maybe u just hate

well, everyone will someone they hate or dislike, so do I. The personality ta I dislike is sensitivity. Some of the gals around me are juz too sensitive to some action and they get angry easily.Yes i did not admit tat i was one of the hot tempered used, thanks to my frens now, i feel better. Furthermore, my beloved girls' generation do not hv a temper. They just nice, same like my frens. hehe. However, i hv a fren, yes she hv a good leadership, but she does nt respect others. even she scold her boyfriend in front of us and he gt ashamed. she gt a good presentation in cocu, bt in the real life, she hv no idea actually have how many ppl dislike her.

I feel tat sure everyone deserve a temper or a space to express ur anger, but make sure tat u use in a right way. Anti is a stupid way to show ur protes against someone. It is a waste of time, energy and money. If you dont like them, u can just keep quiet and keep away from them. But do not make fun of their attitude or edit their pictures and show it on net.

It is very hurt when the one who involved saw them you know? It is just a way for u yo learn to respect others. You can hate them, dislike them or even hv a thought to make them disappear from ur life, but anti will only a short period of effect to them. When the truth is found, you will be the one to blame of. But wat will happen to you? people will think tat your personality is sucked, and will ppl be friend with you? No, instead everyone will leave as far as possible, as they dont want to become the next victim under your hand.

if you gt serve the net, you will find tat some of the antis say so nyuh shi dae is "plastic generation". but the truth is, they hv undergoe their puberty and of course they will hv some changes physically from face to body. It is normal, who will look just alike now and past? Even i have a big changes in appearance when form 3and now. Dont belive?

I dont tipu you!

now look at tis picture, do you think tat she hv a plastic surgery before?
oh come on, she just look alike. the left one shoot at 2007 and the right one shoot at april. no changes at all!
yoon a just celebrate her 19 on 30 mat and the antis say she gt a surgery on face. oh come on, she just 19, sure she can grow unlike tis few time right?
the message i try to pass on is, please dont spread the news tat is unproven to pull someone image down. this is nonsense and childish. Yes maybe you dislike them, but tis is just a kind of jealous. you just jealous tat she is young and pretty.and i did not admit tat the girl i dislike, i jealous tat she hv a good leadership. stop anti! stupid DBSK

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