4th Year Medical Life

Seems like I have abandoned my " UPM student Life" series since long long time ago haha.
Well recently i travelled a lot so most of the time Im blogging about my trip, all the nice food I have and some interesting event. Until some of frens eventually thought that I dropped off my study from medical school. LOL
still in UPM medical school, struggling for life. And this is the reason I do blogging, to divert away my stressful lifestyle to something I do really interest in. Not to say Im not interested to study or what so ever, but sometimes work life balanced have to be achieved isnt it.

So I officially passed 2 of the most hectic posting in medical school life~ obstetric and gynaecology, as well as paediatric. Trust me paed was totally a bloody nightmare when comes to clinical part. and we summarise our difficulty in exam as:

O n G  - your knowledge and skill matter everything. If we don get the position and the estimated gestational week of the baby correctly, we are done. I mean " that is the end of the life in this posting".  this is the time where practice take a very big role in it

And actually O&G is a relaxing posting to me ( not sure about others, guess it becoz 2 of the most malignant doctors were on their leave during my posting). I do enjoy to handle my timetable on my own, learn cases from different doctors in the clinic or operation theatre even though they are not my lecturer. I have no idea why some people just like to create a stressful study environment for a clinical posting. Isnt it more effective if student learnt in a conducive atmosphere?

Well, it is all about self-discipline. Personally I think that I really learnt a lot from my patients during my posting. Patient is always the best text book to a medical student and I really agree with that. Although the content of the proctocol might not be agreeable by everyone in the hospital, but it do exist for a reason, and I believe that it wont differ too much from the proper guideline anyhow?

Another thing that I love about O&G is the practical opportunity. Here I really want to thank to all doctors and patients who gave me the opportunity to learn about different kind of examination, such as palpating a gravid uterus, appreciate the fetal movement, performing pap smear, vaginal examination, assessing bishop score, assisting delivery, observe how a control cord traction and delivery is performed. Every of these make me a better person.

Paed  - your patient and your examiner are the matter. Patient wise, it is depends on luck. If we are lucky enough, we will get an older child ( more than 2 years old, and there is no longer stranger anxiety) and cooperative during the examination. If we are so lucky, like me during my clinical exam, my patient cried ( or burst is a better explanation) a lot. They will throw tantrum and it is our job to calm them down so we can continue with our examination. In short, our patient is the king, and we have to try our very best to serve him in any circumstances.

To be honest, sometimes I really got the feeling to slap them and keep them shut up but I could not do so la of coz. we have to babble in their language in order to please them and pray for a thousand times in our heart so that kid can just stop crying.

how about examiner? what is so scary? ermm. most of the paediatrician have obsessive complusive disorder to me, they want everything done perfectly, include how we examine the kid. The most killing part is they have the right to "KILL" us a.k.a fail us if they think that we are not competent enough to handle a child who is not cooperative. That explained why paed is a bloody nightmare for almost every medical student lol

I mean, kids always cry for nothing or just wanna get their mummy attention, doesnt it? =..=
but anyhow I really have a lot of fun to play with most of the kids in the ward throughout my 10 week posting in the ward. Except when our paediatrician is around. Our brain and body will just shut down automatically without any signal for that issshhh

Psychiatric -  Patient is the biggest issues
most of the people are having stigma over this group of patient, but in fact they can really function well when they do not have the illness attack. This posting really give me a great chance to view a person from different aspect and angle. In fact, 1 out of 4 Malaysian is having psychiatric illness and no proper treatment is given!

I still remember few days before my exam, I try to memorise all the criteria in DSM-5 so much ( which diagnose psychiatric illness) and pray really hard so my patient is not that crazy enough to give me a lot of nonsense information. Some of the patient will admit everything and some of them don, this is the most challenging part of psychiatric posting = to determine the reliability of the information given by patient

I met some patients before who think they are GOD, demon or what so ever, everything that we can named it out they present with it. Sometimes we ourselves get crazy also when we follow the flow of the conversation haha. Clerking a psy patient really need a lot of patience. Thanks GOD I got a pure psychotic patient during my exam, who is not too crazy to give me appropriate information that I need.

and currently Im in the most relaxing, but at the same time the posting that I hate the most~ family medicine. The nightmare of research project is approaching soon again grrrr X..x
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