Batu Caves~ 272 steps

So my frens from Chiang Mai visited to Malaysia and we hosted them for 4 days in Malaysia. We knew each other from Chiang Mai University Immunology Medical Competition 2104 ( CMU-IMC) and Je, my group moderator in that event, was one of the 4 girls visit Malaysia. We were so happy to have them with us for that few days~ although it was a short one but we enjoyed ourselves by touring around with good food hiak hiak. 

On Saturday morning,we brought them to the iconic and popular tourist attraction in Selangor~ Batu Caves after a heavenly breakfast in typical Malaysia way>> the mamak store Xp. It took us about 40 minutes train journey from KL sentral to Batu caves ( another terminal station). KTM is the most convenient way for us to reach to Batu Caves to avoid from those bloody traffic jam. I hate KL traffic jam the most. 
The main attraction in Batu Caves is the large statue of Hindu God ( 42.7m high golden statue of Lord Murugan)  at the entrance of the 272 steps.

Batu Caves is a limestone hill that have serial caves and cave temples in Gombak, in north Selangor. It is the focal point of Hindu Festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia ( going to Batu Caves during Thaipusam? think it twice! this place is going to be flooded by people, not thousand but maybe hundred thousand of them haha) 

have a picture first before we started our journey
we had a climb in Chiang Mai before, similar to batu caves, the famous Doi Suthep with 309 steps. To me, Doi Suthep is more beautiful as compared to Batu Caves with the golden pagodas, and climbing up to Batu Caves is more exhausting because the steps are steeper. However, the stunning skyline of Kuala Lumpur is something worth for the effort. 

Going to start my first hike in Batu Caves. the sun was so striking and so I wore a cap and a pair of sunglasses ( not mine actually, I grab it from someone Xp). sunblock and umbrella are so essential here! of coz enough water for hydration is important too
  ya i never been to Batu Caves although Im staying in Selangor for the past 3 years, I always wanna go to here, but lack of companion, haiz

this is it! lets challenge ourselves
FYI, proper attire is required to climb up to the temple as a form of respect. Obviously some of us did not get ourselves a proper attire ( the weather is bloody hot and I did not want myself soaked in a pair of jeans with sweat like what I did in Macao).
We rent a silk sarung at the entrance of the steps, we paid RM5 for deposit and we get back RM2 when we returned the sarung. Just like what we did in Chiang Mai. 

this place is crowded with worshippers and tourists during Thaipusam

sparrow and the Hindu God in the base of the hill. 
tourists can buy some food ( obviously is bird food) and feed the sparrow at the base

272 steps stairway leading up to the cave temple. the stairways are steep and small, watch out ur feet

but we more watch out on the wild monkeys along the stairway, they will grab food from the tourist and the authority strongly warned the tourists so they don feed the monkey and get themselves into troubles. Still, some people did not follow the instruction, and this is how this monkey got the orange

Monkeys are all around. This is their habitat what

the scenic view from the hill of Batu Caves. It took us about 30 minutes to reach to the peak. 
this is the 3rd climb I had since last year July~ first in Chiang Mai Doi Suthep, then Hong Kong Buddha, now Batu Caves, I wonder what next? hehe

My frens from Chiang Mai~
from the left > Je, Pode, Bebe, Ploy
Welcome to Malaysia girls

The main temple of Murugan, Batu Caves. 
one of the favorite spot for photographers to catch some great photos over here

Je and Pode with the beautiful silk sarung and the temple
as you can see, there are quite a few numbers of Hindu with their children over here

Wan Cheng and me tried to mimic #followmeto with the front view Xp

with the cute Hindu little girl. 

play another shot with dear Pat. 
I just realised Im not in most of the photo!! WTH

another view of the hill from the base
we spent about 30 minutes at the peak. There is a Hindu temple in the peak, and there is a "dark Cave" in the halfway of the journey on the left, with RM30 for an hour dark journey with tour guide to explore the cave. However we did not have the time, maybe next time? 

There is more temples at the base of the hill. 

Another Hindu God. 

How to Go?
By Car/taxi - Batu Caves is accessible by car or taxi as it is situated beside the main highway of MRR2 in Batu Caves area.

By Komuter ( KTM)- From KL sentral To Batu Caves station, Batu Caves is at the right side of the exit of the train station. About RM2 for the fare

By bus- may also be reached by bus 11/11d from Bangkok Bank Terminus (Near to Puduraya Terminus) or bus U6 from Titiwangsa.

Don forget to get a visit here! Have a good day everyone
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