Lunarich Pizza and Pasta~ Gem in Gurney Paragon

went for a lunch date with Bestie and her bf, together with my bf as well and our all the best time bestie YM together in Gurney Paragon last Friday. It had been such a long time since my last visit to Gurney Paragon, the latest and most luxurious shopping complex in Penang area, with such a beautiful name in Chinese. And that day, we went for a pizza! at first I warned my bestie that I will kill her if she brought me to pizza hut or domino Xp and Lunarich pizza did not put us down with splendid taste over there. 

we had 2 large pizza that day~ yummy, guess which is our preference? 

get ready well for the feast

the beautiful lamp just caught my attention with its unique design

with Bae
Love the clock and the red brick wall. Feel like im in somewhere else in the west huh Xp

The interior view of Lunarich restaurant
In overall, this restaurant has a very relaxing ambience for dining. We even need to soft and lower down our voice in chatting so we don disturb others ( although we were the only group of customer of the day haha). This is the first time I dine in a classy restaurant with besties ( we usually chat it out loud so cafe is more suitable for us) 

This is a nice place to bring HER here for a surprise celebration to me~ birthday, proposal, anniversary, u named it.
yeah becoz I think here is quite romantic too as well 

A cup of hot chocolate - RM7
according to bestie, many people recommend the hot chocolate over here besides their pizza. not really the best chocolate in Penang, but they do serve good hot chocolate drink over here, the drink is silky smooth and it wasnt too hot to have a sip

Pession Mango Smoothies - RM11
just want to have something to chill in this hot weather, and it is really refreshing! 
I like it so much as a mango lover haha

Here comes the pizza
before we eat, lets take a photo first ( guess DSM 5- TR will revise that food porn is a form of psychiatric disorder as well too after selfie lol ) 
Friendship that I owned for more than 10 years, what else I can say about tis besides being blessed and grateful? 

Forgot to say, in Friday, we got 50% off for our second pizza!! so how should we forgive ourselves if we missed it out? 2 pizzas please! Each pizza comes in 6 slices

Our first and favorite pizza of the day! 
Di- Mare pizza - RM36
The only seafood pizza in the menu. During Friday, I should be abstinence from chicken and meat, so I often have limited choice of food for Friday outing. In the menu, there is only 2 pizzas don have chicken or meat, so we chose Di-Mare pizza over fungus pizza, becoz we want seafood more than mushrooms haha

just look at the cheese, prawns, squid, mussels and some fish fillet, make my saliva drooling again. 
and surprisingly this pizza do not smell fishy at all but seducing! 
I could not really resist myself from seafood OMG my all time favourite please

and our second pizza of the day is ready to serve as well

Luna Special pizza RM 41
I shouldnt blog about food when my dinner time is near and I haven grab it T...T
recommended by the waiter, one of the signature pizza in Lunarich, coated with cheese, and bacons!!! cant recall what are the rest of the ingredient 

since there is bacon with the pizza so I don really try it out. Just a few bite from bae one haha
The pizza was quite crispy, but I just don like the taste of the sauce. 

Mushroom soup RM 15.90
This mushroom comes in a big portion together with some ginger bread. Err, you get what you pay for it la. 

Spaghetti Aglio with chicken RM26
Look tempting from appearance, but I did not try out that day
**but I really want to have a piece of it next time. Anyway, this spaghetti comes in a big portion as well.  

Outside Lunarich Pizza and Pasta, there is a cute bicycle decorated with flowers

Get up to Lunarich from the escalator from Italliannese or T.G.I.F

**All price above not included GST (6%) and service charge of 10%

Lunarich Pizza and Pasta
Gurney Paragon

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