Kanemochi Malaysia~ Mochi Revolution

what comes to your mind about mochi in the first place? the traditional one? erm... very sweet and sticky, my favorite bla bla. How about Kanemochi? what is so special about Kanemochi?

Kanemochi is not just about an ordinary mochi, it comes with ice cream! yes, the ice cream is coated in the mochi. Originate from Thailand, is now have their first step in Beach Street Penang in Kanemochi cafe. All the mochis are imported from Thailand, and FYI thailand is a food paradise as well! 
At first it sounds confusing to me, mochi is a japanese dessert but kanemochi originate from Thailand? In Japanese, Kanemochi means rich and prosperity.  well sometimes just don underestimate the creativity which is borderless =)

Does it look tempting?? Feel like want to have a bite on it? Cant control your saliva from drooling? 
I have it all Xp

the outlook of the cafe~ easily recognizable, just few step away from the junction of Beach street and Lebuh Acheh. And the little girl mural looks so happy, just like how we felt after we had our mochi here.

Kanemochi cafe~ 

we were welcomed by a warm greeting from the workers in the cafe~ and thanks to one of my fren ( her sister owned this cafe and we really had a great time here!) for brought us here. Let's hang around to have a look of this cozy cafe~ we spent more than 2 hours here becoz it is just too relaxing to us!

some seats with beautiful nature light

and our all time favorite sofa seats~ and pink is the theme!
Kanemochi cafe has a simple and romantic decoration, and spacious enough for us to have our gathering here. Trust me, you would not want to get up from the sofas becoz it is just too comfortable.

my previous cafe hopping kaki~ we had the biggest group of cafe hopping today. 
Feel very thankful to have this friendship that last for years ( 10 years is coming haha), and we maintain it well. 

there is some seats for two~ just enjoy the love in the air here hehe. 

The cute mochi mural in the cafe~ 

Love this walkway~ especially all the tang-lung. 
 The greenish backyard~ 

Okay, here comes the food part

refillable plain water is available over the counter. 

the first batch of mochi~ they looks so colourful
can I have one more bite??

there is 4 flavours in total~ cost RM 3.70 per piece
chocovanilla flavour
vanilla flavour in yellow
milk flavour in blue
chocolate flavour in brown

the choices are limited? just try it out first, this 4 flavours are delicious enough hehe
and the good news is, more flavours of kanemochi are on their way, and there is more 10 flavours of them! cant wait to try for it 

special edition of kanemochi~ thanks to kanemochi cafe for the special treat hehe
a kind reminder: don take a long time for photo shooting, eat it before it melt!! haha

As most of the people love the "set package", Kanemochi comes in set too!
there is 2 sets available, and looks good for photoshooting ( hiak hiak), hence we ordered the Set A and set B instead of in pieces, which comes with a glass of refreshing sparkling soda for each set.

Right: Blue exotic soda
Left: Apple Merry Soda
the another 2 options available for sparkling soda are angel berry soda and blueberry heaven soda
each glass of soda costs RM 6.90 per glass

We felt in love with the apple merry soda haha. 

our Kanemochi~
a unique combination of ice cream and dough

set B Kanemochi Chocky rocky dip ( 4 pieces) and blue exotic soda    RM 20.90
there is 3 layers in total, just like skin ( Xp) the outermost layer is the heavenly coated chocky rocky chocolate. well, girls love chocolate although the calories is high ( who cares), heavy ( I don care) and fat ( just eat it, diet plan comes after this). Chocolate looks 'seductive' to girls haha. 
the second layer is the sticky, soft and delicious dough~ we had 2 different flavours for the 4 mochi.
and the innermost layer is the ice cream~ the ice cream just melted and spread on our taste buds in our mouth, the 3 distinctive layers really give a great knock to the brain that ' gosh this is really delicious and special enough' 

and one important point: we can have our 3 favorite desserts in one in this chocky rocky dip kanemochi. sounds better for calories isnt it Xp

Set A Kanemochi Sundae with apple merry soda  RM14.90
photo credit to Hazel Phuah
coz mine one epic failure due to wrong angle grrr

wish to have more ice cream? Grab it more with Kanemochi Sundae here. 
it looks good in appearance but looks arrr..... in my camera. need more skill improvement!! 

and we had some ice cream before we left! 

the chocolate chip ice cream

cappuccino ice cream 

chocolate ice cream! our all time favorite
Need to ask my salivary gland to behave properly le haha

we also tried out some others ice cream such as vanilla and strawberry
we noticed that the ice cream is more compact than the usual one, and we were told that these are the ice cream coated in the mochi, imported from Thailand as well. thumbs up!! 

okay, finish of the food part, now comes our photos!! how could we miss out the photo session

Miss Grace with her ice cream and love board~

me with the ice cream


with my girls and the owner of this awesome cafe~ spot her haha
thank you so much jie jie for the great service and delicious dessert. Wish for a great success for Kanemochi Cafe ^^ 

and here I end my post with our "Monday Blue" group photo with my ladies
it is monday and we wore blue but we are not having Monday Blue becoz we had so much of fun here! Definitely a perfect place for a visit during this hot sunny weather in Penang!

Kanemochi Cafe
269 Beach Street, 10300 Georgetown, Penang
Business Hour: 9.30am to 10.30pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kanemochimalaysia/timeline

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