Brunch~ The Bee Publika

Where to have brunch in Publika? there is a long list of restaurant and we chose The Bee since many bloggers recommended it. How is our experience there? Let's see
The entrance of Publika, still in Christmas atmosphere that time. So now you know how long ago this post should be haha. 

The Bee locates at the end of the corner of Publika, not a really strategic location, however we felt very relaxing to have our brunch with soft music and less crowd. I don really like to be in somewhere crowded recently >..< sign of aging aiks

the seats in The Bee. 
The Bee divides into 3 zones: indoor smoking area, outdoor, and indoor normal seats. 

Like their wooden furniture. I felt oldies here, 
trying to get a good angle. hmm.... need more practice Xp

not much customers here. In fact, we were the only 2 customers in the restaurant during our dining. 

The outdoor seats~ the natural light over here give a beautiful environment for some photo shooting.
but people nowadays always prefer shady area aren't we haha

The Bees~ 

The lamp looks so artistic. 
I like this kind of lamps recently, I will get myself one if I own a house in future hehe


the old advertisement of Tiger Beer

Do you want to have some beer here? 
I want to, but someone don like me to drink. And yalar drinking in the morning is totally unhealthy.

Or perhaps some coffee? 
" cant you just pick some healthy drinks in the morning" huhu

I always wish to try out the salmon scrambled eggs in The Bee, but who knows..... the workers told me that it only available in The Bee Jaya One. T..T 

Iced Oolong tea RM12
a normal refreshing tea. 

Chicken and Asparagus Pasta RM 20

the pasta is really creamy and this was the first time I had pasta together with asparagus. Quite an interesting combination but it tasted not bad at all. A sincere confession of a pasta lover: this is really good

The Bee Burger RM25
We had no idea what to choose in the menu so we just go for The Bee burger as recommended in the menu. 

we chose for chicken burger. The chicken patty was juicy and the size of the burger was so huge, I cant fit it into my mouth with just one bite and we had to chop it layer by layer haha. Overall, we had a lovely brunch here. 

and last but not least, some picca in the outdoor space since the lighting was so good hehe. 

The Bee
36B, level G2, Publika Solaris Dutamas 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tweeter: @TheBeeMy
Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs: 9am – 12am
Fri: 9am – 1am
Sat: 10am – 1am
Sun: 10am – 10pm
Tel: (6016) 6736 142

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