Christmas Walk in Publika~

ya, I know this is late post =..= X'mas was about one month ago le haha. But, it is a important day in my life. Ya if you guess it right what is the important thing haha. I never been to Publika before as it was quite inconvenient for public transport. And there is a big happening currently in Publika~ the last stop for Malaysia 1600 panda exhibition! I shall never miss it, if I don have any exam on next week =..= 

So, here is the story. He brought me here during our first official date ( call it official becoz we went so many places be4 as frens and now the status is stg different le hehe), as he thinks that this place is quite artistic and nice to have a walk here. It is a new concept of leisure place rather than the standard one like Mid Valley. 

the entrance of the Publika. Looks different from the usual one isnt it hehe. and I love the design of the entrance so much. 

The outdoor stage of Publika. 

Christmas tree in one of the restaurant in Publika 
there is a lot of restaurants in Publika, with lots of variety of cuisine available. And of coz those well-known such as Morganfield, Boat Noodle etc. 

Me and the Xmas tree. Urgh I should cut my ugly fringe once I finish my exam

Since we went during Christmas season, so there is a lot of Christmas decorations in Publika. And it is really creative that they used different materials to make Xmas tree instead of the standard one!! really amazed by their creativity and how they support recycle in their theme. 

Xmas tree by paper boxes

Xmas tree with grass
quite itchy haha.

and there is lots of xmas trees in Publika, not to forget their special chairs in different style~ 
one is so colourful and one is shiny white.

so this is my man~ 

White X'mas tree made of papers~ someday I will get myself a chance to see the real snowy white xmas tree! 

the standard christmas tree with beautiful decorations

both of us together~
thanks for everything. Im so lucky to have you with me. and I would like to say this is the best transformation that I ever got in my life. 

The view of X'mas trees from the first floor. Another thing I like about Publika is it is very spacious and bright. It creates a very comfortable environment for people to walk and enjoy some shopping here or even a high tea. 

Plan B restaurant. Will come again to try it out someday.

spotted some unique decoration on the first floor. what is it?? haha

Location of Swich cafe, which is near "Wings" shop. We came here for a high tea as many website recommended it and some even entitled that this cafe served the best cake in KL. Is it real?

Aphrodite cake RM 12.90 ( service charge 10% nt included) 
Since the mangosteen cake was not available and I don really like cempedak, the worker there recommended me Aphrodite cake. The name of the cake sounds so elegant, and the appearance is really attractive enough. 

side view of the cake
How about the taste? To me it is just a ordinary one, it does not reach my expectation in fact. The strawberry was too sour. To me the cake is a bit pricey becoz it comes with quite a little piece. 

then we continued to walk around. There was some stalls with different hand made items for sale there. Not sure is it becoz of the location, the price of the items is double the price from what I could get from Penang Occupy Beach Street Project, and they look almost the same thing. 

Look a bit feminine than usual huh Xp

We passed by one shop which is quite unique, and it reminded me of the shops in PMQ mall in Hong Kong! 

the shop looks so retro with the retro music haha

another toy shops and I was attracted with the Britain soldiers displayed in the shop! 

X'mas tree with dolls as the decoration

rak in the boat shape with sails in it~ how I wish I could get another vacation on the beach again. 

some arts/sculptures at the coridor of Publika. My sense of art is quite poor, so i could not really appreciate the meaning of these sculptures. 

this one looks like a frog/ monkey? with glasses? haha

there is arts everywhere in Publika. I heard that there is a theme for a certain period with all the sculpture display. 

Then we went to the grocer in Publika~ Ben's Independent Grocer ( BIG) 
We can get a lot of imported items here, and they displayed their items in a orderly way. 


The big "B" in the grocer

can get fresh seafood over here too

wish to have a mug? get your favorite mug here

There is a playground in Publika and the design is really cute enough! the first time I know that even seasaw and slide can have such a extraordinary look. 
the sea saw~ 

the aerial view of the playground. It is special isnt it. But quite limited games available la. Nowadays those kids love 'little black box" than others, it is quite a sad news that technology is taking over the childhood memories that they should really have. 

Another special sculpture at the big circle

Final pose in Publika hehe. 

Goodbye and good luck for my exam next week ( pray hard for me to pass huhu) 

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