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So we had our coffee date here! After our brunch in Bake and Brew cafe, we just walked to Coffee Affairs cafe, which is just few steps away from Lebuh Penang, located in Lebuh Bishop. Coffee Affairs is one of the favorite spot for bloggers to have a cup of coffee here, and finally I had my turn to taste a sip of their coffee, which I love the most! 

The logo of coffee affairs

The outlook of the cafe~ located just opposite Goh Kaki and it is really easily spotted. But parking space is a big headache over that area especially when it is weekdays!

Funny and interesting sign on the wall~ No animals, no ghost, no smoking, no mask, n......No Patrick??? hahaha y is it so?

because they have a pink fluffy Patrick in the cafe! Feel free to hug it and take photos together haha
BTW spongebob 3D is going to onscreen, but the trailer was not attracting X..X

They have lots of different coffee machines here

the wooden rack~ 

wooden racks with all kinds of cups!

About Food~

J' cakes Belgium Cheese RM11.90

So this is the best cake of the day. We really love the moist chocolate taste of the cake, which melts in our mouth and the chocolate just "spread" on our taste buds. It will get you mad if you are a chocolate lover like us too

Affairs Rose Latte RM12.90
according to them, this is one of the best seller in this cafe.
At first I was wondering, can I really get the rose taste in a cup of coffee?
It doesnt let me down coz I really get the rose sense in it! What a surprise to a coffee addicts like me to find something new. Recently I prefer to get a try on different varieties of coffee especially those I never heard before, instead of mocha all the time haha. 

Hot Chocolate Mint RM10.90
Like its name, we get the taste of mint in this chocolate. It is really "chocolate" enough and the marshmallow just decorate it perfectly. 

A closer look up of the chocolate
However we cant finish it becoz we get enough of the taste halfway~ maybe we had too much chocolate that day. It is recommended to share this cup of hot chocolate among frens than have it alone. 

Iced Affairs Maple Latte RM14.90
I like the taste of this coffee. The maple sense was not that strong, maybe it was diluted by ice?? haha. 
Sorry HC i confess here I curi curi have a few sip of it when you were not aware haha. 

Affairs Fruits compote waffle RM 17.90
The appearance of the waffle looks tempting but it turned out not to us. We should have a better review for this cafe if we did not order this. The waffle was just too thick for us, and in overall  it just too sweet to all of us. I cant continue my second bite becoz I had my sensitive toothache again when i had my first bite. 

We should order traditional waffle instead. It is just too sweet! We don wish to get ourselves into juvenile diabetes yet. LOL

They provide free refill skyjuice here too. This service is really important to us 

decoration of the counter.

 actually we love this cafe, the cozy and spacious environment gave us a relaxing afternoon here with non-stop chit chat

they have more seats at the back, but not air-conditioned so it was a bit HOT!

another coffee machine spotted

me with the colourful "feng che" 
this cafe is really long enough

and of coz my beautiful girls~ we spent a great day together haha

thanks for dropping by and wish you have a nice weekend!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   my second visit  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I revisited Coffee Affairs before we went for Bon Odori at Esplanade Penang. The reason for my wnd visit? I love their coffee, and I would like to give their waffle a second chance. I was deeply in love with waffle after I came back from Melbourne. 

Im not in the mood for coffee that day, so I din have one. Just grab a photo from my fren, who is so addicted to coffee. He said this coffee taste quite good. 

Had a sip of iced Rose Latte from Von, forgot to take the picture. Personally I prefer the hot rose latte than the iced one. 

Mango Passion Waffle RM18 
the cafe is having promotion on mango passion waffle so we just give it a try. Well it wont taste too bad with Mango isnt it. The portion is just nice for 8 person, I mean each of us had at least 2 bites of waffle haha
during my last visit, we had the berry waffle which was too sweet and too thick, and it really spoilt our expectation. How about this time?

Surprisingly, it taste really good this time! 
Together with vanilla ice cream, we love this dessert so much! it taste sweet and sour at the same time but not too over, it is just nice. Just I don like the mint leaves on top of the waffle, well I don like mint and that is why. They served quite a generous amount of mangos, which we really get satisfaction haha. Fresh mangos, okay Im not so sure if they using the tin one, but it taste good to me. 
Don forget to grab a mango passion waffle here if you are a mango lover like me!!

Coffee Affairs
21, Lebuh Bishop, 10200 Pulau Pinang
04- 261 4060
Monday to Sunday 11am-12am

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