墨尔本日记12~ Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road is something that should not be missed out at all during travelling in Melbourne. what is so great about Great Ocean Road? Let's scroll down and be stunned by the pictures. The real scene is much more spectacular than things I had captured with my camera. 

We get lots of choices for Great Ocean Road from the internet, since we cant drive in Melbourne so we decided to take tour. I really recommend people to have a self-drive experience along this scenic coastal drive, it would be wonderful when you are not restricted by time and you can stop whereever you want becoz I love all the scene along the road sooooo much!! After much consideration, we decided to take 2 days Great Ocean Road + Philip Island with Wildlife tour. There is quite a variety of choices for the day tour for Great Ocean Road, we can combine it with Philip Island, Mornington Peninsula, Grampian National Park or Adelaide. It depends on our budget and timing. 

In the early morning, we assemble at YHA Melbourne Central for the van. Wildlife tour use a big van to accommodate around 18 of us, and be honest, the van was so small and the space was really suffocating me. We brought our luggage along, just a small one for overnight tour. They limited our luggage at 5kg. Around 7.30am, we were picked up and started our journey to Great Ocean Road, which takes about 3 hours drive and we had some stopping points for toilet. The weather was so cloudy that day, quite down for me as I might not able to take great picture...

we stopped at colac park for some morning tea. It was about 5 degree celcius in the outdoor and for serious it was freaking cold. 

twelve apostles~
after 3 hours of driving, we reached the first stop of destination of the day~ the twelve apostle. This is the most popular and spectacular point along the Great Ocean Road. It is the collection of limestone stacks off the shore. I cant imagine how great it would be when the soldiers built this coastal scenic road years ago. 

there is a walkway along the shore from the cliff so we can take picture from 360 degree of the twelve apostles. they have only 8 limestone stacks left, the ninth one collapsed dramatically in year 2005, and we can see the residual of the stack in the middle of the sea

this place is just too wonderful, every pictures are beautiful from every angle. if you can noticed the collapsed apostle from this picture 
So people, if you feel interested to visit this place, please make your move! visit it before another apostle collapsed again and leave lots of regret for missing out this breathtaking scenery. 

The cliff, just some knowledge about how the limestone stacks was formed: 
the apostles were formed by erosion from the harsh and extreme weather from the southern ocean, gradually eroded the soft limestone to form caves from the cliff, then became arches, collapsed and leaving rock stacks. 
and now the stacks are having further erosion from the waves ( just feel wow to see the big waves, really looks like tsunami if this waves happen in Malaysia) 

And  brought him to this view too together
we will come again next time ^^ 

along the walkway, we enjoyed different angle of view
some information of great ocean road: 
The Great Ocean Road is an Australian National Heritage listed 243 kilometres (151 mi) stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford. Built by returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932 and dedicated to soldiers killed during World War I, the road is the world's largest war memorial. Winding through varying terrain along the coast and providing access to several prominent landmarks, including the Twelve Apostles limestone stack formations, the road is an important tourist attraction in the region.

view of twelve apostles. this is the second time I have close contact with the ocean, and I just love it so much. 

another two apostles at the left hand side of the walkway
seems..... lonely?? haha

although the day was so cloudy but it still looks awesome to us

our group photos together~ shit I should not pose like that, it makes me looks so short in the photo when Im the tallest among the girls!! 

close view to one of the apostles~ 

this is how the walkway looks like
such a close contact to the ocean that we can only know it from the books

then, we walked to Lord Ard George, not far away from the Twelve Apostles and have a beach walk. 

just praise the beautiful of the nature~ 
nothing else beat the view like this. love the colour of the ocean over here, blue, unpolluted, gorgeous

With Deba~ the cute little girl who loves the natural scene and played a lot with the waves during the journey. 
Thanks Deba for ur appreciation for the trip, it really brings me a great courage

The Razorback
there was a shipwreck happened before in this area, but I don really pay attention to it as I was too busy to capture the photos in my mind

a cave in the middle of the cliff is spotted! 
Guess the photos will be much beautiful during the sunset with a sunny day

checklist done!! feel so happy that finally I make my way here

with the Port Campbell National Park

then we walked to the Lord Ard George, the place where the shipwreck occur ages ago. 
there is stairs that allow us to assess the beach.
heard that Pirates of Carribean took some scene over here before, is it real???

the Lord Arg George unconnected rock pillars, named as Tom and Eva after the two teenagers survived in the shipwreck. 

one of the reason I really encourage for self drive so we can have more time to spend in this beautiful place
I got only about 15 minutes in this place and seriously it is not enough to me at all. 

My favourite photo of overall~

with Ranee, my senior from CLB
the world is really small, I never tot to have someone from my hometown in a trip in foreign country before! and we just met each other in the same trip
well, I guess I will get crazy if I met my bestie in the same trip in overseas haha. But I think my first word will be: why you bo jio Xp

our next destination: the Gibson Step
we had so much beaches that day! 

the stairs down to the Gibson Step.
Thought we can have a swimming here? not at all, the current is just too high for swimming, how about surfing? 

may this friendship stay forever Deba 

the strong waves just looks like bubbles in the shower to me~ 
and they are unexpected. I wet my shoes and jeans while taking photos and I did not realise the sudden huge waves. It was really cold in the winter with wet clothing!!

the walkway of the Cliff~ this is the amazing part of the Gibson step
BTW, Gibson step is one of the amazing place to shoot for the galaxy too!! the starry night is sooooo fantastic when I saw my friend's photography collection during his visit to Melbourne. 

Say Hello to Great Ocean Road. 

One of the apostles. 

Before I say goodbye to Gibson step and move to the next destination, I give it a big hug for leaving me such a wonderful experience.
girls, jump out from your comfort zones in the air con or shopping mall and have more fun with mother nature!

caught deba running away from the waves before her boots get wet with it. it is really a fun experience to have chase and run with this bubbly waves

after having so much fun in the great ocean road, we had our lunch in the van and depart to the next destination~ the oitway rainforest
I was having chicken ham sandwich, well, I tot it would be something great but it end up as sandwich again. But the dinner compensated everything haha ( still wish for something good food coz I really get sick of sandwich everyday in Melbourne). 

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  1. Great post.
    Thank you very much for sharing and I love all your beautiful photos
    great ocean road tours 2 days

    1. Thank you ^^ Great Ocean Road is really beautiful in every single angle. Hope you have a great day

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