Penang Cafe~ Acupaday

sometimes, I just need a cozy place for relaxation and some nice dining in this stressful environment. This is why I miss Penang so much becoz I can get food anytime I want. Seriously, Food is the best cure for everything! Things would be much perfect if I don gain so much weight huh hehe

so, I went to Penang for Bon Odori event that day, and I just forgot to take lunch before I went to Penang becoz I had a late breakfast. It was about 3pm in the afternoon, and I was so hungry and I could not wait for the dinner time. Since it is still early, both of us decided to get ourselves cool down in a cafe nearby. We passed by Bishop Street and found this cafe was quite special with the name. Okay I admit that I din realise it was " A cup a day" at first, too many alien words in my life so I just assume it as a name of a vehicles. LOL

Love the designed with the theme of scooters, cars and some other vehicles. 
Acupaday just located diagonally opposite to Goh Kaki, same line with  "coffee affair" 

the sofa seats in the cafe
It was not lunch time so there was not much customers that time. And I am so obsessed with sofa seats haha. The scooter mural on the wall looks nice!

and there is a "yao ming" the chinese basketball player portrait on the wall. Okay I don get the connection between this icon with vehicles Xp

the view of the cafe from the front. 
well quite a nice choice for us to have a walk in dining hehe. especially when the weather was so terribly hot outside gosh. 

Jasmine tea
my friend just ordered one to cool herself down. I had a sip of it, not really taste like a tea but in overall it is good. 

Berries Yogurt RM 14
not feeling like having coffee, so I asked the staff what is the recommended beverage from him other than coffee. when I had my first sip, it taste so good and it really taste like the smoothies ice cream that I had in Sydney which I miss it so much! Trust me, you must try this beverage during the visit to Acupaday. You wont be disappointed. the berries is blended so well, and it is not sour at all.  

Salmon Carbonara RM17
since their signature dishes is carbonara and I am an absolute carbonara lover, why shouldnt I give it a try? the price is quite pricey as compared to others, but it is okay to pamper myself once in a week la. ( maybe this is the reason why most of the time I exceed the limit of my monthly budget Xp) 

the carbonara is quite creamy with salmon, mushrooms and broccoli. Acupaday is quite generous for the salmon, I just love it and I could not stop my mouth from having it. 

just nice. 

To ease their customers on decision making, Acupaday displays the food photos in the ipad~ 
We have to order and make the payment at the counter here yo. 

there is a cute scooter outside the cafe, so in case you missed the cafe like me, just spot for the scooter ^^  It is a nice place for hangout with friends, and I just enjoy the soft music and comfortable environment. 

the best part? there is no charge of GST and there is no service charge as well! yeah ^^ 
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55, Bishop Street, 10200 Georgetown, Penang
Mon to Friday : 3pm-12am ( close on Tuesday) 
Saturday and Sunday : 12pm-12am

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  1. 突然转channel变英文,有点不习惯,哈哈~
    之前时常经过bishop st,看到这家小店很多时候都没顾客的,呵呵~

    1. 哈哈大部分时间我都是看心情随写的。感觉上很久没有写英文了就写写下咯Xp
      那一天我去的时候也是没有人,不过最近享受这种比较没有人的咖啡馆,比较 relax Xp

    2. 我也享受没人的咖啡馆,可是店家却不享受囖,哈哈~

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