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 Have you ever wonder why is it so expensive for the healthcare services?? Even a simple health screening would cost a fortune in the market. The reason is simple, HEALTH is priceless. Some may you cant buy health with money, but you can always pay a little to prevent yourself from suffering certain major diseases, which are preventable or have a better outcome if detected at an earlier stage.

That is why in health science field, we always emphasis: PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE 
Just think about it, suffering from chronic disease in long run would cost even more besides your physical torturing. For example diabetes mellitus , which we can actually prevent it by regular check up. Ever wonder how much it would cost to treat the complication of diabetes, which dialysis is actually one of end way.

Taking care of your health is not just about health screening program, getting a healthcare device such as pedometer would give information on your body condition. For a pregnant mother-to-be, antenatal ultrasound screening will confirm the presence of your fetus as well as its well being. Don forget about our oral hygiene too, I believe that clean and healthy teeth make up a big part of good impression.

So, how to get all these programs above to make our life even better??

Let me introduce you, a simple apps that make us a bit closer to a healthy lifestyle:

GetDoc is a new platform which the community can makes online appointment and get updates on the latest healthcare info. So now, here are some interesting treats for you!!

with GetDoc, patients are able to make informed decision about their healthcare treatments. It just more than an application, it plays a role as a listening tool where they create solution for the pain points of the patients. Without further delay, lets see what do we have here, from GetDoc!

1. Health Screening Promotion
This is something I really would encourage people to sign up for. As a person involved in medical field, it is always heartbreaking for us to witness how much people suffered when the disease itself is actually preventable. 

Now, GetDoc is working together with the biggest pathology in Malaysia, the Gribbles,  to promote a healthier environment, startng with health screening!! So guys you can enjoy up to 10% discount of the health screening package exclusively with GetDoc. 

There is 3 deals available, which suitable for those who:
  1. wants to have basic health baseline. The tests available in this packages are such as full blood count, renal function test and UFEME  ( to check you kidney function), liver function test, glucose and lipid function. 
  2. constantly feel tired, unexplained weight loss and muscle weakness. The tests include the baseline test in (1), add on with iron ( for anemic, which explained for tiredness), blood group, hepatitis B screen, thyroid stimulating hormone, and rheumatic factor ( for autoimmune diseases) 
  3. have gastric or bloating all the time. The package includes tests in (1) + (2), add on with Helicobacter Pylori test, which is the culprit of gastric ulcers. 
and the good news is, all packages come with professional consultation. Wondering how much you gonna pay? With GetDoc deals, you can have your budget below RM200 easily for a health screening package. 
You can check more info about the health screening program and the nearest panel clinic with the website below:

And the application to get it is simply simple!! Just purchase the package, print out the voucher that will be sent to your email, redeem it at the nearest panel clinic, and wooala, do the test, wait for the call for the result. 

For more information about this deal, please visit website at:

 2. I-teeth Free Dental Checkup
What makes up your first impression?? 
Stunning appearance? fashioned clothings? a layer of make up? but wait....... dont forget your charming smile!!! 

Now it is the time for you to get a free dental check up in I-Teeth Dental Clinic in Kota Damansara!!
Good oral and dental hygiene can help to prevent tooth decay, gum diseases and most importantly~ BAD BREATH!! It also helps to keep your teeth as you get older, I mean, who wants to wear a denture if they can choose not to?? 
So, you can see the importance of prevention here, even in a small oral cavity. 

To get the free dental check up is easy, just follow the rules, terms and condition in the website:
Once you are done, register with the clinic, and a mystery gift from I-Teeth Dental Clinic is waiting for you as well!! The offer is valid till 31st Jan 2017, so hurry up. 

3. Pola Tooth Whitening System + Home Whitening Kit
Besides dental check up, do you want to have a little bit more to get a beautiful smile with white teeth?? 
 Pola Tooth Whitening System is now available in Nair Dental Surgery works by restoring your teeth’s youthful ability to absorb oxygen. 

And there is a good news, instead of RM1,000 for the treatment, GetDoc community will be able to get this treatment in Nair Dental Surgery at RM650 only (RM350 off) which include two sessions.
This offer is valid until 31st Jan 2017, check out here : for more information on the terms and condition. 

