All about ballet

ballet, well i learn it since i was standard 2 i think. and now i hv pass my intermediate exam. Yeah!! it was so hard for me as i hv to pull my sock very hard especially for on pointe. If everything is possible, hope tat i can sign in for avants 1 exam next year la/

My frens ssay they never c me dance ballet before. My dance is nt good la~~~cham nia only gt merit in a mess, xia sui...

Ballet is nt easy as you think. like tis pic, Svetlana Zakhorova is the legenda of ballet, dance gracefully in Swan Lake, Don Qoixite and many many more. I love her so much.....So nyuh shi dae de youngest Seo Heon also dance ballet too.. in their 1st album ,"into the new world she has already show to u all how she can dance..

korean hit drama“宫”,the xiaolin also can dance well. she is a balletrina too, haha, dont play play ya. Polina and Marina, the new legenda, i love them alll!! So sad i unable to watch Genee International Ballet competition tis year. It is the 1st time they organize in Singapore!
Walao, can someone gv me her autograph???

anyway, my mom banned me from ballet start July..... so sad because of the stupid SPM, gosh i hate SPm so muchhh
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