Mr Dakgalbi @ Mont Kiara

Wonderful dining experience in Mr. Dakgalbi during my visit last Saturday!! Im just feel blessed and satisfied with the service and of coz, the delicious dakgalbi in Mr.Dakgalbi. In fact, I gave hint to my frens to have another round there soon Xp I was so full that day and I just skipped my dinner. Just imagine how generous the portion of the food was.

Last Saturday, after met up with Fang and Beh, we decided to have some korean food since fang and me craved for it so much. To fix our crave, Beh just drove us to Mont Kiara, which is so famous to have plenty of Korean restaurants there. We decided to have Mr. Dakgalbi which is just beside the main road, easily spotted.

just look at the ramen, the rice cake and the dakgalbi ( which is the grilled chicken), oh gosh I am having drooling of saliva again!

the outlook of Mr. Dakgalbi. 
located just at the road side, same row with caffe bene and Haagen Dazs ice cream. It is a pork free restaurant so my dear Muslim friends can enjoy food over here as well!

there is 2 floors and we picked a place near the the entrance at the ground floor. Should have it at the second floor to have more privacy huh >< 
I like the design of the wall, quite catchy

In case you come in a group, they have plenty of tables to accommodate everyone. 
Guess this is a nice place to have a gathering or celebration with frens!

The set menu of Mr Dakgalbi. 
since 3 of us are big eaters and we wanted to eat dakgalbi so much, we chose the dakgalbi 3 person set ( RM89.90) , comes with a 3 servings of dakgalbi, a bowl of ramen, 2 fried rice, a bowl of cheese, and a cabbage salad, kimchi and white carrot. 

there are 3 side dishes available, which are the kimchi, cabbage salad  and white carrot. 
all the side dishes are refillable. I like the service here becoz the staff will refill it for us once they noticed that we finished it. 
so we no need to strain our vocal cord looking for refill Xp 

while waiting for the food, I think we had refilled 3 times of kimchi. 
all of us love kimchi so much and I would like to say the kimchi here is just nice. 

and not to forget the soup as well. 
although choice of the side dishes is quite limited, it is okay for us. As the main focus of the day is not the side dishes right? So we waited for the dakgalbi patiently while eating kimchi. I would like to say we never stop our mouth that day Xp

one highlight point in this restaurant is they are good in making use of the space below the table. 
tissue papers, chopsticks, spoon and forks can be found at the side of the table. 

The apron for us in case we wanna make the dakgalbi on our own. 
but we didnt, haha. so the apron is just for exhibition and photo purpose lol. 

we were so excited before we had our dakgalbi. 
oh yeah, they served us a jug of plain water so we can fill it up on our own anytime.
okay maybe im just in manic phase of bipolar lol 

after about 10 minutes of waiting

dang dang dang!! this is how it looks like before mixed it up 
it comes with 900g of dakgalbi ( the marinated chicken), cabbage, potato, leek, and rice cake on a hot pot. 

they just coiled it up to keep ourselves clean. 
well basically we just sat, took pictures and wait like a boss. the staff will make the cooking for us, we just sit back and relax 

all the side dishes, ramen, cheese, rice and lettuce. 
at first I thought they will cook the cheese together with the dakgalbi but the staff didnt do so. Out of curiosity, I asked the staff " bila nak masak cheese". and the staff just explained to me that it will be done later. So when is the later? let's wait and see. 

after about 20 or 30 minutes of waiting and saliva is drooling everywhere, finally the stir frying process was done and here is our lunch!! 
it may not look presentable on appearance but the taste was gorgeous

but wait, one last step before we can start eating, the staff put the ramen and cooked it up. 

and lastly.... WOola!! here is our dakgalbi set with ramen~ 
without further delay we just ate it becoz we were so damn hungry and the smell of the dakgalbi during the cooking was so seducing. It looks spicy from the appearance but actually not ( okay maybe 3 of us have some problem in taste bud as we have high tolerance towards spiciness, typical Penang Lang ma) 

took some posing pictures first before we started
another reason I suggest to dine on the upstairs is becoz of the lightning effect. All of our photos looks dimmed and red that day >< 

and they provide fresh lettuce too~
just wrapped the dakgalbi, rice cake and ramen into the lettuce, and put into the mouth, yummy!!

when we almost finished the dakgalbi, we called the staff to make the fried rice for us. sounds like we are lazy but in fact we are totally clueless coz this is our first time to have dakgalbi ma hehe. 
so the staff chopped the dakgalbi into smaller pieces, and put the rice on top of the hot plate together with the dakgalbi.

the rice with kimchi. it is not the usual rice that Chinese eat, it is smaller and taste a bit crunchy at the same time. 
actually our tummy are almost full before the rice lol 

and this is when the cheese comes in!!! 
cheese with fried rice is just too tasty and heavenly evil, just imagine how high the calories is!!!

they make the fried rice into a thin layer like pancake~ 

korean fried rice
I always like to have korean fried rice and this is the first time I see how it is prepared. Well obviously this one taste much better than the others I had becoz of the ingredients~

and  a Beh, the gentleman, served us the food Xp 
just kidding

with my darling Fang~ wish you all the best for ur internship here!! we shall have more gathering together for food, I miss you so much!

and here is my next target: the cheese ring dakgalbi~ Okay why did I miss it out last time? becoz my brain did not interpret the menu correctly lol. 
for the cheese ring, they are using both cheddar cheese and Mozzarella cheese, so attention to all the cheese lover outside so you don miss it!! 

Look forward for my next meal here!! 

Mr Dakgalbi Mont Kiara
No. J - G _ 02, Soho Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Solaris, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+603-6206 5567
available at Solaris Mont Kiara,Puchong Setiawalk,Citta Mall, PV128 Setapak and Sri Petaling
10:00 am-11:00 pm
10:00 am-12:00 am
10:00 am-11:00 pm

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  11. Alamak I cannot appreciate pula this style of masakan. So sorry 😣

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  21. I've tried dakgalbi. Super spicy. Hahaha. Too much for me to handle.

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