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We decided to have a cafe hopping before I went back to Penang, and during our midnight supper in Kwang Hwa Tomyam mee, we made our decision after we read a list about 11 new cafes in Penang. Such a long long time ago since my last write about cafes in Penang. As usual, it adi became a famous trend in Penang to have so much of theme cafe =)). 

We reached to our first destination~ The Lightbulb cafe around 10.30am. However, we were told that they started their business only at 11am, so we just hang around in that area until 11am for our brunch hehe. FYI, lightbulb cafe located in Jalan Zainal Abidin, which is a horizontal street along Macalister Road, beside the UMNO building. There is coupon parking spaces along the street, since tat day was public holiday so we no need to put the coupon haha. 

We had a warm welcomed by the workers in the cafe, and a friendly auntie haha. Without second thought all of us headed to their sofa area. We love the environment here, cozy, dimmed light, romantic, and lots of light bulbs as decoration. A very nice place to have a chit chat!! and they have band live performance at night too. But I prefer to enjoy the atmosphere of a cafe when it is empty ( I dislike crowded cafe in fact) 

The seats of the Lightbulb cafes~ 

Notice that they have a unique light bulb on each table?

area with bar stool~ 

The sofa area in front of the counter. 

And this is our sofa area! just behind the counter near to the bar stool area. We prefer to have our time here becoz we had more privacy over here hehe. nice and comfy~ 

And I simply like the table made of wooden box here, so we can put our handbag into the space like the "laci" during our schooltime ^^ lots of memories haha
*the photos quality was not so good, thanks to my dementia, I brought my camera out without its battery =..= DAMN, so I had to take photos with my Samsung Note 2 with warm effect. hmm looks not bad. 

now comes the main character of the cafe~ light bulbs!!

The light bulbs in front of the counter~ 

on the walkway near the bar stool area

and we love the light bulbs decoration on top of our sofa area~

we can have some photo tricks here too!! get ur face inside the light bulbs haha. The worker there taught us how to take funny photos with the huge light bulbs on the rack of the cafe.
just hold the light bulb in position and get ur head on it!! since it is a convex surface so everything was like "distorted" haha. 

and we just able to get everyone inside the light bulb haha. 

Here comes the food part~ 
hazel visited here once and she recommended their creamy pasta. So we chose a pasta and a chef recommended fish and chip. 
Battle of the ship ~ RM15
so this is the fish and chip. it was quite crispy outside, the name of this dishes sounds so WOW but it was actually just satisfactory =)). BTW they really serve a big amount of french fries haha. 

Beauty and the beast RM14.90
so this is the new beverage from Lightbulb cafe. It tastes like coffee ( maybe cappuccino for me?) wish to know the ingredients of this drink but the waiter told us that it was a secret =..= becoz seriously wat I tasted was : coffee, and nothing more than that. not sure what are the other ingredients inside the beverage, but perhaps they should make some improvement on it. 
becoz to me: NO COFFEE can beat STARBUCKS hahahaaha 

Creamy Alfredo~ RM15
I cant stop myself from complementing this bcoz it was creamy and tasty enough to me~ Yes I love pasta especially when it comes to white sauce. 

A closer look of the creamy alfredo~ wish to know what were inside it?? come and have a try ^^

After we had our meal they served us plain water, in a creative way. I just love their "imbalance cups" and their 茶色玻璃樽 with plain water, suddenly we felt that we were so artistic haha
 ( well fyi, don vomit, this kind of bottle, usually used for something deal with formalin hahahaha) 

And they served cakes too! but we need to reserve our tummy for the next round, so we just skipped it. 

but what caught our eyesight was not the cakes but the beautiful and cute drawing on the plates!! the second one is our favorite haha. 

and last, photo together with my girls~ grace, virlyn and hazel. 
although we seldom chat, seldom meet, but still our bonds are strong and it proves when we have our gathering together~ we share our stories, our thoughts and funny things around us non stop. This is a kind of friendship that we should really appreciate for =))

OK here comes the end of my first part of cafe hopping. back to deal with the stupid cramping tummy again ( I guess I ate too much LOL) 

57, Jalan Zainal Abidin, 10400 Georgetown, Penang ( beside UMNO building)
Operating hours :
Monday to Thursday -11am-11pm
Friday and Saturday - 11am-12am
Sunday : 11am-11pm
Phone : 04-226 9721
Facebook :
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