Laugh Die You- The Mob with Genting this CNY!!!

So guys, Chinese New Year is coming, and what is your plan for the celebration??? Besides angpow, gathering, chit chat, gambling (ooopps), do you want to have something new??
To make your celebration a "happy ending", Popcorn Studio is now bringing back the "Laugh Die You" comedy show!! To make it more interesting, this time, they are having the show at the highest level, 6000 ft above the sea level in Resorts World Genting!! It is totally a wow to me, and I guess it is the same to you. 

"Laugh Die You", hmmm this sounds familiar, yes it is a direct translation from Chinese/ Cantonese Language 笑死你. In another words, this event is meant to make you laugh till you die, which means throughout the show, just get yourself prepared to laugh non stop with their hilarious comedy show. 

So are you prepared to get the 'laughter bomb' from them for 150 minutes show??

Let's see who are the comedians of the night!!

Mark your date on 11th February 2017 so you wont missed out the show with the trio of Mark Lee, Kuah Jenhan and Jonathan Atherton. The another good news is, local Malaysian crooner, Michael Leaner, will make his special debut in the show as well. So if you are a big fans of anyone of them, don missed it out. 

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If you are a Singapore movie fans/ Jack Neo production fans/ Facebook fans, Im pretty sure you know him well. Yes, Mark Lee 李国煌, will be one of the comedian in the show as well.

This pose looks so..... familiar?? yalar we always posted this pose with the caption 'win liao lo' in facebook comments what haha. 

Mark Lee, a famous Singapore Chinese comedian, actor and film director. He is famous among the others with his funny acting role in most of the movies/ drama, for example, the kidnapper of Terry in the famous Singapore movie 小孩不笨! as well as 钱不够用 Money No enough and Liang Po Po, I could say I grew up with his movies!! And he had his directorial debut with the comedy horror movie 鬼也笑 The Ghost must be Crazy, I have to say I really loves this movie a lot as I watched it repeatedly. 

He won numerous award such as the coveted All Time Favourite Artiste award in the Star Awards
2010. Mark Lee was also a line-up for Popcorn Studio`s Laugh Die You 2.5, which held in Genting International Showroom back in January 2015, bringing a lot of joy and laughter to the audience. 

Another Comedian is Kuah Jenhan,  highly sought-after entertainer, having performed for intimate groups of one to crowds of 8,000 people, He had several shows in the past few years, and he even held 2 solo shows since 2011!! Guys, to have a solo show is not an easy job and he made it successfully!

He also get nominated for several awards, and have his own brand of humour and performance ethics.  Jenhan is also known for assuming different comedic roles and alter egos from time to time.

Another comedian is Jonathan Atherton, who is a well-known comedian and avid-traveller, who makes his appearance on the TV shows, radio and on stage performance, now settling down in Singapore. Aside from performing for clubs and theater shows, he performed to the government figures and company executives as well, wow!!
He spoke multilingual as well, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Japanese and etc, you know la sometimes the jokes comes well in 'Rojak Language'  Xp 

So what are you waiting for?? Grab your tickets and have a memorable 'Chap Goh Mei' with them!! 

 Tickets are priced at RM308 (VIP), RM258 (Gold), RM158 (Silver), respectively
and are available with 

. Early birdtickets are available at 15% discount until Jan 15th 2017. 
** strictly no photography, video and audio recording is allowed throughout the show**

For more information, visit their Facebook page:

If you need a ride to Genting,  Grabcar comes with an offer of RM20 per ride to or from Genting on that day only with promo code: GRABLDY. 

Thank you and have a great day!

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