Is this fair to us??

okay, try to control my temper before I wrote something about this but it is really out of my limitation, especially when I got some bad news from someone else. People sometimes think that medical student is something with a crown, and yes someone treat us as shit because the whole world knows that we got too much medical students than we needed. Honestly, I felt depressed so much when I found out that all my effort to chase my dream as a doc during my secondary and matriculation is just something bullshit. My frens and I work so hard to score a full A in SPM, and a CGPA of 4.0 ( i got 3.92) during matriculation just to squeeze ourselves into medical school

ya we did it, but we turned out to be someone inferior among the medical students, when those people who do not do well in exam, get themselves into med school too, in private. Ok fine, maybe they are doing good in their private foundation. And they get the chance to study overseas, alright fine also they got money to do that. but then think back, if money can settle everything, so y should I study so hard to get a place in local university? feel inferior for staying local, not having the chance to open my eyes to the world, ppl treat u different like u r the "jaguh kampung". Is this fair to us honestly??

Just to voice out another issue. the program of "medik mesir". Last year, they sent back those students who study in Egypt just  because some political issue with the war over that site. Then they allocate those students in public university, and UPM receive more than 30 of them. Damn you, they get the same resources that we have with less effort. They can continue their study without any trouble while we had to struggle so much for our exam. Some of my frens were kicked out from college just becoz the office said : we cant accommodate too much of you because of the Egypt students. They got all of the priority, they got the attention in the class from Doctors just becoz Doctors scared they could not catch up with their work. How about us? We deserve everything of these, not them!!

the funniest joke is the government prepare to send another new batch of student to Egypt for medical school this year with the reason that it is safe now. Then y don u just send back those who stay in public uni back to the fucking Egypt. Flare up! yes, i don like them, I don like them since the start.

World is never fair to us, once again proved. Government plan to have conjoint test ( something like SPM) among the medical students to control the quality of housemans in the hospital after so much complains received. Just FYI, we have more than 70 medical schools in Malaysia for a population of 29.24 million, South Korea have just around 50 medical schools for a population of 50 million, Thailand 30+ medical schools for a population of 66.79 million. How much people in a batch? in Malaysia, UM around 200 ppl per batch, UPM around 120 ppl per batch ( without Egypt students). South Korea, Dongguk Uni have just 50+ students in a batch. The amount of med students is more in private universities in Malaysia. So this always explain why we have unqualified doctors in hospitals which create troubles, becoz we are acting like Airasia, instead of everyone can fly, we are "everyone can be the doctor".

Malaysia Medical Association ( MMA) plan to cut down the number of medical students from uni per year to control the quality. this is good plan, but what the fuck they cut down the number of students from public university. I have only 12 chinese juniors in the current first year, and I cant imagine it for the coming one. Cant they just close down those private university which is totally not qualified at all? what the hell that we need so much medical school for nonsense??

and worse of all, the private unis are invading the public hospital which is initially the teaching school for public uni. And we are losing good public hospital just because they offer a better price in the contract.  UPM is losing HKL to Mahsa University. HKL is the best teaching hospital in Malaysia. UM is losing Hospital Klang to another private university, and more to go. Good lecturers were grabbed away to UiTM and private uni from public universities. This explain why the ranking of medical schools in Malaysia are dropping drastically in this recent years. How should we improve without a good resource?

just feel depressed. y should I put so much effort for my dream when things is unfair to us.......
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