B&W coffee house~ A cardboard world

so we reached our last stop of our cafe hopping of the day~ B&W coffee house located in Jalan Muntri, just a few steps away from Purrfect Coffee Shop. It is a small cafe, with something unique which makes it so outstanding among the Penang Cafes. 

The outlook of the B&W coffee house, it is a corner house so it is easily recognised 

they don serve main dishes but they do have some desserts here. Well we came here for coffee so we don really try out their desserts~ 

What makes thing interesting here?? Let's have a look!
Tadaa~ the tables and chairs here are made from cardboard! Don worry they are not as fragile as we thought haha. So scared we will break the chairs easily but it don! quite stable instead. We just impressed with the creativity of the cafe owner to have such a idea and it is environmental friendly too! 

They even make a small house and something like "pseudo-Christmas tree" from cardboard! 

Lamps from cardboard ^^

The menu and the price list of B&W coffee house coffee~ The choices are quite limited but this is good so they can control their coffee quality. But this was a bad news to one of my frens who don really love coffee >..< ( 3 out of 4 of us are.... COFFEE ADDICTS) 
the coffee sold at reasonable price, cheaper than starbucks LOL, the taste also satisfactory. 

admit it we came to this cafe for their coffee box instead of the coffee itself! 
any friend coffee is a friend of mine, nice quote ^^ 

having a good time with my coffee
oh yea we ordered 1 cold and 1 hot cup of coffee. 

B&W Coffee RM8.90
we ordered their signature coffee, and unbox the coffee box to have a look into it~ teedeng! 
actually it just a cup of coffee inside the box la, just the box makes it special in appearance =)
not sure what kind of coffee it was actually but it was nice! not too sweet and not to bitter~

Hot mocha RM7.90
as usual, always a cup of mocha for me~ mocha lover. 

enjoy our coffee moment here before we left Penang~ 
wish that they can have more choices in future becoz it is really a cafe worth for recommendation 

B&W Coffee House
Location  : 94, Lebuh Muntri, 10200 Georgetown, Penang
Hours : Monday, Tues and Thurs 11am -10pm ( closed on Wed)
            Friday to Sunday 11am-11pm
Contact: 012-5043868 Henry or 012-448 0886 Yap
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/BnW.COFFEE.HOUSE/timeline

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