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We went to Wheeler's Coffee as our last stop of our cafe hopping~ no other reason just because we were totally full after the 4th meal of the day haha. ya not a joke we really had 4 meals in 4 hours time. this is not my highest record yet ( the highest record was 10 meals a day when I had my 2 days trip to Hat Yai with my frens). Don get a shock, we share food together so we usually took around 2 ppl portion per meal for 4 ppl, that is y we can have so many meals a day haha. 
this is the reason y I love to hang out with frens who I know they can share food together, so we can enjoy more variety of food in a meal. And Im going to another cafe hopping this Friday! but not in Penang, not KL, not Malaysia. Guess where is it haha. 

We were attracted by this Bike's theme cafe from the facebook, at the same link for 11 new cafes in Penang, or you can get it from "Penang 10 new cafes" over TOUR DIRECTIONS blog. Located in Love Lane, near to Chulia Street.  
The outlook of the cafe~ with a bike beside the signboard which really caught our attention for it

exhibition of bikes outside the cafe~ don be confused it is not a bike shop, but they do provide bike rental service. Penang Georgetown is now a super hot spot for bike tour nowadays~ will have it again someday hehe

the cute drawing on the wall~ rabbit rabbit cute cute

the beautiful bike with flowery decoration~ looks so romantic!! it looks like a prop for wedding photo-shoot hehe. 

The double storey cafe basically is divided into few parts, at the ground floor they have some open seats outside the cafe, in front of the counter, and a sofa area behind the counter. 
on the first floor, there is a room for dart games, a non air con sitting area. lets hang around for more! 

a cozy sofa area~ we sat here for a relaxing afternoon. Yes we cant denied that we were so obsessed with sofas haha. 

thought it is just a simple sofa area? just lift up ur head for some surprise~ 

Deng Deng deng!! there is a bike hang on air above our head in the sofa seating area!! surprise ppl!!

another sofa area on the first floor

I just love this cute and special stool!!! 

All you need is good day and coffee~ nice quote ya Wheeler's ^^ 
Im having bad coffee addiction recently lol. 

and we can see bike themed decoration everywhere in almost any corner in this cozy cafe

on the "balcony" of the first floor

bikes again~
hope the weather is good enough for a bike tour this Friday in CM hehe. 

Dart games room~ need extra charge if not mistaken. 
since none of us are good in dart so we did not ask about the details. 

Here comes the food part~ it is like a FINALLY i post something about food. haha honestly, most of the cafes in Penang, the ambience of the cafe has more attraction than the food. of coz, quality of food is very important too, at least, don get a lousy comment from the customers. 

Tiramisu Crepe Cake RM10.90
they served us the cake first, so we just made our dessert into our appetiser. not bad actually haha. a simple and beautiful decoration. Not very impressive but satifactory crepe cake. 

Smoke Chicken Sliders with BBQ RM15.00
this is recommended by the cafe so we just had a try. I would like to say this is our favorite of the day after tried out so many cafes and food in a day. Our saliva was drooling when they served the food on our table. The BBQ smell was really tempting enough to initiate our hunger sensation. 

A peek in the burger
I would like to give a 10/10 marks to the cafe because they served us a real big and juicy chicken patty! not cheating the patty was almost 1 inch thick! and the sauce add more marks to the overall taste. 

Chocolate Toffee Nut RM12
just a normal choffee ( chocolate + coffee) 

Overall, we really love this cafe. It is a nice place to hang out and chill with frens. Will definitely get a second visit when I get back to Penang again to try out more of their food! 

Wheeler's Coffee
67, Jalan Love Lane, Chinatown, Georgetown, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Monday to Sunday : 10am to 12am
04-261 3750
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