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Just had a nice dinner with mom at Pik Nik cafe. Well this cafe is so well-known, so I guess I no need to have introduce too much haha. Actually I wanna come to this cafe since long time ago adi, but my cafe hopping kaki had been here before, so I just delay my plan until tonight. 

their menu. I like the drawing of their menu so much, it is very colourful and it looks like they draw it themselves! As usual, when I cant make my decision I will ask for recommendation from the worker. Like their service as well, quite friendly and helpful. 

hang around the cafe while waiting for our food to be served. Pik Nik cafe is actually famous of its colourful pillows with the couch. very good ambience here, but due to its popularity, there was a big crowd during dinner time, so it is not my choice if I wish to have a chit chat with my frens. 

The counter with some cakes and beers. Hehe becoz I was with my mom so I have to control myself ( guess I will just order it if Im in Thailand Xp). The choice for cakes was quite limited. 
And I love their quote of " good friends never bojio" haha

have a guess what is these?? you cant appreciate these if you come in the daytime haha

spotted some drawing. really admire those ppl who can actually draw. My drawing skill sucks 

Just within a few minutes and they served our order 

Classic Cheese RM7.80
I love this cheesecake so much! It melted in the mouth smoothly haha. N i prefer the cheesecake here over Secret Recipe New York cheesecake. 

Banana yogurt smoothie RM9
very viscous with the taste of banana haha.

Iced wintermelon lemon RM6.50
at first I ordered this drink becoz I think it sounds like tongue twister, so I just give it a try. The combination sounds a bit weird but it was quite refreshing and I enjoyed the drink ^^ lemon really mix well with every ingredient in a drink lo

Creamy Pumpkin spaghetti RM13.90
The worker recommended this when I asked for the most popular spaghetti among the list. thumbs up!! tot it will too sweet at first, but actually just nice for me. never thought that pumpkin can be one of the ingredient for spaghetti sauce. The reason I ordered this is becoz of the pork bacons Xp


Garlic Cheeky Puff RM13.90
freshly baked puff pastry topped with creamy garlic chicken, sprinkle with cheese
yes, both my mom and I love this puff so much and we gave a rate for it! 9/10

we waited for about 15 minutes for the baking, and I would like to say the long waiting time is worth for it! it was so crispy but cheesy at the same time. All the ingredients make a perfect combination. We really wish it comes in a bigger portion! 
highly recommend this

a small corner if you look for more privacy

the sofa area

the interior look of the cafe
yes the pic above just now was the lamp decorated with... i cant really remember the real name of this item but it was used to cover dishes from flies in old times ( not really old, when I was small la haha). get surprises easily in the corners of this cafe

love the painting at the door

beautiful night view of the Pik Nik cafe~
I will come for the second visit in the future becoz I really love this cafe. 

Pik Nik Cafe
15, Nagore Road, 10050 Penang, Georgetown
016-455 2913
Sunday to Thursday 3pm to 12am ( closed on Monday)
Friday and Saturday 3pm to 1am

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