Nice drama for u all

the holiday was so boring. n i cannot go anywhere as i live far away from skul. Miss skul so moch. addicted to skul already since form 3. haha

Wasting my time at home, i found a new drama to share. named "Cinderella man"

Ithink I was addicted to korean drama, before tat is On Air, which i skipped my tuition for it. HEHE, then is the devil yun hee, now is Cinderella Man. proudly present to u all

quan xiang you was awesome in the drama!! Although he is married, but still good in look. Yoon A only 19, ne, only elder me for 2 year, and she can hv so good acting. I wonder when tis drama will come to Malaysia? at tat time u call me to skip school i also no problem.

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