The Light Collection Luxury Condo~ the infinity pool and magnificent sea view

Here, special thanks to my dear bestie~ Miss Hazel Phuah for bringing us to such a beautiful and awesome place! never know that Penang got such beautiful residential area before until I come into The Light Condo. At first, I doubt the stability of the condo because it was a land fill project on the sea along the waterfront of Penang Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu express way. But after a visit, I would like to say this is really a mega project with awesome outcome ( but still Im not really agree with landfill project). Especially the infinity pool! will try to get another chance for visit in future time soon haha

Of coz, don expect me to get myself a condo like this even in 10 years time, coz it costs MILLIONS. I have no idea how should I get myself a house in Penang in future lol. 
Back to topic, lets have a view of this luxury condo first~ 

a peek view of the pool~
Yes, it is a infinity pool and down the pool is the Penang Straits! will describe more later
it is interesting isnt it

So here are the luxury bungalow in The Light Collection, with a underground garage and surrounded by marine pool. The marine pool is another great job from IJM, with varieties of sea life in the pool. 

Yee Min : Welcome to my house
just joking, none of us afford to get a house like this LOL. 
the bungalow area still empty, not much residents move in yet

Me and WL
to be honest this is definitely one of my dream residential area~ So what I should do now is study hard, work hard, earn more money in future and get myself a luxury condo like this

the marine pool in between the bungalow, with the swimming pool and gym room not far. guess what creatures inside this pool? 

yupp!! they got little shark here! 
they just turn a pool into a small marine world~ feel like the kids here no need to pay extra visit to KLCC marine or Langkawi Underwater World becoz the sea-life here is more than enough for them to learn something about eco-system. Well Done The Light! I like this part the most

A larger shark sleep on the ground
the pool is really big enough and connected below the bridge. So the fishes here have a really big space to swim around instead of suffocated in a small area. I wonder will the shark eat the small fishes in the pool? 

and they have little turtles here! Hi Turtles!
this is the first time I see turtle in my life ( no joke, I don even see them in the zoo LOL) 

there are about 20 little turtles in the sea ( an isolated pool) 
although it is a isolated pool but they share the same pool of water. the authority really make a great effort in maintenance of water quality. Heard that they check the water quality daily. It is not easy especially this pool of sea water is in open space. 

this cloud of blue fishes caught our attention~

and guess who is the big buddy that we met that day? 

The huge turtle!! and im so lucky to catch the moment when it is near to water surface
according to my fren, this is the largest turtle in the pool, and she really seldom saw it. 
Please live well turtle 

on our way to the waterfront. this walkway is unique and beautiful 

and why should i miss out the chance to take some photo? haha
my outfit of the day: 
dress : from Bangkok market
Shoes : Jelly Bunny 

the waterfront condo~ 
there is a yacht at the pier, and the residents can rent it for a sea tour around in Penang Straits, costing RM600+. sounds so amazing woohoo
please pray that I will be rich someday and get myself a yacht tour LOL ( own a yacht is too much for me haha) 

the swimming pool near the sea sides. 
this is just way too awesome man to have a swim in such beautiful scenery. 

just because the swimming pool is facing the sea! 
Too bad this place is aint a resort or hotel but condo, How I wish I could spend a night staying here and have a full relaxed time. 

The full view of the condo

Let's have a good nap here? 
wait first, becoz we got something more exciting to be discovered. 

the infinity jacuzzi pool at the seaside!
me and Bae felt so excited here haha. ( should have proper swim wear to get into the water la but we don really swim, saja take photo only). Although the weather was striking hot but the view worth for anything! 

and here comes the photo
the pool has another narrow edges down there ( in case people slipped and fall down, at least not into the sea directly). Take extra caution here!!

have the beautiful Penang straits, the small little island and of coz the spectacular Penang Bridge as the background with this jacuzzi pool

Love this photo on how the wind blow on my hair haha

Yee min with the typical titanic pose~ Or she is flying im not so sure

and big thanks to Yaya aka Hazel Phuah!! 
our next date: bring our swim wear, and bottles of apple cider with ice, enjoy a relaxing evening with sunset view in the jacuzzi. Felt super excited when thinking of this plan! lets make it happen! 
sounds like we really pandai enjoy ourselves

more crazy photos together with Yee Min
the scene will be much awesome if it is a blue sky instead of a greyish one like this ( I have a difficult time to adjust the contrast, lighting and colour lol) 

sounds like : 
someone please don get jealous ya
The lane in between the bungalow

we spent about an hour crazy around The Light Collection~ Hope I can own a house in a housing area like this in future!! earn lots of money is the first thing I should do haha

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it ^^ 

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