A Thrilling Drive at Cha Am ATV Park

Looking for something thrilling and challenging while enjoying life in Hua Hin? Let's go for ATV ride in Cha Am! I was quite excited and really look forward for my first ATV experience in Cha-Am, just 20-30 mins drive from Hua Hin city / 10 mins drive from Santorini Park. I cant wait to ride on the ATV after I saw how my frens enjoyed it in Hat Yai. 

After we came back from Hua Hin Vineyard Hill, we directly drove to Cha-Am ATV park. The weather was just nice to have some outdoor activity. 
Here is the entrance of Cha-Am ATV Park, they have a big parking spaces for their customers. we can see their super huge signboard at the junction of the road into the park. 

Besides ATV, we can have archery and paint ball ( painball to me, I played it once in Malacca and I got a bruises and it was pain enough for at least 1 week!) here too. It is definitely a perfect spot for a gang of youngsters to spend time here. 

the paddy view outside the park. Actually this place is more to a countryside feel to me, especially when we went to the track C which is a simulate cross country driving. Imagine the horses were running besides you and cows were enjoying their grass meal when you were driving on the ATV? Yes I have it here!

Ok, here we started the story about the ATV. 
We paid for 1000THB each ppl for an hour drive. there was 3 track in total: A,B and C. We will have a brief training in track A first, then 3 rounds of track B, 1 round of track A again, and then we will follow the instructor to track C which is a farm track with a small river and we will have unlimited ride there until the time is up. In total for an hour include track A, B and C. here is some brief introduction about the track ( from Cha-Am ATV Park official web)
  • Track A- is for practicing, learning correct driving skills, test driving and learning intensive care controlling i.e. careful use of accelerator, reducing the speed, breaking or stopping, turning, balancing, learning road signs, warnings, and directions.
  • Track B - is to have fun driving the ATV cars on adventurous, curving, uneven, and steep roads, which challenge your ability. To put to good use your skills gained from Track A and apply them to use on this track.
  • Track C- was designed to simulate cross country driving which is not difficult or too tough for new drivers. You will have a lot of fun with this track and the experiences gained from tracks A and B can be put to good use on this track. 
Supposedly we should drive pass a small river in track C, but since it was dry season that time so the water level was not enough for us to experience the splashing of water when we drove through it >< 

A view of the track of Track A and Track B

precious driving moment together with my family~ which meant everything to me
I was leading that time and it was totally awesome becoz I can have any speed anytime I want ( pity my brother he complained that I drove too slow, he wanted to experience something speedy haha). The instructor will just guide us to track C and we were free to drive like what we did in Track B and C. But it was not good to speeding here becoz it was dangerous. Here is some safety precautions to play ATV here : 
  • NEVER EVER play with phone or camera when driving. we took photos only when we stopped down. If wish to take some "driving" photos, we can pass our camera to the instructor so he can take photos for us. All other valuable belonging must be kept in the locker provided ( extra money to rent it) 
  • Wear helmet all the time. Helmet is included in 1000THB. 
  • Right thumb for accelerator and brake on the left. My right thumb almost..... fracture no lar just kidding   cramp after I pressed the accelerator for almost an hour GOSH! but control the speed appropriately. The instructor have the right to stop us if he felt that we were driving recklessly. 
  • No showing off action is allowed in the park ( hahahaha) 
for more information, plz kindly refer to their official website:

after a short rest, we continued our driving again. 
Honestly, at first, it really felt awesome becoz it was my first drive on ATV ( after drove my little viva for ages). But after my 3rd round in Track C I started to feel bored becoz I have the same scene all the time. I expected something like drive into the jungle ( sounds woah) but it just a cross country driving. 1000 baht for a first experience, like that lah.

Me with the ATV~
For girls, if you love your shoes or pants so much, don wear it here. Better wear a simple sport shoes and short pants becoz we had to drive through a few muddy area~ n my shoes were stained with mud, so hard to clean it up until today. 

A little fountain with a couple of geese 

the view of the track~ 

After the ATV drive, my brother and sister decided to have some archery before went back to hotel. The price is 400 baht for 30 minutes ( around 4 cycles) per person, the price include instruction, bow, 6 arrows, 1 five colour target, an armguard and finger tab. 

while waiting for our turn
They only allowed 4 people in one row, and everyone have to wait until the last person in the row finished his/her last shoot so they can collect the arrows on the target. It is safe but very slow LOL. 

The archery range is about 12 metres. Get ready for the games! ( not me) 

and I just sat here and enjoyed how my sister did her archery in a funny way XDDD
The instructor gave a briefing first before the games and they will guide you all the time so you don shoot to the ur neighbour's target instead of ur own target! haha

my brother really got talent in archery. at least he managed to get a few bull eye target. I know my skill was totally suck enough so I prefer to sit and watch, it was so embarrassing for my previous archery experience! 

after a round of archery my sis complained of finger pain and just stop and had a short nap over here. so relaxing huh~

My brother's result. really not bad. 

After the archery we just had a simple clean up in the toilet and drove back to hotel after a tiring journey. 

Here is the operation hour of Cha-Am ATV Park~ plz noted that they closed on Wed. 

Cha-Am ATV Park
Address :760/7 Soi Borkam, Petkasem 212 Km. Rd., Cha-am, Petchburi 76120 Thailand
Mobile Phone :+66 (0) 81-893-3938
Fax :+66 (0) 32 451 163
Email :info@cha-amatvpark.net
website: http://www.cha-amatvpark.net/en/index.php

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