A Morning Jog in Putrajaya Wetland Park

After so long, finally he brought me to Putrajaya Wetland Park for a jog, which was my small request since.... I guess about 6 months ago =...= ya he promised for Tanjung Sepat one day tour as well, and Im still here. Watever, haha. 
So that morning we decided to go for a jog since the hazy condition had much improved ( oh yeah ). 

The starting point of the wetland park, warming up here was quite refreshing~ the lane was quite smooth and flat over here, and there is picnic area along the trekking lane as well, with picnic table.

this park is free for entrance, which is a good recreational park for family outing. 
ya guess what he never wait for me once again and I caught the evidence hng hng Xp

this wetland park is quite big, but we managed to jog about half round of the park only ( We missed another half becoz we tot we cannot enter that area). This park is quite rich in biodiversity, we can enjoy different species of plants over here, and good spot for bird sightings. okay I just come for a jog so i don focus much on trees or plants or whatever.  

one of the educational centre in the park, not open/not in service that day. erpp

then we came to the flamingo pond. There is a beautiful shelter over here, so we can sit back, relax and enjoy the view in front of us. 

The flamingos~ 
not really many in amount, around 10 of them. We were not allow to feed the birds in the park btw. 
to me, I think this is a good place for family day, as kids can learn about nature and animals for free here, why not?

there was ducks as well beside the ponds! 

then we continued our jog until we passed by the flamingo pond and reached another pathway..... 

a lane full of stones..... I felt so uncomfortable to run on the stones, my feet were really hurt becoz of the uneven surface. but the view along the lane was nice

there are some ponds besides the lane, which they called it " the cells", play the role as the reservoir area for a wetland. 

the peaceful water surface
I spent some time, squatted at the side of the pond and enjoyed its beauty ( ya i was squatting, what else I could do lol) 
able to recognise some plants, some I learned it during my matriculation syllabus of biodiversity, and as usual, I just forgot it. 

He just bought a pair of new jogging shoes and he was so exciting to try them out on the lane. 
oh yeah, I should really start practicing for the coming 10km fun run. 

the pond in the "cells" 
some people think that this place is quite bored, but to me it is not. I just enjoy my jogging time over here. what else is more precious than this?

Be healthy!! let's have a jog 

some construction there, so I could not reach to the opposite site..

after a few minutes of jog, we reached to another pond for some bird sighting. 

a quiet laneway~ 

not sure if we came too early or this place is not popular at all? we barely see anyone else on the day.
this is a good place for family outing and should have more promotion lol

spot the birds!!

a lot of pelicans!!
im so excited to see pelicans becoz they reminded me my sweet memories in Australia

such a quite morning~ 
this bridge is the main bridge to Putrajaya city centre.
do you ever wonder what is the place under the bridge? it is the Putrajaya Wetland Park! 

more pics

 I like the trees island in the middle of the lake

two black swans
one of the black swan acted as a cleaner, it really picked up the woods under the water and put it on the land. see, even a swan was practicing good moral values. shame on those who litters everywhere

Flowers arch on the laneway~ 

After about 30 minutes slow jog, we jogged back to the starting point, and decided to have another round of jog, without stopping for sight seeing and it took about 15 minutes to finish a round. 

there is a tower just next to the entrance so we went up for a better view

glad that we had the blue sky that day~ becoz the next day, the haze came again haiz.....

went up to the top, tadaa!!! beautiful natural view in Putrajaya. 

this park was so.... quiet, even during Sunday morning

we can even have a clear view of Putrajaya city from here~ the pink mosque, prime minister office and Seri Gemilang Bridge

after 2 hours in the park we decided to go back and we met the bicycle team~ 
saw some bicycle rental notice in the park but the rental area was closed =...= 

wish everyone a great weekend ^^
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  1. I've visited before and took some photos, but not really jogged. I love the quietness and the green views. And it's not that far away.