Hua Hin K.O Seafood and Chat Chai Night Market

How can we miss out the famous seafood in Thailand?? No, never forgive myself if I din have any tomyam gong or thaistyle seafood before I get my ass back to Malaysia if Im in Thailand haha. So during the first night in Hua Hin, we went to the famous Chat Chai Night market for some shopping and of course, hunting for seafood for dinner. 

Chat Chai night market is a famous local market (aka Hua Hin Night Market) which located in the intersection of Petchkasem Road and Dechanuchit Road. It opens daily from 5pm to 12am. There is several famous market in Hua Hin such as Cicada market ( opens only in weekend), Hua Hin Floating Market, Chatsila market ( we missed it out isshh) and many more. The reason why we came to Chat Chai market is because here is famous of food paradise especially for seafood lover! 

we headed to K.O seafood which was recommended in the internet. The second half of the market is a seafood street I can say, just compare the price and get your favorite food! To me K.O seafood really serve at a reasonable price, but don put too much expectation on the taste of the food. Not to say not tasty, but maybe some of us could not really appreciate the local food there. 

In case we don wish to have seafood, we can have western food here too. 

and I spotted a huge lobster at the stall outside. And we decided to treat ourselves a good meal with lobster. Yeah!! 
just could not resist the good smell of grilled lobster from the stall that penetrate my nose into my olfactory nerve and give a knock to my brain that : YOU GONNA HAVE IT!

this is the interior view of the restaurant. Simple design with Thai style. 

What I love about KO seafood here is they provided us a menu with photos, and some simple translation in the menu. so even if we could not read the Thai menu, we still can order based on the pictures. Thai people don really good in speaking English and we really had a hard time to communicate with the waiters there. But I love their attitude, even with language barrier they still try their best to serve us with friendly smile. A big thumbs up for Thai people!

Scallop with butter and cheese
the scallops here were bigger in size than we usually had in Malaysia. Awesome! 

Apparently the green sauce tasted better than the cheese and butter =..= I don really enjoyed the scallop because the butter just.... too strong. and it makes the scallops oily too. But maybe this is their traditional way to make the scallops. I prefer to have it with garlic hehe. 

Oysters in omelette. 

We really love it!! they served us with lots of oysters oh my gosh I just love it. we just finished it within few minutes, it is a perfect combination of oysters, tauge and eggs. Just put a restart button in our hypothalamus to stimulate our appetite. Imagine the juicy oysters in the mouth~ it is just too scrumptious! 

and next~ seafood Tom Yam Goong that should never be missed in Thailand
it just seduce your hungry appetite badly LOL. There is shrimp, fish fillets, mushrooms and lots of ingredient which made up a vivid colour of tomyam. the taste is just above average, not really impressive to us. 

The rice came in LOVE shape. hehehe
together with a glass of cold peach tea, so refreshing in such a hot humid weather. 

After 30 mins of waiting, deng deng deng deng !! here is the main focus of the meal
It costs us about 1700 baht for a lobster. The price of the lobster is based on its weight. the waiter will pick the lobster based on headcount. Trust me it totally worth for a try here, the butter grilled lobster is just too splendid! the meat was so juicy and smooth, we just had not enough of it. 
Taste so delicious even with 'sauceless' !! haha

we spent a total of 2400 baht for such a fantastic dinner. Then we walked around in the market for some shopping. 
the view of Chat Chai market~
Enjoy our shopping here hehe
**there is a super elegant starbucks coffee shop opposite the road, have a peek on it!
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  1. wow...lobster!!!! quite a big it!

    1. it was the best dishes of the day ^^
      actually wish to 请教you, I wish to get a new camera, any good recommendation? hehe thanks

  2. hello~ can I know how much 1 kg for the lobster? heheh~ thanks yah~

    1. hi sorry for the late reply, im not too sure with the price as it depends on the market price