Holiday in Langkawi~ Langkawi Eagle Square and Lagenda Park

What is the most typical landmark in Langkawi? Nothing other than Langkawi Eagle Square, or in Malay, Dataran Lang. I was so genius to miss this place in my last trip to Langkawi, and I would not repeat the same mistake again this time haha. 3 hours before we had to check in ourselves in airport Xp, we took a short time to Eagle Square for photos. It is quite hard to get a parking lot there as this is the famous attraction in Langkawi and it is near to Kuah jetty. 

the Eagle in the Eagle Square, with the pose ready to fly. 
it is just a 5 mins walk away form Kuah Jetty, located at the southest corner of Langkawi, and it is one of the best spot for sunset on this island. In fact, it is the best time to visit this place in the late evening becoz the sun is at its least intense, with excellent lighting for photos, breathtaking scenery and it is so comfortable to have our time here with the sea breeze. 

the back of the eagle. It is really huge enough huh
there is a staircase for us to walk to the front of the eagle and take picture with it. this place is very spacious and we got the chance to watch some street performance during our visit on the first night here. ya, we went this place for 2 times, day and night. 

Hooray to Holiday! 
I love end posting weekend so much becoz this is the best time for me to release stress after a hectic 10 weeks posting. I had a great one last time in Langkawi, hope it goes the same for this time hehe

together with my travel partner~ gracie and olivia. We had a great time here. And I cant wait for the next trip together with gracie to Taman Negara 
and as you can see in the background, this place was super crowded. 

the night view of the eagle from the side
I could not get the front view of the eagle as the spotlight on the other side was spoilt, which means it was dark =..= Hope the authorities make some effort on it as it is such a waste becoz the night view was actually beautiful too. 

this dataran looks like a star shape to me. I love the design of the lamp post here

can you spot Gracie and Olivia in the picture together with this giant 12 metre tall sculpture?? 
actually what does it meant for Langkawi?
in Malay words, Lang- eagle, kawi- reddish brown. as eagle is reddish brown in colour what. so I guess this is how Langkawi got its name. 

the view of the shops and lake near the Eagle Square. looks nothing in the daytime, just simple, 

Te Deng!! this is how is looks like at night with the colourful light. 

had a short walk here, but nothing much to see in fact. it should be a place for shops or hawker centre but obviously it was deserted. and this incidence is so common in Malaysia. 

Then we walked to Lagenda Park which is another 5 mins walk away from Eagle Square. the entrance of the park is the white bumbung behind the tree 
I like the shady trees here rather than those "dehydrated trees" along the side of the road. Just preserve more tree instead of chopping them off plz people. 

have a seat here and enjoy the sea view with Eagle square and Kuah jetty. If we knew our flight was delayed to 9pm ( wtf we knew it when we adi in the boarding room) for sure we will spend our time for a sunset view over here. 

a brick red bridge here. Ar, although it is beautiful, but we felt awkward with its presence here. shouldnt it be more Malaysian style? haha

still we had some photo session here with the bridge hehe. Don get mistaken this bridge is not heading to the Lagenda Park. We just passed through it and had some fun here. 

the entrance of Lagenda Park
Opened in 1996, with theme of folklore and myths from the prehistoric area of Langkawi. To enjoy this place, I really think we should get a local people for tour guide. We visited this place like it is a recreational park last time without knowing what it is about for the sculpture inside. 
this park is free of entrance fees

Gondowana stone wall with Langkawi Map here. Langkawi has 99 islands together, and there is more amazing place undiscovered. 

according to google, there is actually 17 sculptures and statues in the park. ( ok what I missed them out totally). This is actually a beautiful park, tourism authorities should really promote this place instead of creating new points of attraction, and some of them are useless ( for example, the 3d dome in oriental village that I had to pay another RM10 for a awful 3d graphic)

imitate "follow me to" project
no this is not his hand he wasnt there that time. This pretty hand belongs to miss Gracie haha. 
But will get chance to travel the world with him and do this project together 

the entrance gate of the park. Maybe this is one of the sculpture but I really had no idea
In fact, there is no one in the park besides 3 of us, we saw only one uncle came for a jog at the end of the walk. this is another place deserted by the government. 

Arched Pathway in the Lagenda Park. 
should spend more time here in my next visit hehe. This pathway looks so romantic for photo shooting. 

Gracie's non stop selfie haha. 

the clean pond in the park. Surprisingly, although this place was quite deserted, but in overall it is still clean and under good maintenance. 
this is the only sculpture that we saw in the park~ the clasped hand rising from the ground. at first we thought that it symbolise unity among Malaysia ( obviously we knew nothing about this park), after google I found out that this sculpture is actually represents the story of two giants Mat Cincang and Mat Raya who are once  best frens, was struck by lighting turning them into stones after they got into a fierce fight in a wedding. Quite interesting right? 

and there was a light shone into the pic when I took the picture haha

More view of the arched pathway in the park. We did saw some sculptures around but we thought they were just for decoration, and we were rushing to airport so we just ignored them totally =..= 

the pathway from another view 

plz take note that the park will be closed at 7pm daily, and there is no toilet facilities in the park. However there is a public toilet outside the park near Eagle Square ( of coz, don give too much expectation on the sanitation level) 

Last but not least, our selfie together with the cute orange-red car and our luggages. Here mark the end of our journey in Langkawi~ I broke my own driving record, as I was the driver for this 3 days journey. thank you so much to my travel partner for making this a memorable one. Really look forward for more in future 

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