墨尔本日记11~wandering around in Melbourne CBD

I don usually have schedule during Thursday evening, so I decided to get myself to the city on my own, have a tour by my own, only for my own. Sometimes, I enjoyed solo travel or two person than a bigger group. As you get travel more, you will understand that travelling is for yourself but not for others. Melbourne is a beautiful city, and I wish to visit it in every single angle so I wont have much regret for it. I had to give up Hot air balloon, eureka deck and Grampians national park tour due to some reasons. Maybe this will drive me to visit Melbourne once again in future. 

My first stop is St.Paul Cathedral located opposite the Flinder station and Federation Square, this is an important landmark for Melbourne that should not be missed out. Well actually, everyone who visited Melbourne must know this place, but not much people knows that this cathedral is open to public for visit. 

The view of the St.Paul cathedral from Flinder Station. This is really a busy street all the time
just some information regarding St Paul Cathedral from internet: 
St Paul Cathedral is an Anglican church based on Gothic transitional, it is located at the corner of Flinder Street and Swanston street. St Paul's Cathedral is built on the site where the first public Christian service in Melbourne was conducted in 1835.

The interior arcade of the cathedral
It makes me feel so peace here~ it is a place which is sacred to me as well. I love this photo so much with the natural lighting in the cathedral. 

To take photos in the cathedral, plz pay AUD 5 for the permit over the souvenirs shop first. The maintenance fees of this church is about AUD3000. And be sincere and honest when you visit a sacred place, GOD knows =)) 

Make a prayer in the middle of the cathedral. I missed out 4 weeks masses during my time in Melbourne, should practice my religious activity more frequent. 

West end and door. This cathedral looks so beautiful in every single angle
BTW, St Paul cathedral is not the biggest church in Melbourne. St Patrick is much bigger, but I just missed out the time to have a look in the interior design of the church. 

Sanctuary from far away~ 
feels so golden in this cathedral. 

The old pipe organ in the cathedral since the last century
this is the first time I saw a real big old pipe organ~ well in fact, I seldom visit churches during my past visit to overseas. 

the statue outside the cathedral, erm... full of shit from the birds. I mean for real not trying to be rude huh! 

look at this beautiful cathedral from another angle. Just get not enough~ 
bought a rosary for my mummy and it is just too pretty in navy blue colour. cost me some money, but worth for it. And bought myself a AUD2 magnet as well. 

St Paul cathedral is a place for must visit in Melbourne!

The look of the Flinder station, the main train station and the most important landmark of Melbourne. And I just feel like: WTF KL sentral is just too ugly in any aspect for a thousand times. 

picture with the horse, which is going to fetch customers to hang around in Melbourne city and some beautiful gardens. Of course, the fees is aint cheap but it is a unique experience what. To me, I prefer to have my tour on foot. 

The British style building of City Hall. 
same as Malaysia, Australia was once British colony as well. 

I don have much plan for the day, but the next station is Cook's Cottage in Fitzroy garden. Since it is not far from my current location so I decided to walk instead of taking tram. Now I think it back, I should take bicycle =..=

The Grand Hyatt hotel, I have the chance to have a champagne breakfast in here, only if I take the hot air balloon tour. Damn the weather forecast gimme the wrong information with bad weather so I cancelled my plan to have Hot Air Balloon and went up to Sydney

lessons learnt: don believe weather forecast!

another church along the road. 

beautiful tree with leafless, and the beautiful blue sky. 
Basically, when I came out to town, I decide my destinations based on the weather. If the weather is good ( I just crazily fall in love with blue sky), I will go for garden walk. If the weather is very cloudy then I will change my plan to have more indoor activities such as a visit to gallery or museum. 

From Grant Hyatt hotel, walked about 10 minutes to pass by the treasury garden, which is a beautiful greenish garden
My frens think that all the gardens in Melbourne look the same, well to me, it depends on how you look at the garden. If you are not a nature lover, for sure you will think that it is boring to have a walk in the garden. And most important, if you are taking photos, please make it looks like you are in Melbourne instead of any field in Malaysia lol. 

