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You should know how I love cafe if you read my blog posts before! Extending my hobby to overseas, I had my cafe hopping to Chiang Mai Nimman Road,which is a hot spot for cafes too. Near to Chiang Mai University, Nimman Road has lots of cafes along the street, and 7-11 too haha. I asked my fren Noon and Je to recommend me some interesting cafe and they recommended this Dolcetto 'cafe to me. After some simple homework done, I drag 3 of my frens Pat, Cheng and Boss along with me to Dolcetto 'cafe during our break time before we went to Sunday walking street in Chiang Mai. 

Dolcetto [dolˈtʃetto] is a black Italian wine grape variety widely grown in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. The Italian worddolcetto means "little sweet one", but it is not certain that the name originally carried any reference to the grape’s sugar levels: it is possible that it derives from the name of the hills where the vine is cultivated. In any case the wines produced are nearly always dry. They can be tannic and fruity with moderate, or decidedly low, levels of acidity and are typically meant to be consumed one to two years after release
from wikipedia

just around 15 minutes walk from Flora House, we spotted this cozy cafe at the roadside, opposite a 7-11 shop. It has the outdoor seat and indoor ( with air-con), and of coz we get ourselves into the indoor for air-con in this hot day haha. I love the clear glass side and the decoration of this cafe so much! thank you so much to Noon and Je for the recommendation haha. we had a relaxing and enjoyable moment here for a evening coffee. 
the outlook of the cafe~ 

never miss out this cake if you visit to Dolcetto 'cafe! Look simple and nothing much? haha wrong, just wait for its transformation

Deng Deng Deng!! this is how it looks like after "transformation" with cream and chocolate! it looks amazing and attractive from appearance, pity my frens had to hold their appetite and desire to have a bite before I took photos of this cute cake. 

the axial view of the cake. I was attracted to this cake when I was "google-ing" about this cafe and I know I must had it before I went back to Malaysia because it is so special! 
not sure about its name and price because I just show the pic from internet to the owner of the cafe 

it consists of 3 layers, the first layer is cream, second layer is banana and third is crunchy cookies. yummy! saliva is drooling again. 

this is wat happen when we don really know how to eat a complicated cake haah. 

And I ordered their famous "flat white" coffee. it is not expensive though. the taste of this cup of coffee is unique to me, although I could not really recall but I remember I love it. highly recommended! 

took more photos while waiting for my waffle ^..^ they have different design of seats for their customers. 

the interior view of the cafe. there is only 3 seats indoor, so grab it fast haha

the coffee beans~

the menu of Dolcetto 'cafe~ the price was reasonable to me, and cheaper if compared to Starbucks haha. still I love coffee from Starbucks more haha

some decorations in the cafe

confused about what is cappucino, mocha, latte and flat white? have a reference here ^^

after long waiting, finally here is our waffle!! we were so surprise to have such a beautiful drawing of waffle!! thank you Dolcetto 'cafe! *maybe they know we are tourist? haha.
don you like it too?? 

a closer look of the waffle, it is so crispy, and it is so awesome to have a bite when it is still hot! must try their waffle here you wont be disappointed! we all gave a thumbs up to this waffle, and add more marks for their service 

we had caramel and chocolate to make the waffle more delicious~ the chocolate is very viscous, same goes to the caramel. guess who is the one crazy of chocolate the most haha. 
one thing that I love this cafe is they played soft music in the cafe~ what a relaxing holiday mood we had here

in total we spent about 260baht for a cup of coffee, a cake and waffle. worth for it =))

the decoration on the counter. 

the outdoor seats. 

the outlook of the cafe again~ 

shot from the opposite street~ 

Dolcetto 'cafe
Opening hours: 08.15am to 10pm  ( monday to sunday)
 43/1 Mo Da Place. Nimmanhemind Force. 7. Suthep. Muang Chiangmai. 50200.
Phone: +66 83 925 5624
Facebook :

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