Green Village Langkawi Resort

During the discussion for the trip planning, we wished to get ourselves a relaxing hotel near the beach, which is beautiful for photoshooting, and of coz, at a reasonable price. We made our decision to Langkawi at quite last minute, and we did not have much choices left to meet our criteria. Luckily, we found this hotel in Pantai Tengah~ Green Village Langkawi Resort, which get quite a good remark from AGODA. Pantai Tengah is just a few minutes walk away from Pantai Cenang, but it was less crowded and more relaxing.

for the price please refer to AGODA website~

When we first reached the resort, we were quite disappointed with the outlook of the resort, as it look just like a simple Malay house rather than something displayed in photo gallery and AGODA, and it took us about 15 minutes walk to Pantai Tengah ( as we tot it is located on the beach). We got a quick check in procedure over the receptionist counter, the impression was slightly improved from the warm welcoming from akak. Then, a worker lead us to our room. We booked a Banyan Room with breakfast and one extra bed. 
But once we stepped into the garden area of Green Village Langkawi Resort, we knew that we were wrong for our first impression on this resort~
dang dang!! the whole resort is in this environment, with very conducive tropical rainforest environment. We felt so refreshing to wake up in this environment during our 2 nights stay here.  

our room~ banyan room
there is 4 types of rooms available in Green Village Langkawi Resort~ angsana room, delima room, banyan room and casuarina room. the resort was full house during our stay. We cant wait to have a look on our room~ and I love the chairs outside the room although we don really use it becoz of the massive mosquitoes attack at night. 

Our beds~ a king size bed and a single bed for extra. 
the room is quite spacious even with an extra bed. and there is a rack for television, 2 chairs, and places for us to hang our wet clothes and towels. oh ya, this room is air-conditioned and equipped with good wifi service ( which is so vital in our daily life now). we had a good sleep for 2 nights stay here. The bed was so soft and comfortable to us until 3 of us felt so reluctant to wake up in the morning haha. 

hot shower is available too with toilet together
well it will be superb if there is a bath tub, but what to expect when we go for a lower budget? haha

there is a water basin, a mirror, and a basket with shampoo, soap, conditioner, shower cap, disposable toothbrush and combs. The water supply is very clean over here. 

so lets have a walk around in the garden in the resort
this is the reason why we chose for this resort over the others! the theatre here. 
we had a nice chat here with our kacang kuda on our first night stay while enjoying the overall view of the resort here. Yes i confess that I chose this resort becoz of this theatre and the swimming pool. 

the swimming pool~ 
initially I wish to have a swim over here, but our schedule was too tight and I don really find a chance to soak myself here. Yea i cant swim so i can only soak =..= 
in fact the swimming pool is not as deep as I tot.

the view of the swimming pool from the theatre. 
surrounded by trees~ 

I can only play water at the edge of the swimming pool while a 7-year-old kid can swim happily here. 

but still I wont give up until I really soaked my big fat legs into the water. muahahaha
btw there is no life guard for the swimming pool, so everything is at our own risk. 

gracie was enjoying her relaxing moment here. 
this is what we called it as HOLIDAY! 
go to hell to the bloody exam, which is next week. 

if you know how to play snooker you can have fun over here with frens~ 
the snooker table is in the lobby

the receptionist counter over the lobby. Now you know the reason why we were a bit down at the first place. 

there are few more games and books available here. which we did not have time to utilise it LOL

the entrance of the resort. quite a huge different from the garden inside the resort. 
maybe this is how they give surprise to their customers?? haha

and we had our breakfast in the resort. The choices of breakfast were quite limited and they did not really refill the food until they were told to do so. Need more improvement on this. The taste of breakfast was so-so only. I miss the breakfast I had in Bella Vista during my Langkawi visit 4 years ago >..<
just a simple breakfast to start the day~
got kuey teow and mee, eggs, ham, bacons, wedges, sausages, orange and a glass of fruit juice. typical malaysian breakfast.
now Im craving for a classical english breakfast hehe

the overview of the dining area

the decoration over a corner in the dining area. 

After our breakfast on the third day before our check out, we decided to drive ourselves to Pantai Tengah again for a day view. And yes, it was totally hot and the sun was too shine and bright! luckily we brought a high SPF sun block with us all the time in Langkawi ( which is so essential here!) 

since it is just a short distance, and Gracie wish to drive, so she became the driver. How about her driving skill? heheheh.
Pantai Tengah is just about 5 mins drive away from the resort. 

the panaroma view of Pantai Tengah
isnt it look gorgeous and breathtaking?? with all the blue colour that it got, I fall in love with it! totally a different view from sunset view

beach view~ less crowd in the afternoon due to the hot sun

spotted a bikini lady far away haha

my shadow and the blue colour sea water with white splash

I love beach so much~ and this is one of the beautiful beach in my list. 

Pantai tengah, with the sandy beach ( not really sandy white enuf haha) 

let pictures say the words
I captured the view with my Samsung Galaxy Note II series only. Imagine how beautiful it will be if I had a DSLR with me, and of coz, if I got a better shooting skill. 

So I end my post, good night world. And bless me well for my coming exam

Green Village Langkawi Resort 
Jalan Pantai Tengah, Teluk Baru, Pantai Tengah, Langkawi, Malaysia 07100 ( entrance just beside Sun Bistro, and opposite to Fat Mum seafood restaurant) 
book via AGODA website

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