath while appreciate its beauty. this is the reason y we chose eagletrack zipline over the other companies. 

the old trees which supported the platforms in the journey. of coz one tree one platform la haha. each platform can accommodate about 10 ppl at one time, which is more stable than the one I had in Escape theme park ( max 3 ppl on a platform in one time). Amazed by the power of the trees

and the finale of the gold package journey~ the abseiling of 40m!! 
it is the most exciting, long awaiting part of the journey! before we went for the zipline we were wondering how tall the 40m is going to be and it was really tall enough. haha I just treat it as a warming up session for my next dream: bungee jump. we have to unclip the harness on our own, so we had to follow the instruction from the staff.
when it is my turn, the staff asked me: you want fast or slow? I answered fast, and he just gave me something like free fall when i was mentally ready muahaha it was sooo much fun! I screamed it out loud coz I felt very syok for it, not becoz I scare huh haha. love it so much. 

happy ending of the journey~

a happy jump to celebrate that I finished my journey with a great success! self challenge pass

their waterfall is really beautiful at the end point~ but be carefull that they don really allow us to play water in the ponds becoz it is just too slippery. safety first for everything. 

And thanks to the 2 great staff throughout the journey, you guys are just too awesome in all the guidance. Terima kasih kamsahamida thank you kamsia xie xie nandri haha
I highly recommended Eagletrack Zipline if you wish to try something new in Chiang Mai becoz they really take good care of our safety and we can really enjoy ourselves 100%. the whole gold package journey took around 3 hours time. 

here is some tips for Eagletrack Zipline
  1. don take heavy meal before and after the flying fox, especially you got motion sickness like me 
  2. wear appropriate attire for the fun, which means sport shoes and comfortable pants. I have no problems with jeans. all jewellery must be kept and hair tied up for safety
  3. For the camera, don bring a stupid giant DSLR, just bring a small camera to enjoy the journey. we can take pics during the fly but it is on our own risk, and they advised us not to use it in those ziplines which requires a brake in the middle. no one will pick up for u if u drop it to the ground, just say bye bye to the device
  4. follow the instructions of the staff. especially during the "brake", brake and stop when they instructed to do so, so we wont bang the tree at high speed or hang ourselves in the middle of the zipline shouting for help, so embarrassing. 
  5. never ever try to grab the cable during the fly, or even close to it. If you don wish to have something like "self-amputation". my fren accidentally touch it when he was in the zipline and he had some minor laceration over the fingers ouucch it was so painful man. 
  6. get the morning journey to enjoy the mist and fresh air, and avoid the crowd haha. 
For more information and wish to book with Eagletrack Zipline, please kindly refer to the link below:
trust me, you will never regret to have fun together with Eagletrack Zipline =))

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