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Being away from blogging almost 3 weeks! Was too busy recently >..< from chinese new year, starting of my new posting ( in psychiatric posting currently), be the host of my Chiang Mai frens in KL, rushing for my case report. Finally now I have the time to sit down and enjoy my blogging. 

Today, Im gonna write about the last station of my cafe hopping last time ( yeah it was about a month ago). And sadly to say I have lost the receipt of this cafe, and I really could not recall back the items and price of food that we ordered. So sorry T..T But still this is one cafe that worth for some recommendation becoz of its cozy ambience. We "nua"  in this cafe for almost an hour although we just ordered 2 pieces of cakes and drinks haha. 

This cafe is situated beside Hin Bus Depot, which wass a art gallery for some new murals from Ernest last year. I missed out the exhibition last time, so just get some of them here hehe. This is one of the most famous painting during his last exhibition- Art is rubbish is art

So this is the outlook of the cafe
We missed out the cafe at the first time becoz we din see the signboard of this cafe. The parking is mainly street parking, so don forget the parking coupon during weekdays. 

there is a cute antique car with some painting outside

the counter of the cafe
the workers here are very friendly and good in recommending their food. I was too lazy to scroll for any recommendation recently so I prefer to ask them directly haha. 

suitable seats for a couple? 

do you want to make some coffee?

there is limited seats available in this cafe, but it is still spacious enough for us to have our own private girls conversation. The high ceiling, brick walls and huge windows gave us a comfortable place to chit chat non stop over here, in another words, " nua" to the max over here. 
well perhaps I should write a post on " top 10 cafe to Nua in Penang" hehe. 
just slow down ur rhythm, and enjoy a cup of coffee and some readings over here. 

since it is afternoon tea time, should we grab some cakes? 

And the answer is definitely yes~
we ordered a butterscotch walnut, a cheese cake, a cup of mocha and a signature drink here. Cost us less than RM50 for all. 

we prefer to have butterscotch cake and their mocha over here. 
The butterscotch cake is so tempting. The different layers of ingredients enlighten our taste buds. Definitely a high recommendation over here. 
the cheesecake was broken into pieces easily when we ate it
As a mocha lover, I enjoyed the mocha over here. Although the coffee art wasnt that fascinating, but the mocha itself taste good and smooth in texture, not too sweet nor viscous to me. ( I tried once a mocha that they put too much chocolate and I nearly choked for that) 

me and my camera of the day
still in the process of learning to take good pictures 

before we left the cafe, we went to the backyard and had a great photo session. Just a little short moment becoz the weather was crazily hot that day. 

kids with the sampan

YY with the girl, who suppose to hold some balloons made by garbage in her hand

with the rainbow kid

this place is suitable for some events over here. It is spacious and relaxing. 

Bricklin Bar Cafe
Monday to Friday
10am - 7pm

Saturday to Sunday
 10am - 10pm

31A, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 Georgetown Penang
04-226 6813

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