Penang Trick Art Museum

First of all, I would like to thanks to Tour Directions for giving me this opportunity to visit Penang Trick Art Museum together with 2 of my frens. We had a really great time here, enjoy crazy around with the 3D trick art in this museum, and most importantly, it is fully air-conditioned! perfect spot to give us a break while having a heritage tour around in Georgetown. 

3D art museum is really poplar nowadays ( visited at least 4 previously). and this one, they gave some special effect than normal 3D effect painting, which looks so gorgeous! It is something like this: 

Te deng!!! this is the effect, can you ever imagine we are actually in the same room in the same line? ( not exactly same but we did not get really away apart) 
so, feel curious about it? how we actually do that? is it a magic? the secret has to be sealed in the box~

So, let's get started! 
The outlook of the museum, located in Lebuh Penang. striking out in pink colour, so it is easily detected. however, the street parking is so limited, and we had to park quite far away. Don forget to put coupon for the parking fees, or else "saman" will be awaiting. 
my recommendation is, do come here earlier in Saturday morning to have easier assess to street parking. 

so this is our ticket and we are ready to go!! let's go explore hehe
normal pricing is at RM 15 for adult 

We had a  warm welcoming from the staff in trick art museum, who was very friendly and helpful, thanks for everything to Penang 3D trick art museum for the great service! They do provide guidance on the pose to take some epic/ funny picture and best spot to grab the right angle. just look at ur foot! 

Penang 3D trick art museum was divided into several section, which consists of cultural enrichment, visual illusion, sculpture, and some with futuristic theme. 

This is the first pic once we entered the museum. The coconut tree is actually a sculpture!! how amazing and real it is. same goes to the children, everything is done by Penang Trick Art Museum. for the pic, instead of printing it, they actually paint it!!! what a gorgeous job from them, the painting is really colourful and real enuf. a big thumbs up to the team. 

Bae took a ride by trishaw back to the old Penang
Penang was once so famous before the independence, with the name of " Pearl of the Orient"
If you do watch the oldies movies from China, they called Penang as "nan yang". this explained why the old Penang looks so much like scene in Shanghai movie

well looks like someone felt so sleepy while the uncle trishaw was chatting with the policeman 
the old time policeman wore green short pants instead of  long pants! typical British colonial police attire haha.

Look!! there is something in the sea
Guess the background is from inspiration of Clan Jetty in Penang. It looks like we really ride on a sampan in the middle of the sea isnt it

Next section is all about Penang Tourist Spot, check it out
how could we missed out the famous Penang Hill cable car? 
red and white is the trademark, but retired since the latest generation of cable car took over the job. 

Sorry WL, the bus is full and u are late!! Bye Bye!
pity bae have to run to catch the bus
but the highlight point is definitely goes to: YM expression who drove the bus!! look steady and epic like a big boss. 

Next Section: Visual Illusion
this is the most famous part in the 3D trick art museum that should not be missed out. What is so magical in the room to come out with this illusion? hehe dowan explain it here, go explore and have fun on ur own! 
so he acted like he is the ultraman and try to defeat me with his ultraray
Im the victim, Im innocent! 

Im the crazy angry discipline teacher , YY and YM are the kolian student 
looks so funny isnt it
but I love the love pose from 3 of us the most

help!! we are falling down to the hell
grabbing YY leg as if she is trying to get out and we wanna drag her back to the hell together
while WL looks like he gave up to get out and let himself free-fall. 
the tunnel looks quite deep but actually it is a room hehe

We are flying on the sky with a magic carpet
YM is the boss I guess to look for the direction

Opps sorry bae, it is too funny to me and I cant hold it
how could you be splash by teh tarik? Xpp

Jaws series is in the process
come on YM you can do it!! don let the shark get into the room and bite us all
YM : Im trying!!

Try to mimic the hollywood red carpet scene from P!nk < So What> music video
YM : Im the superstar, and the world ambassador of ice lemon tea

Instead of 1 ET, I saw 2 

Let's get high together with the little Orang Utan
sing along 2pm Put your hands up together
mama orang utan : I no eye c u guys 

and we love pandas together. panda is so cute even it is a fake one here

owl and the bat, feel so Harry Potter to me 

Look, he is so talented to play the world class ski action

Help!! Im drowning in the swimming pool, someone plz get me out, im suffocated!
this shot is really hard to get and poor bae had to jump so many times to get a satisfied one

Run sisters! t-rex is behind us!
btw jurassic park is going to onscreen soon isnt it? hehe

magic show time on a floating bed~

OMG what have you done to my body? put it back in order! 

the recipient counter
so we had a lot of fun here, we spent about 2 hours over here. according to the staff, music effect will be added soon~ 

Penang 3D Trick Art Museum
Open daily: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm   Sat, Sun & Holiday 9am-8pm
10, Lebuh Penang, 10200, Penang, Malaysia
email :
Facebook :

Entrance fees: 
visitor/adult : RM 25
Adult with MyKad : RM15
Children and senior citizen : RM10
student : RM10 

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  1. nice! i haven't been there before! i would like to visit there one day!