4.  2D & 4D Ultrasound Scan Deal for Pregnant Mother
Antenatal ultrasound scan plays a major role in pregnant mother-to-be, to make sure their babies are in good health condition, grows well in the womb before welcoming them to this beautiful world. And some parents are just not satisfied enough to know how their babies are in 2D scan, so there is a 4D scan which you can actually see how your baby looks like! Isnt it amazing?? 

How does 4D scan works actually? With 4D images, you may see the shape of your baby's mouth and nose, or be able to spot her yawning or sticking her tongue out. It may nonetheless provide more information about a known abnormality. Because these scans can show more detail from different angles, increase the detect-ability of abnormality such as cleft lip. 

In collaboration with GetDoc, Klinik Medi Perdana is having a great deal on 2D and 4D ultrasound scan for pregnant mom!
To pregnant mom who is at 20 weeks to 30 weeks (5-8 months) of pregnancy, you can now have 2D & 4D Ultrasound Scan at Klinik Medi Perdana. After this scan, you will get a copy of coloured picture, a CD and a copy of print out baby details. 
For all these, it is now only RM100 instead of RM170 at Klinik Medi Perdana!

For terms and condition, please visit the website:

5.  20dB Hearing Aid Take Home Trial
How the life would be when there is complete silent?? When I was a medical student, I got the chance to enter the audiometric room, which is a sound proof room for audiometer test. The feeling was really uncomfortable, or I should say, it was torturing to lose the ability to hear. 
When I was a volunteer in Tech Dome Penang, I had tried on the hearing aid demo, and I just realised that even with hearing aid, the sound quality was coarse as compared to normal ears. 

How about those with hearing defect?? As we know, the hearing aid is not a cheap cost though, and how could we, as an outsider, to make sure that the hearing aid you purchase is suitable for them? 

For those who need help in choosing a good hearing aid, here is a good news for you. Now you can have a 20 days trial of the hearing aid  to see if it works perfectly in your day to day life, with no risk and no commitment! You just need to place a security deposit of RM600, fully refundable if you decide not to purchase. So here is the deal, if you are not happy with the results, you can return them, walk away and owe nothing. 
The hearing aids for this free trial will be programmed appropriately according to your hearing level and needs. This take home trial will give you chance to experience the benefits of hearing aids in different listening situation and assess its performance.

Doesn't it sound great?? Check out GetDoc website at: for terms and condition and enjoy the trial. 

6. Hippo Promotion 
Nope!! The hippo here have nothing to do with hippopotamus. It is a smart healthcare devices with the brand of Hippo. If you don have time to go for gym, why not try out a little devices to keep yourself fit and healthy?? 

Visit Hippo's Shopee store and get a 10% off on all our Hippo Smart Healthcare Devices which included Hippo Swing Pedometer, Hippo Tap Blood Pressure monitor and Hippo Jazz & Jive Body Analysis Scale!
To keep yourself healthy, is just as simple as that 

for more info. please visit:

7. Radio-Frequency Face Tightening Treatment
Here is the secret to take years off your looks! Best of all, you can have it with special treats from GetDoc!

CNY is so close and everyone is getting ready to look great in their appearance. Poliklinik Ren Ai Bukit Maluri has got you covered on having a youthful glow in the new year with Radio-Frequency Face Tightening Treatment. Radio-frequency skin tightening is a non-invasive anti-ageing treatments which introduces heat energy at the deepest layer of the skin, the dermis, without damaging the upper layer. This is meant for tissue remodelling and production of elastin and new collagen. 
With each course of treatment only requires a short time of 30 minutes, without having side effect or downtime so you can go on with your work or daily activities after treatment. The normal treatment regime will be 3-6 sessions subject to individuals.

Grab this treat now for yourself at RM200 per session instead of RM 280 at Poliklinik Ren Ai! Terms and conditions apply, visit the link below for more info

8.  10% off On Initial Consultation At Spinefit Chiropractic
What is chiropractic???
Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine about the diagnosis and treatment of unverified mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. Proponents believe that such disorders affect general health via the nervous system.The main chiropractic treatment technique involves manual therapy, especially spinal manipulation therapy (SMT), manipulations of other joints and soft tissues

And now, grab 10% off on your initial consultation when you make an appointment with Spinefit Chiropractic at Solaris Dutamas through GetDoc!
with terms and condition apply, check it out at :

Looking for more interesting treats/deal?? you can visit to GetDoc website here:
Download GetDoc from Apple app store or Google Play Store and register as a user to enjoy the latest update. 

with the advanced technology nowadays, maintain our health is so easy, and what are you waiting for???
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