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There is something unique about us, about this friendship. We have different characteristic, personality, background and interest, but we still stay together as BFF together after so many years. We not that close during secondary school time, but somehow, something that is special brought us together as BFF for each other. So, Just something, make our bond stronger day by day~ 
Here are my darlings~ Ting, me, carol, Devon and Fang. what a beautiful friendship that I owned for years and wanna keep it till the end of the day. Feel loved with them~ we share our secrets, experience, happiness, and we go through the hard time together. 

back to topic Xp so after rushed like mad from Kuala Lumpur ( struggling in an awful bus service for 6 hours finally I get home), we had our gathering at Just Something Cafe located at Jalan Raja Uda ( just next to Petronas petrol station). It is a small and cozy cafe, we had our great time here.

the outlook of the cafe
We had a hard time looking for parking lot that day ( there is a wedding dinner nearby, that is why it was so crowded that day) 

the entrance of the cafe~ love the curtain haha, looks so cute
there is 2 outdoor seats available. Of coz, we chose for indoor seat with air-conditioned. 

interior look of the cafe

we need to make our order over the counter
there is some portraits in the cafe, and my fren get excited to see Lee Min Ho lol 

we picked this seats~ nice to chit chat for 5 people hehe
but I had a hard time to get up and down becoz my legs are..... short!!! T..T 

quite artistic here, isnt it? 

 Tea RM 5.90 ( hot) 
there is a plant on each table which make it looks more lively here. 

Left- Lemon tea ( cold) RM 5.90
Right- Passion soda drink RM 5.90
I had the passion soda drink and I would like to say it is quite refreshing =)) esp for someone who "cabut lari" all the way like me haha

.Left - chocolate ( hot) RM 7.90
Right- Matcha Latte RM 9.90
according to my fren, the matcha latte wasnt too sweet but quite powdered somehow. 
PS: the chocolate wasnt ours, but I tried it before it tasted quite good. 

Creme Brulee RM 9.90
Im not so sure how is the taste of this cup of espresso drink, but my fren enjoyed it with her signature " yummy pose" again 

and we tried out 3 kind of pastas during the gathering, lets see~

Bolognese meatball RM 12.90
the meatball tasted good to me! but the bolognese was a bit sour in overall. 

Salmon Carbonara  RM 13.90
Im a carbonara lover as well as salmon, so how about this dishes? is it good? 

I do not put much expectation so the taste was an ordinary one. The carbonara was creamy and I loved it, but the salmon wasn't nicely cooked, there was still some fishy smell on it. Perhaps it will be better if it came with smoked salmon? 

Nugget RM5.90
nice for some bite while chit-chat-ing. 

Spicy Aglio-olio RM 12.90
we ordered it around 10.30pm and honestly it is really heavy enuf to be a supper! haha

cooked with olive oil and served with ham, mushroom, this dishes was quite fabulous to my fren. I curi curi makan and it really tasted good. In overall, it really full-fill the name for its spiciness Xp 

PS:: we got awesome service from the cafe!! the workers are really friendly, with charming smile all the time. thank you so much ^^ 

and lastly, our selfie post again~ thanks girls for everything, I really feel blessed to have you all in my life. 

Just Something Cafe
Addrerss: 7115, Taman Ceri, Jalan Raja Uda Butterworth, Pulau Pinang
business hour : 12pm-12am daily
Phone: 011-21562306
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/justsomethingart/timeline

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