墨尔本旅游日记 14~ Great Ocean Road Part 2

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After we visited the amazing twelve apostles, gibson steps, Lord Ard George, we continue our journey with Wildlife Tour Australia to Otway's rainforest to experience how the bushwalk feel like in Australia. At first, I misinterpret the meaning of bush walk. In Malaysia, when we said bush walk, we meant: walking in the bushes. but in Australia, bush walk is something like jungle trekking. Okay I just want to say I missed out some nice bushwalking tour in Melbourne that I should have done it!! 

We had a guided tour to Otway's Rainforest, this is a rare, ancient and cool temperature forest. We felt so dwarfed in the middle of trees. The nature of the forest is different from tropical rainforest. How to describe it? to me the rainforest here is more spooky and cold, while the rainforest in Malaysia is hot, damp, and easily get lost. 

A hole in the big tree trunk that can fit 4 of us! isnt it amazing?? our tour guide~ Jason describe it as 'the lord of the ring' haha.

what tree is this?
this is the Mountain Ash ( Eucalyptus regnans), which is the second tallest growing tree in the world, can grow up to 99m tall, the tallest tree is in Tasmania at 99.6m. erm, about 62 times of my height? I need to kneel down completely to take this picture, this is just too stunning
FYI, koala is eating leaves from Eucalyptus species too, but not this tree, there is hundreds species of eucalyptus tree in Australia and Koala only eats about 30 species of them. 

Deba with the tree trunk. 
okay even the tree trunk is bigger than her. 

the trunk is so big and it needs up to 5 adults to hug it. such a huge giant

but sometimes when u grow too high, you get strike easily by thunder too and you are doomed too. 
well, if you know wat I mean haha

some algae and fungi. 

there is a lot of ferns in this forest, and it is very refreshing to have a bush walking here becoz of the cool chilling air and the beautiful scenery, not forgetting the environment. I love this more than a hot humid forest LOL. 

ps: for a road trip, plz spend more time here to look for the waterfall and otway fly free top adventure. I know these only when I came back from GOR. 
after bush walking session in the forest, we then move to Apollo Bay to see this cute seaside view, and Jason, the tour guide get us food for the BBQ party tonight. YES!!

there is a observation deck just next to the toilet and tourist information counter so don miss it out. 

the beautiful beach in Apollo Bay. 

trust me I can just sit and enjoy the wave for whole day. 
really wish to play in the water if the weather is not that cold. 

feel so good when there is warm sunshine it was so cloudy day when we were at Twelve Apostles. 
while Im taking photos at the beaches, my frens went to the shop nearby to get themselves new pairs of boots as they wet theirs during the play with the waves. So they just missed out a lot over here. 

spectacular scenery from Cape Patton Great Ocean Road.
Again, I really encourage road trip to here so you can have more time to spend at different lookout point along this beautiful coastal line. We just stopped by one for 10 minutes and that is all becoz Jason needed to rush us to the next destination before the dark. 
Teddy's lookout point is not in our itinerary so we just don have the chance to view the Great Ocean Road Coastline
don forget the pole house too which looks like a glass house that is floating in the air

just enjoy the roar of the ocean
I will be back again Great Ocean Road. I don have enough of it

well this is quite dangerous coz if i slipped I will just fall into the ocean and certified haha.
just joking, just take extra care to take picture. 

During the journey, the road is extremely winding and since the van drove at quite a high speed, I really felt like I was riding roller coaster and don feel comfortable with it. Nauseated in fact. The journey took us 2 hours of 'roller coaster ride', I forced myself to sleep but I failed. But luckily I did not throw out. Be honest, this road is worse than journey up to Hmong Village in Chiang Mai when you drive it fast. 

our next stop is Kennett River
I was surprised that this place is actually something like a resort. Okay I don really do my homework before hand, so I tot I will see a river, bushes and tall trees and spot Koala there. My first impression is, is this possible for us to spot Koala in these Eucalyptus trees when it is so near to human? 
the answer is YES, and we spotted 3. according to Jason, we can spot more during summer time becoz during winter, Koala will go deeper and higher. 

we were welcomed by ducks on the road. We tried to feed lorikeet and parrots, but these ducks were so fierce and hungry so they ate all up. 

