Chiang Mai breakfast~ Wake Up Cafe and Subway

During our arrival to Chiang Mai, our group modulators Yoke and Stamp recommended Wake Up cafe in Nimman Road near our hotel. And we realised that Wake Up cafe comes together with Subway, what makes more surprise to us it opens 24 hours a day! We decided to have a bite of the Subway in Chiang Mai for our breakfast on the 4th morning in Chiang Mai, let's go!
the design of the Wake Up building itself is catchy enough to catch our eyesight. The best thing is it comes together with Subway!

The seats in the cafe. Love the ambience in the cafe, relaxing. I wish I have more time here so I can have a leisure evening with my favorite novel over this place.

And we met China delegate in the cafe too. Yes, I super love the swing in the cafe. It makes it a different cafe from the others to me. Penang cafe can you have one swing seat too?? hehe

and we were queuing up for our breakfast. The Subway menu in Thailand is quite different from Malaysia because they have pork menu here. The price for a classic or foodlong subway is much cheaper than Malaysia too. 

Hanging around in the cafe while waiting my breakfast from Cheng and I found this cute cactus~ hehe arent they cute? well the cactus I bought from Cameron Highland just died. emo

They even have their own hand-draw comment box. 

So basically Subway is in the left side of the building and Wake Up cafe is over the right side of the building. 

The counter of Wake Up cafe, lets see what they offer for breakfast ya hehe. 

This is wat they have. I saw colourful macarons!! but it seems like not so healthy to have sweet tooth in the morning right? haha. They have chocolate larva too~ gosh everything is sweet. 

the menu of beverage on the board. Get myself a cup of white chocolate in the morning. 

since they have double storey so I just went up to Level 2 to have a look. There is more seats to accommodate more people at level 2~ 

aerial look from the second floor. They have swing, sofa, bench, just pick the seats u like. 

The sofa seats next to the counter. 

Even the staircase is in spiral shape! this makes me fall in love with the cafe so much because they have all the elements I like in a cafe. 

Breakfast time with my bestie Cheng. We shared a classic ham subway together because we just cant finish one on our own for breakfast ( different story for lunch ya haha) 

this is how our ham subway looks like~ which we cant get it over Malaysia! and they sell it at the price of 490 baht ( approximately RM5). The bread was so crispy damn man y not the same in Malaysia again. 

have a peek of the ham subway. saliva was drooling all the way huh. the ham was just too awesome for a breakfast! I wish they have bacons too. The vegetables are fresh too. Basically the choices of vegetables and sauce are almost the same like what we can get in Malaysia. Trust me we had not enough of Ham Subway and we get another for supper that day. 

and here I am with my hot white chocolate. Look so classic with my formal lady wears from Element haha. Too bad I cant really wear it in Malaysia because it is sleeveless. I really loves the clothes from Element, looks elegant and classic on anyone who wears it. 

this is my white chocolate~ 
I cant really remember how it taste but to me it was satisfactory. just nice to warm up our stomach with a cup of warm beverage in the morning. 

Pat's cocoa. 
I remember the cocoa was really "viscous" enough for us. taste like hot milo or chocolate but much better than both. 

and finally we end our breakfast session in a leisure mood with yummy ham subway and smooth hot beverage. Don forget to try their colourful Italian soda and crepe cake if you pay a visit here! 

Name: Wake Up Coffee Chic Open 24 hours 
Location: Wake Up Coffee Shop Nimmanheamin Rd, Suthep Muang, Chiang Mai. 
coordinates GPS:18.796392,98.966053 ( Map from Google Map )
open - close: 24 hours a day

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