Laman Padi Langkawi Rice Museum~ Be a farmer here!

After our exhausting journey to island hopping in the morning, we had our lunch and a short nap before we started our afternoon journey. During our road trip in Langkawi we enjoyed some amazing view of greenish paddy field, and why don we get a chance to walk into the paddy field and have fun there? So, we stopped at Laman Padi Langkawi ( rice museum Langkawi) before we proceed our journey to Oriental Village for the cable car. 

Located in Pantai Cenang, Laman Padi Langkawi was not a famous tourist spot as compared to Underwater World or beach activities, but trust me this place is truly awesome and best place to have agricultural experience. I never walk into a paddy field before and this is my first time! when I say walk into, yes i walked into the muddy ground and be a "temporary farmer" haha. And all activities here are free of charge, with a staff as our all time tour guide. The scenery here was not really breathtaking, but relaxing~ 

Typical Kampung style in Malaysia village
a wide view of paddy field, some coconut trees, traditional Malay house. what is disappear from here is the kids with their kites. Well this is just a museum, homestay in a Malay kampung is one of the best way to truly experience the kampung style. 
sorry we don really have a traditional chinese kampung here haha

Bridge heading to the museum
we parked our car at the side gate ( free of charge as well, this is y i like this place haha). from the bridge we can enjoy the paddy view from both side
We were so lucky to have the chance to get this greenish paddy view, well, paddy is seasonal what haha. sometimes they are green, then turn golden colour, brown and after harvest season, nothing. check the calender first

There is an empty paddy field, specifically for tourist who wish to try on how to plant a paddy in knee deep water. Oh ya, if you wish to do so, you better wear a short pants for tis
I was wearing a dress that day and it was really troublesome to me lol

paddy view from the bridge
the paddy was planted in a line, with enough space. This is science, each plant need sufficient sunlight, water, space for nutrient to survive, arent it haha

Spot the human like structure in the middle of the paddy ( we called it orang-orang over here) 
What was it doing over there? 

with a paddy in my hand. ya we were replanting this into the field later. 

Here I am with the orang-orang
the purpose of orang-orang is to keep the birds away from the paddy especially when they are ready for harvest. In short, birds are the no.1 enemy in the paddy field, snails come the second, mice the 3rd and snake is the 4th. Some of the farmers will have owls in the paddy field to get rid of the mice. But 

how about birds? they have orang-orang haha. because when the paddy grows, the birds often eat up the grains and this is so distressing to the farmer. And since they could not stand in the farm for 24 hours to keep them away, they make a human Xp

The staff in the rice museum who is so nice to give a brief idea on how they cultivate the paddy field usually. 

here we are, putting our legs in to the knee deep water, trying to act like we are planting the paddy. It is really a special experience for us, especially those who live in the city and seldom have the chance to stay close with nature
But if u r a OCD with cleanliness, I suggest you not to try it. Our feet were actually soaked in the mud, and I can feel there was some creatures swim across my feet ( Totally goosebump that time, then staff told us that it was just fish. there is fish trapping activities here too but we did not try it out) 
we planted 3 paddy field together in one time, and we were required to plant 3 rows of each. lets see how it works~

well it looks like a deserted paddy field to us.
obviously those paddy field that we planted wont survive Xp but it was fun!

There is a colourful shelter in the middle of the paddy field. so people can rest a while under the hot sun or after their work. it was so relaxing especially when the cloth swing with the wind

nowadays people do not plant the paddy with hands, they use machine. and this is how the machine looks like ( this is the small one, I had seen the real time one, which is really big enough lol) 

green green paddy field
instead of " do you want to build a snowman" we sang " do you want to plant a paddy" over here. 
sorry olaf, but you still cute as always 

after we washed our feet with tap water ( our feet were full of mud!) now we are ready to visit the museum~

exhibition of all kinds of rice in the world. This air-conditioned museum is packed with a lot of information and history of rice here. Do you know that actually people in all round the world is consuming different kinds of rice and there is actually a bunch of variety of rice available in Malaysia? 

one of the sample of rice~
it seems like im holding a SK2 instead of a rice bottle lol

there is a wall with sunset view~ just pretend that im in the middle of the paddy field with fascinating sunset view haha

some traditional games like congkak ( i can only recognise the congkak lol) 

Hi Mr. Buffalo, who was once the most important and essential subjects for farmers to work in the farm. Now they replace it with machine for better efficacy, and machine does not have a hot tempered and uncontrollable like how Mr. Buffalo does haha ( just kidding) 
but we still can see buffalos in the farm occasionally. some of the farmer still do it in a traditional way. 

some gadgets for harvesting. 

fish trapping items, fish trapping activities is the second income for farmers after the harvest season, as paddy field is the habitat for fishes. 

how the old time farmers look like~ 

Okay im unintentionally performing a per rectal examination on mr. buffalo big fat ass.

After that, the staff brought us to the backyard for more beautiful paddy field view~ very greenish!!

Yeah!! all the stress gone away with this greenish view
green is good for eyes don it? haha

so let's have more of the paddy field view ~
green field, brownish water, blue sky

wonder if i have the chance to sit in the shelter in the middle of the paddy field~ 
reading a book with the blow of the wind, how amazing it would be

there is some chalet for tourist as well
but beware that there is a lot of mosquitoes at night ( but mosquitoes repellent is provided). 
but.... at the same time... I wish to have a morning wake with such an awesome view, how how how?? * will make my dream comes true in Bali's Ubud haha

and lastly, the look of the paddy museum. In overall, they have a good maintenance but lack of promotional activities to attract tourist. it is really a good spot indeed for tourist to have some different experience in Langkawi. It is especially suitable for urban people who don really have the chance to have a intimate contact with paddy field ( haha sounds so wrong). 

Thanks for reading my blog!! Will allocate more time to finish my blogging about my Langkawi trip since last year LOL 
Going to Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta tomoro, really look forward to it! Tada and Goodbye 

Langkawi Rice Museum
Jalan Pantai Cenang,
Mukim Kedawang,
07000, Langkawi,
Kedah Darul Aman
Opening Hours: 8:00am - 5.00pm & 8:00am - 6.00pm (Public holiday)

Tel: +604 955 4312
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