now, time to spot some Koala

Jason got a very good eye sight as he could spot it in just few minutes! here you are, the grumpy fur ball sleeping on the tree. OMG it is so cute and I could not believe that I could be so near to it in the wild! the second cutest animal in my rank

and we spotted the second one sleeping on the tree as well. FYI, koala sleep almost 18-22 hours a day. and Koala is not a bear. well this is funny becoz during our way to Kennett River, Jason played us the song " please don call me a koala bear, as im not a bear at all".
Why Koala need to sleep all the time? will let you know in my next post of the Maru Wildlife Park hehe

okay, back to feeding again after syok enuf with the sleeping Koala
oh wait, one of it woke up and climbed but I just forgot to shoot it haha

this is how the park in the Kennett River looks like. 
quite surprise that we can meet Koala over here isnt it

before the sunset, we reached the entrance of the Great Ocean Road, which is a landmark that should not ever be missed out。this is the bus that we were riding for the journey. err... not really comfortable. 

with the entrance of Great Ocean Road~
appreciate the hard work from the soldiers who built this gorgeous scenic road
then we walked to beach again. Ya we had endless count of beach that day throughout the journey

the sunset is too beautiful so we hug together
just joking, for picture effect only la. The truth is, it was so cold during the winter especially when there is no sun

leave our footprint here~ UPM 15th batch
okay I know this sounds so funny

After a tiring day, we checked in into Bells Beach Backpacker and all of us stayed in the dorm. There is heater in the room so it was quite warm. Love their blanket especially! the dorm is double decker bed, we need to change the pillow sheet, bed sheet and the blanket sheet during our checkout the next day. Well at least we know that they are clean. The room is very spacious and the toilet is just next to us. But we need to walk into the main building for shower. 

our beds. Im the lucky one as I slept just next to the heater haha
they provide extension wires with multiple plugs too, this is something I need to praise becoz they really take good care of their customers. 
well this is my 3rd time to sleep in the backpacker hostel, honestly I love it, cheap and comfortable. But some of them don, perhaps they just want to get more privacy. Just a kind reminder, plz do not expect service from a 5 star hotel in the backpacker hostel. Here, we need to do everything on our own. 
Oh yeah, if you want more privacy, you can upgrade the room via the agency to double room, with extra charge of course. 

the common room. they have television, but I don have the luck to enjoy it becoz the guys were watching football games. so I just squeeze myself on the sofa, using their wifi internet and made calls back to Malaysia. 
Initially, I plan to sit outdoor and have some starry night scene. But, it was a cloudy day whole day and basically I see nothing. Very disappointed arrrrr. 
but, lucky me, we met a wild possum on the tree in the hostel when we walked out. it is sooo cute! looks like a giant rat haha. It disappeared in the dark very quickly lo so I cant take picture. 

the dining area, kitchen and refrigerator. 
we can eat, cook, socialize and store our food here. But for the fridge, everything need to be put in a basket or proper container and label. In backpacker hostel, there is no one to serve us so we need to wash our plates on our own. Be independent, be yourself!! 
some people might think that backpacker hostel is awful, but to me it is a brand new experience. 

and here it is, our dinner!! we have the choice of having a pizza dinner or Aussie BBQ night and Im glad that we had the bbq becoz everything was so awesome!
we got pork, chicken and beef, with patty and sausage both. We had chicken wings and drumstick too, and something special is the kangaroo patty!! This is the first time I ate Kangaroo meat.... erm felt sorry for the kangaroo at first but it really taste good. What I understand is the source of kangaroo meat is from the farm not the wild. Jason did all the cooking for us so what we did was just sit and wait Xp no lar, help to arrange the plates and prepare for dinner. 

And we got fresh salad too
I just found out Aussie don like sauce as there is no sauce at all in the salad and we just add lots of mayonnaise in our own plate. erm, i assume this is becoz of they wanna stay healthy? 

here is my dinner!! chicken patty, beef steak, some salad, pork sausage and some kangaroo meat. one of the best dinner that I ever had muahaha. so this compensate my bad feeling towards the food during my lunch Xp 

the next morning, we checked out the backpacker hostel around 8am and continue our journey to Philip Island. wildlife tour provided us the breakfast with sausages, bread, jam, milk, juices and cereals. sounds like there is a lot of variety and should be delicious, but not to me as usually i have noodle for breakfast. Kinda heavy I know. 
in overall, Im quite satisfied with the stay and I would like to recommend to those who want to have a stay along Great Ocean Road. 

so this is the end of the great ocean road tour, the next will be tour to Philip Island. I will definitely come back for a road trip next time!! wait for me. 

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