Please leave me alone

i have already frustrated with my hoilday

Is it a holiday? so y should i keep studying?

i just want to do nothing in my holiday

hanging out v my fellow frens n enjoy my favorite "cinderella man"

so is it to greedy?

can u just leave me alone?

and wat i want is only a godd sleep

but indeed i suffer from insomnia since monday

just leave me alone, i dowan to be stress

or else i reeally will be mad
i just want my so nyuh shi dae but nt stupid iq test ta make me crazy
i only beg for a happy holiday~as i will lose it after tis time
just leave sometimes for me to enjoy the rest of my holiday
i hv nothing .
and dont call me to do anything right now
i am lazy to do it
wat will i do, is only sleep, eat and play.
dont u ever never call me to study in holiday!

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