Penang Cafe Hopping~ Folks Cafe

After we had our first brunch at Secawan 'n' Such cafe, we decided to have another meal again. Since some of us were craving for pasta, we headed to Folks Cafe located at Lebuh Acheh ( the lane with wedding mural) for our second brunch. We had our great time here and I really love to have cafe hopping with my girls~ get new try in a new cafe, chit chatting and share our stories with one another after separation for months. True friendship never fade I could say =))

This is the outlook of the cafe. It also a backpacker hotel at its side. 

The interior design of the cafe
The light was a bit dimmed, but the decoration is more towards ethnic trend to me. Which make it special! There was no one there during our arrival, so we just stick our ass to sofa seats as we love to do haha. 

Oh ya, we have to make order and do our payment to the counter here~

The menu of the cafe
there is a logo of fox and rabbit for Folks cafe, which represent the owner haha. The choices in the menu were quite limited, but why suffer our brain so much on what to eat with multiple choices? sometimes I prefer a simple menu so I could make my decision easier. And we just asked the owner to kindly recommend us their signature dishes =)) she is very friendly

the decoration of the wall with colourful feathers~ 

I love this corner so much~ with some greenish plants make tis cafe more lively. It is nice to have a seat here, enjoy the food and spend a leisure afternoon. 

Our sofa corner with colourful pillows. I really wish to ask where they get the pillow sheet haha
it was so comfortable to hug a pillow, sit on a sofa and have a nice chat with besties while waiting for our food. Feel like HOME. 

What are we doing? we were imitating something

Ok lar we were actually imitating the logo of fox and rabbit for FOLKS cafe but it looks like we had a bad one. Xp

Lemon Rosemary RM9
It look attracting and the combination is new to me. But I don really try it out because..... I hate rosemary. Yea I use the word hate becoz I could not stand neither the smell nor the taste of rosemary at all. but my frens love this beverage, they said it was quite refreshing. 

Lychee Lime RM9
I just stick back to my all time favorite Lychee haha. It is sweet and sour at the same time, really stimulate my taste buds. 

Together with my girls~

Lychee Lime vs Lemon Rosemary

Meatball Bolognese RM15
The meatballs were awesome!! just imagine a crumpled of whole juicy meat 'explode' in your mouth, we just cant stop our mouth from eating it. The bolognese sauce was tasty.  

The pasta was well-cooked, the meatball, bolognese sauce and pasta made a nice combination together here. my saliva gland was stimulated once again~ 

Smoked Salmon Skinny Pizza RM18
What I would like to say is you MUST try this here! they used their home-made dressing and tomato sauce for this pizza with lots of salmon topping on it. It was so... smoky haha. Someone just get herself crazy with salmon once again =..= not me! it was quite crunchy~ 

Meet this huge guy in the cafe! it belongs to the owner,and with its size I could not imagine that it is just a 9 month old puppy! gosh. At first the owner kept it in the counter ( with string in case the customers freaked out with the presence of dogs). When we made our order we spotted it and we tried to play with it. After the owner double confirmed that we were not afraid of it, she just let it out so we can play around with it. It was just too adorable with its toys and lazy look! 

with the seats outside the cafe

Meet with my bestie~ Welcome back to Penang Min ^^ 
I cant really wait for a next cafe hopping again with my girls, we had lots of fun and sharing together. 
That is all for today ^^

Folks Cafe
41, Lebuh Acheh, 10300 Penang
Monday to Wednesday : 12pm -10.30pm
Friday to Saturday : 12pm-12am
Sunday : 12pm to 6pm
closed on Thursday
Phone no: 010-232 3163

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