Langkawi Red Tomato Restaurant and Lounge

There is something that should never be missed out in the food list for Pulau Langkawi ( actually I missed it quite a few times, but definitely not this time)~ a dinner in Red Tomato Restaurant and Lounge in Pantai Cenang, Langkawi. After a tiring journey, we decided to pamper ourselves with a good meal and hence we went for Red Tomato, which is highly recommended in Tripadvisor. 

so why Red Tomato?
  1. they really serve delicious and impressive food here. One of the best meal that we had so far in Langkawi. Especially the egg benedict, we just love it to the maximum
  2. the environment. we felt really relaxing here with the soft music. This is why I love lounge and bistro, and it looks so romantic here with all the candles. and most important, we don feel like we in Malaysia here!! haha sounds like we are in somewhere overseas Xp
  3. the location. The location is just opposite Langkawi McDonald ( beside Underwater world) and it is very convenient for us to get a parking lot there. 
  4. The Beverage. we get ourselves some cocktails ( who say girls cant drink hehe). I really enjoyed my drink here, although I had some drowsiness due to the high alcohol content but for sure worth to try for it.
  5. The price. The price is a bit expensive as compared to other bistro or lounge available. To me, it is still acceptable becoz of the good location and its popularity. As compared to KL, the cocktails are much cheaper over here. 
  6. the service. The workers here can speak fluent english and always give us a beautiful smile. 
sorry for the poor photo quality as all the photos below were taken by using Samsung Note II camera phone.

the outlook of Red Tomato Restaurant and Lounge. the outdoor is smoking zone, while indoor is non-smoking zone equipped with air-conditioner. We chose a seat inside the restaurant. 

The table and decoration. I love the candle on the table, which made the atmosphere really relaxing and romantic at the same time. 

the bar counter. Just simple and nice~ 
they have some beautiful light decoration over the counter, but my phone camera unable to capture the light

London red buses on the wall for decoration. I will get myself someday there with him
The seats in the restaurant is quite limited  ( only 4-6 tables) 

some part of the menu in Red Tomato
they offered pasta, bread and breakfast, pizza, tarte flambe, meat, chicken and fish, salads, sandwiches over here. Guess what was our orders?

sex on the beach RM 16
consists of cranberry, orange, peach and vodka. I ordered this is becoz of  the combination of orange and peach. And yes I would not deny that the name makes me curious about it too haha
the first sip was quite "alcohol" to me, maybe becoz of the vodka, but the peach and orange covered it up perfectly after that. But I was too drowsy to drive after the drink, so Olivia took over the place as the driver hehe

pina colada RM16
ingredients: pineapple juice, coconut, rum, tripple sec, lime 
Gracie ordered another glass of cocktails after persuaded by me Xp im so evil. Quite a good taste, the alcohol was not as strong as mine. 
well olivia was the pity one for nt drinking becoz she need to drive both of us back later haha. 

enjoy my drink!! 

tarte flambe with beef bacon and onion RM25
instead of normal pizza, we tried something we never heard it before. What is a tarte flambe?
Tarte flambée is an Alsatian dish composed of bread dough rolled out very thin in the shape of a rectangle (traditionally) or circle, which is covered with fromage blanc or crème fraîche, thinly sliced onions and lardons. It is one of the most famous specialties of the region~ Wikipedia

actually this was the last dishes that we had that day, becoz the food was just too tasty and we could not resist to try another food on the menu. Well, it did not let us down. we even want it more! 

so here is another two dishes that we ordered that day 

polio pesto RM25.50
this is my first time to try a pasta with chicken in creamy pesto sauce ( I always go for carbonara!) at first, I felt quite not confident to try it out based on its appearance. But things prove again that we should not judge the food by its cover becoz it tastes awesome than carbonara! In fact, I was the one finished the whole thing at the end becoz I love it so much. 

Egg benedict with turkey ham RM19
actually this was not in the list for dinner. However, we were so lucky that the kitchen agreed to make the order that time. Thank you So much!! Honestly, this egg benedict just killed us all! the poached egg, spinach, sauge bearnaise and turkey ham comes into a perfection in our mouth, and our taste buds really enjoyed it a lot. especially when the egg yolk melted from the poached egg~ gosh, too tempting for us! We finished it within few minutes, seriously, not more than 5 mins i guess haha
Anyway, the eggs benedict comes with choices such as salmon, beef bacon, turkey ham or tomato and fresh mushroom. It was served on homemade bread or toast.
*extra charge for gluten free meal

last but not least, my drunk face ( i was actually blushing that time haha). Will definitely make another visit to here again in my coming Langkawi trip

Red Tomato Restaurant and Lounge Langkawi
No.5 Casa Fina Avenue, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, 07000 Malaysia. 
Telephone +60 (04) 955 40 55
facebook :
Business hour: 9:00 am – 10:30 pm daily

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