Langkawi AB motel Island Hopping part 2~ Pulau Singa Besar and Pulau Beras Basah

Here is the part 2 of my Langkawi Island Hopping experience with AB Motel which offer the package at the cheapest rate on the island haha. Pulau Dayang Bunting is our first destination, after we spent an hour on the island, we headed to the next destination: Pulau Singa Besar for eagle feeding session. In this island, we did not get the chance to board off from the boat, and of coz, we are not going to feed those eagle on our own haha. The captain will bring some flesh on the boat and toss them on the surface of the water. So what we need to do is just sit there and enjoy the view and get our camera ready to capture the beautiful moments. 

Love the view here so much. My canon Ixus 138 captured the blue sky and cotton like clouds perfectly. 
spot the black spot?? those are the eagles 

managed to capture a picture on the eagle "snatch" its food out of the water in just a single second. 
This is the nature of predators- fast and accurate.
there was really a lot of eagles in the sky that time, waiting for a perfect time to swoop down and get their food. 

eagles, sea, sky, jetty. a beautiful combination of the day.
and don worry eagles wont attack the visitors becoz we were not their food haha

a closer look of the circles of eagles in the sky
eagles have very sharp eye sight, that is why there is a name of "hawk eye" for it. 

another closer look of eagles
eagle feeding session is the most popular activities in Pulau Langkawi, and in fact, tis is how Pulau Langkawi got its name! In malay, eagle is "Helang". Don believe me? so why do you think the function of Eagle Square which is a important landmark in Pulau Langkawi for? haha

Love this picca. Special thanks to Gracie the photographer
I look so bright, sunshine and cheerful in this picture isnt it haha. We took this pic when the boat was static

Gracie with the circles of eagles. it seems like she was holding one of the eagle on her palm ^^

after about 15-30 minutes of eagle feeding session ( ya it is a short one), we headed to our last destination of the day~ Pulau Beras Basah. I guess this island got its name from its white sandy beach, becoz this is one of the most beautiful beach on the island. 

I cant wait to get myself off from the boat and hug the sea and blue sky!!

the water is so crystal blue and same goes to the sky~ 
we can see many people enjoyed their family time here. 
wish I could have some time with him here too ><

how could we miss out the coconut on the beach?? haha
There is a food and beverage stall on the beach. But there is no public toilet, and no locker available. so we had to take turn to "guard" our bags on the beach

the water is so clear, cool and refreshing. 
so I decided to get myself wet as the ending of the journey haha

enjoy the moment in the sea

the sky is so beautiful until I could not take away my eyes from it. 
I miss my vacation so much!!! 

3 of us~ olivia, me and gracie
we had a great time here~ thanks for being my travel partner for the last trip in 2014

floating in the sea in such an awkward pose ( he burst into laugh to see this photo lol) 
ya coz I dunno how to swim man 

and whatever, just enjoy the huggie from the sea here. clean and unpolluted ( yet) 

a boat on the sea. I guess it is a private tour for those Arabian. 

and i just totally fall in love with the beautiful sky here
and I damn miss my canon ixus camera T..T 

and we met Caucasian's baby on the beach. She is so cute and she looks exactly like a doll in real!! she can sit unsupported, enjoy her playing, not developing strange anxiety yet, guess her age range is between 9 months -12 months old? baby i miss you so much!!

She is so photogenic
suddenly she become the icon on the beach becoz lots of tourists like us line up to take photos with her haha. and her mother was so kind enuf to let us hug her. 

boats from different travel agency parked on the beach waiting for the tourists

after swimming ( cheh u swim meh, u play water nia), lets have some walk on the beach

rocks near the jetty. the beach was not as sandy smooth as the another side one. quite coarse and a bit muddy in fact. 

the bridge towards the jetty 
we can see a lot of fishes under the bridge~ reminds me of pulau payar

there is water sports activities available here too. but of coz, the price is much expensive as compared to Pantai Cenang or Pantai Tengah. 

how can i miss out the jumping shot here

we spent almost 1 hour and 30 minutes here. then we walked to jetty to board on our boat. 

the bridge

the beach on the other side. much beautiful than the right side one, but it was conquered by monkeys >..< this is the reason why the crowd is lesser as compared to the right side, and the water current is higher than right side so not really suitable for water activities. 

Goodbye shot from the jetty of Pulau Beras Basah. Bye bye island hopping, we really had a wonderful time here.

we reached the jetty on the main island at about 1pm ( in total the journey was about 4 hours) and the shuttle bus from AB motel was ready to pick us back to our own hotel. We get ourselves a good bath, a lunch over Fat Mum restaurant and continue our journey of the day. stay tuned for more updates on my journey in Pulau Langkawi ^^

thanks for reading and wish you a great weekend

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