well, i have already heard the new song's chorus today and it was awesome. sorry tat i did not know how should i put it on my blog.....
6 days more, oh gosh i really cant wait for it.
they are super.... but i wonder y is my cute taeyeon stand at behind???? yuri is the centre, omg she is so powerful in this pic. actually everyone is awesome.

their cover are beauty too.
and it is actually a flash from the pic above.
i cnt wwait for it....
but if i want to buy, it costs a lot for the delivery....
tell me wat should i do??
they are really pretty. from "into a new world" to "kissing you". and then "girls' generation" to most hit song " Gee" and now "genie". they are changing maturlly. but they will always be the best so nyuh shi dae forever. their new song named " tell me your wish" is on air now... if posiible i will try my best to get it.
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