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The first stop of our cafe hopping of the day~ DCOVA cafe. Initally we wanna get some breakfast but eventually we ended up with brunch time ( too much procrastination in the morning mind fight to wake up haha). We parked our car in the carpark in Gat Lebuh Gereja, then we walked to Logan Heritage for DCOVA cafe, which was "The Lighthouse Coffeebar previously". 
Heard that they served great pasta here so we came here for a try~ 

love this~ looks so western. 

DCOVA cafe in Logan Heritage. Might miss it out easily becoz they don really have a signboard with striking colour. 

they have a high ceiling in the cafe, so the cafe looks more spacious in the sense of "optical illusion" and the dimmed lightning give us a comfortable environment to enjoy ourselves with food and chit chat here. 

since Chinese New Year is approaching, DCOVA decorates itself with lots of flowers and cute goats! yupp CNY this year is Goat Year, so wish everything is good more more ( goat meh meh)  than last year 

the goat is really cute here~ ( not sheep not lamb, but goat haha) 
may this Goat Year is blessed with health, prosperity and good fortune. Of coz, a peaceful world. 

the interior look of the cafe~ 
we have to make our own order over the counter, there is no menu provided on the table

one thing we don really enjoy here is the service provided by the waiters, there is no one entertain us here. We have to get our menu on our own, and they only served us with a pair of fork and spoon when the dishes were served. We asked for more sets of forks and spoons as we were sharing the food, guess what, they brought us just one more set and we had to get more on our own over the counter ( a huge difference with the other cafes which served us with 6 sets of fork and spoons even if we just order for 2 cakes whatever, without on request) 

maybe a perfect seat for couples? 

some decorations on the wall~

Although the service was not really satisfactory, they served really good pasta

Carbonara RM18.90

a perfect combination of pasta, carbonara sauce and bacon slice, with the attractive golden yellow colour egg yolk in the middle of the pasta, and it definitely give a good taste into the pasta. We love this carbonara so much and we would like to say that it is one of the most delicious pasta in town~ 
However, I guess it is better for sharing becoz we easily get sick of the creamy sauce of carbonara at last haha. 

Hot cafe mocha RM 9.50
nice coffee art I would like to say~ 
remember to stir the mocha first before drink it~ ya we left the chocolate at the bottom of the cup, and we realised it when we drank half of it =..= 

Ebiko Alfredo RM21.90
A creative one with combination of western and japanese food. At the first bite it really amazed us, with the bursting of ebiko with seaweed in our mouth~ yummy. And they gave quite a few big prawns in the dishes, hehe. But some of my frens don really enjoyed it becoz it tasted like sushi on the sushi belt. 

Aranciata RM 9.90
there is 3 flavours available and we chose aranciata becoz we had no idea what is this and we wished to get something new to try out~ it is really a refreshing beverage in this hot sun! taste a bit like combination of orange juice with some lemon. 

in overall, it is quite pricey, but still affordable. 

Then, it is our selfie time!!

don have someone to take pic for us? we have timer!! haha

wefie no.2~

my ladies~ some of them had cafe hopping together with yaya and me before, and this is the first time JIL joined us~ welcome to cafe hopping kaki JIL haha. She is really pretty isnt she. 

So here I end my post. Happy Chinese New Year Everyone, have a great celebration with family and friends 

DCOVA cafe
no.4, Bishop Street, 10200 Georgetown, penang
04-261 3121
10am-12am daily

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