A Day Trip to UPM and Putrajaya

okay, here comes the second day of the trip, to welcome and host our frens from Chiang Mai. In the first day, we brought them for Chap Goh Mei festival in dong chan si temple in Jenjarom, there is some light exhibition over that area. So here comes the second day, we met each other in the afternoon, after a short lunch with Chee Cheong Fun  in Serdang area, we went for a short tour in UPM, then went to Putrajaya, meeting up with Kelly and her family~ Honestly, I have no idea how many days have I been to Putrajaya within this year, LOL

Group photo together with the landmark of UPM in front of the Dewan Besar~ 
this place was crazily hot as usual. I came here like... once a year during my senior buddies' convocation? haha anyway this is a place that should not be missed out in UPM

there is a small fountain in front of Dewan Besar

Then we drove to the farm ( ladang) not far away from the main campus. At first, we wish to enter the farm area to look for the famous tree ( so famous in MVs and drama, especially ghost drama I have no idea why), but the fence was locked up so we ended up to visit the ladang ternakan with cows

Hi Mr.Cow, how is ur day today, do you feel good? 
and I saw u shit everywhere haha. Honestly the environment condition was quite for us ( not sure if they clean it up daily or nt) every cow has their own labels

becoz the smell was so bad so someone rather to stand under the big hot sun

with our cheerful girls in UPM farm zone~ miss the girls so much!! 

and we drove all the way back to our faculty~ Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences for some photo shooting and introduce them place that we study. Okay, theirs one is obviously much better than ours. This faculty.... honestly.... suck =..= 
With the faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences ( one of the latest building in UPM, aged around 10 years old). From far the building looks nice, but when we look closer, we can see algae everywhere and our dear administration group does not have any effort to improve the condition. They once implement the " program ceria K17" but please, it was a epic failure. 
back to topic, after short visit in UPM, we then drove to IOI city mall for MAGNUM ice cream!! 

Magnum hot plate REd Velvet ~ about RM30 include tax
the red velvet is really sweet, and with the chocolate, woolllaaa I got a toothache attack actually =..= the ice cream still as delicious as it always do. Erp, a bit luxurious la for this plate of ice cream but who cares? need a good and nice treat once in a while ma. arr, CNY macam baru pass hor? 

then we got the hot plate of ice cream with brownie again, ignore the dirty spoon I forgot to crop it and I just too lazy to edit it again. The best seller in Magnum cafe cost us about RM30 too. This one is really worth it, because the brownie is aint a normal one, it was coated with chocolate inside! Felt like living in the heaven again 

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Im am the divider xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Okay here comes the real part~ A half day trip in Putrajaya. I think my previous post on RM1 tour to Putrajaya made a better job la but here I just wanna write another post about half day trip to Putrajaya. First of all, do not expect too much for food in Putrajaya. They got like nothing for serious, the nearest food that we can hardly grab is Secret Recipe in Dataran Putrajaya with some Malay food, and everything is closed at night WTF.  so for those who wish to have a good trip in Putrajaya, plz kindly grab ur food before you tour around. There is 2 shopping malls nearby, Alamanda and IOI city mall. Alamanda shopping centre just about 5 minutes driving journey away from the main street of Putrajaya. 

Okay back to topic. So we drove for 30 minutes like that from IOI city mall to Putrajaya International Convention Centre to meet up with Kelly and her family. Here I really appreciate help from Kelly and her family for making this trip a superb one. Without her help I have really no idea to bring 4 of my frens tour around with a super kecil viva. And thanks to Patricia for 'bertahan' with my bad tempered during drive ( I am sooo impatient when I got stuck in traffic jam). 

The aerial view of Putrajaya from Putrajaya International Convention Centre ( PICC). this place is free of charge for parking, actually I park my car there illegally. I have no idea where is the parking lot and since there is spaces in front of the main lobby, I just park lo. 
okay actually I know there is a public parking down there but Imma too lazy to walk up here 

So our frens from Chiang Mai, bebe, Je, Pode and Ploy, together with Kelly had a good time in PICC. First met with Kelly in Malaysia after 8 months time haha

2nd station: Seri Gemilang Bridge
There is a beautiful park that should not be missed out for photo shooting. On the right side of the Seri Gemilang bridge face to PICC. 

the gorgeous Seri Gemilang Bridge in the daytime. 

The girls with the beautiful bridge once again. The day was quite cloudy actually, so not really bloody hot for the weather la. 

3rd stop: Bulatan Seri Gemilang

Just a very huge roundabout with the 3 landmark building of Putrajaya as the background. 

Station 4: Perbadanan Putrajaya

We parked around the Perbadanan Putrajaya and walked around. Again, I showed the world how bad my side parking was =..= with a viva auto power steering, I spent around 10 minutes for a side parking.
The view of the Palace of Justice, the high court in Putrajaya. I wonder which famous cases were being judged over here. 

The Perbadanan Putrajaya
One of the spot for flash mob of 1600 Panda Invasion in Malaysia last year. 

Cheer girls!!
we missed out the mosque behind the building of Perbadanan Putrajaya =..=

The Prime Minister Office of Malaysia and Dataran Putrajaya. This is the first time I stopped down and looked at this building seriously. My every visit here was like a touch and go. 

Girls with the Pink Mosque
In Friday, the Muslims have to pray 5 times a day in the mosque so there is a difference of visiting hour of pink mosque as compared to usual days. In Friday evening,we can visit the pink mosque from 5.30pm to 6pm only. Check more in their website. 

Malaysia's Jalur Gemilang, together with 13 states and 3 Federal territories. Spot Penang flag?? 

Ploy with the Prime Minister Office. 

The girls with the Love in Putrajaya, the Intelligence City

After much waiting and we entered the mosque after 5pm ( we entered it earlier) 
here is the visiting hour of pink mosque from the website:
Visiting Hours are:
Saturday-Thursday: 9am-12.30pm, 2-4pm, 5.30-6pm
Friday: 3-4pm, 5.30-6pm

There is no admission fees but non-muslims are permitted to visit the mosque only after the prayer time. as a form of respect to Muslim religious. 

my frens with the red robe. Free of charge for rent at the counter near the entrance. And we have to remove our shoes before we stepped onto the walkway in the mosque. 

Together with the guard in traditional Malay attire in the pink mosque, all of us are "shoeless!" haha

Interior view of the pink mosque main prayer hall. can accommodate up to ten thousand worshipper at a time. Well, this scene only happens during Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Raya Haji. 

View of Putrajaya Lake and Seri Wawasan Bridge from the pink mosque. 

View of Putra bridge which connect the main street of Putrajaya to Dataran Putrajaya

and we met another cute foreigner who photobomb us during the shooting! Hi and Welcome haha
Pink mosque and the sunset. 

After pink mosque, we then drove to Broga for a heavenly fabulous dinner with Steamed fish

here is the fish~ Thanks to Kelly's father for the treat
the fish was cooked in the bamboo, with salt only, so everything is so fresh and the fish soup taste really awesome! In short, we get nearly the original taste of fish without much spice. thumbs up!

The the finale of the daytrip~ group photo together!! 

such a long long post X..x haha

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