Before visiting the Cook's cottage, I need to purchase the entrance ticket which costs me AUD6.20 at the visitor information centre at Fitzroy garden. Erm, quite expensive than I thought it would be as previously it written AUD 5 for entrance in the internet. and plz don forget to redeem the 20% discount from the Melbourne official visitor guidebook. Ya I just totally forgot about it. 

The conservatory before the Cook's cottage. 

picture with the lovely volunteer before I started my visit in the cottage. 
I love the people in Australia, everyone is so lovely ( except the last day when we in airport, cant blame her becoz she is an Asian =..=) 

there are some old British costumes for visitor to put on and take picture. the problem is.... during this cold winter, everyone is having more than 2 layers so we cant really fit into those attire

the look of the kitchen of Cook's Cottage
Cook's cottage is a unique Melbourne experience located in the heritage listed Fitzroy Garden. 

the bedroom in the first floor. This is a building of double storey
Cook's Cottage is originally built in Yorkshire, England by the parents of Captain James Cook in 1755. Cook's cottage as transported to Melbourne, re-assembled and officially opened in the Fitzroy Garden in 1054. 

the interior look of the kitchen. Quite small as compared to the houses nowadays, but looks comfortable, the feeling of a family. 

Combining modern interpretations of Captain Cook's adventures, centuries-old antiques, a delightful English cottage garden and volunteers dressed in 18th century costumes, Cooks' Cottage is a fascinating step back in time.~ from official website of Cook's cottage

the small little house~
there is an exhibition behind the cottage. But I don really read about it becoz I have very limited information about Australia's history. 

Most of the time during my garden walk, I prefer to sit on the grass and relax. to get a peace of mind in this comfortable area. 

Cheers ^^ 

Im quite surprised that there was blooming flower in this cold weather. I found this on my way to find the fairy tree. Well, I don get myself there at last but I enjoyed all the scene along the way. 

If you come to Fitzroy Garden, Parliament, Old treasury building and St Patrick Cathedral just around the corner. Trust me, cycling in this beautiful garden will leave you a perfect memory. 

Cook's Cottage
open daily from 9am to 5pm ( last entry at 4.45pm)
Fitzroy garden
AUD 6.20 for adult, AUD 4.50 for concession, AUD 3.20 for child aged 5-15 years old
How to get there?
1. 15 minutes walk from Federation Square
2. take free city tram to Spring street
3. tram route no.48 or 75, disembark at Wellington Parade
4. Train station, disembark at Jolimont station ( near to Melbourne Cricket Ground) or Parliament station.

After visit to Cook's Cottage, I continue my journey to have a peek at Direct Factory Outlet South Wharf, which is a place where we can get lots of cheap branded items in it. I took the free tram service to Spencer Street, and walked towards the casino, onto a bridge, and turn right to the convention centre after the bridge. It took me about 10 minutes walk to DFO South Wharf. just going to do some simple survey before my real shopping day so I can set a limit for my budget to prevent myself from overspend Xp

But I just got addicted with the sunset over here. The sunset look is pink or purple colour here instead of orange colour. 

DFO south wales is just next to the Hilton Hotel 

the buildings along the Southbank at Yarra River, which create a night view that everyone will get drunk with it. 

the convention centre at night. 

the next 3 photos are the night view during my night walk along the Yarra River. Guess I don need to have much explanation, just enjoy urself with the picture. 
My shooting skill might not be that beautiful becoz I do not use tripod to take the photos. 

Im in love with reflection on the river so much

Goodnight Melbourne, see you in my dream
I really miss Melbourne so much, especially the cold weather and the holiday mood haha

Goodnight everyone and have a nice rest. Hope you enjoy my blog ^^

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