Plearnwan Vintage Village Hua Hin~ The good old days

During our second day afternoon in Hua Hin, we visited a small town with "good old days" along the main road in Hua Hin. It is the centre of happiness, a place where we could recall the past and paused the best moment there. It is actually a place for local traditional and culture "live museum", it is a MUST visit in Hua Hin. We spent around an hour there happily before we departed to Hua Hin Vineyard Hill. 
The outlook of Plearnwan, very striking and attracting, it is super easy to find this location. They have their own parking lots behind the building, so it is at the same time very convenient to us. 

greeted by these beautiful hanging lamp once we entered the building. It is time to reminisce the past! 

my chok sister under the signboard haha. 

The overview of Pleanwan. 
It is a double storey wooden complex of shophouses, we can get traditional food and some fashion clothes here. Once we get ourselves in, we can feel the atmosphere of the old days. 

we get ourselves a cup of coffee here. It is Thaistyle brewed coffee, sounds attracting haha. 

Souvenirs are available here at reasonable price. 

A man fashioning nam tan pan (local candy) into various shapes of candy. 

our cold mocha with a pair of cute string besides it
we bought the coffee just because of the cup! haha

Hi there! welcome to Plearn Wan Vintage Village

the view of Plearn Wan from the first floor. 
The purpose of PlearnWan is to enable the local people to benefit from the establishment by selling their own product, promote tourism, and a place for an event happening. 
We can get traditional food, clothes, accessories and souvenirs here. 

Me and my mummy. I got my hat here at price of about 180baht I guess? Honestly I love my hat as well as this place so much! 

Showing off my new hat haha
this is a place where local and tourist can spend their leisure time here. I really love this concept compared to shopping mall. Just jealous ><

Then we get ourselves a mini crispy pancake stuffed with shredded coconut and peanuts at price of about 50 baht. erm, I do not really know how to eat this X..X

Still I had some bites. Although I don really like the taste but just try their local delicacies here, it is an experience wat 

There is a small Ferris wheel at the end of the complex. 

a corner with vivid colour. 

Overall, just don MISS OUT  this place!!! There is a cinema and a B&B here too. I wish Penang can have a place with such a concept soon, just a simple nice old classics. 

sunday to thursday  9am-9pm
Friday to Saturday 8am to 11pm
It is located on Petchkasem Road, between Soi Hua Hin 38 and 40. 
No admission fees
If you are not driving, you can go here by taking a day tour package or van from tour agencies from Khao San Road or Victory Monument in Bangkok. 

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