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Had another fabulous cafe hopping again yesterday, but tis time, I had it with my uni frens~ hui ching, siu chun and shzeyee. we had so many similarities together, actually 2 haha. We all from Penang, and we are in the same small group posting. To kill the boredness, I just jio for an outing yesterday. We went to 3 cafes and 1 char kuey teow. Initially we wish to visit the Jack & Co restaurant which is so famous recently, but it was closed so we just changed our plan to Haven Harbour cafe at Chim Heritage which is just a lane beside Nagore Square. We end our day perfectly in this beautiful cafe. 

We love the wall design of this cafe. It is really unique and we had a good time here. 
top blouse : from Bangkok Asiatique 280 baht
pants : from Chatuchak market 50 baht ( yes RM5 so cheap!) 

they served fruity sky juice with some flavor of orange scent here. Free of charge. I love this service becoz some places will just charge u for a single cup of plain water. N sometimes we just want water instead of juices or coffee. 

the first floor of Haven Harbour.
Since the first floor was full house so we went up to first floor. It was spacious and bright. Since it was not dinner time yet, we owned the whole floor haha. 
Guess which was our seat??

Is this dining table near the window? 

Or this private area where we can sit like a boss?

The answer: we picked the sofa seat. Girls like sofa, aren't it? haha

The view of the ground floor from the stairs 
One disadvantages of being on the first floor was we had to come down to the counter to make our order. But don worry they will still serve our food to first floor haha. 

the menu of Haven Harbour. 
Not much choices, but trust me the food that we ordered was really divine enuf haha. 

The colourful spoons and forks behind the card was attracting
but we attracted with the UNO cards more! best game to kill the waiting time

spotted some cute hand-draw paper cup. 

a beautifully decorated cake in the counter. But we did not ordered haha. 

played UNO cards happily with the girls
actually they served our food in about 10 minutes time, not really a long waiting like what we had in Siam Road Char Kuey Teow ( we waited for an hour, but worth for it) 

Winner pose? haha actually no I lose the game yesterday. 

Here comes our food~ 

Orange world RM11.90
a combination of orange, grapefruit and carrot

at first I don really like it becoz of the carrot taste. But after a few sip it just nice to us.
good for health what haha

Spicy Aglio Olio RM 19.90
One of the recommended dishes in the cafe. SZ was craving so much for it haha
At first when it was served, we were stunned with the amount of chili that " will it too spicy for us?" 
but it turned out not and we really love it

close up 
We had 6 prawns in total, and this is one of the best dishes that we had of the day
Honestly I always prefer to have bolognese or carbonara than aglio olio becoz I had a bad one before, but Haven Harbour just let me fall in love with it 
The pasta was cooked to the right texture, and the garlic just add more scent overall. 
we gave a 9/10 marks for this ^^

Honey Wasabi Smoked Salmon RM21.90
Look simple on its appearance, but the taste really gave a big hit to our taste bud. 
Why is it so? The thin slice of salmon just melted in our mouth ON THE SPOT once we chew it. We really amazed with it. The salmon was so fresh with the honey wasabi ( the wasabi is more benign than the usual one LOL) 

don forget to try out this!
Love their bread as well haha

Garlic White Wine RM 19.90
due to shortage of ingredients they replaced the "hum" ( i have no idea what is the english name) with mussels with us. However, the taste of mussels was kinda ruin the essence of this dishes in some way. But it was understandable, as we usually have cheese baked mussels instead of had it freshly cooked. 

we still enjoyed the sauce with white wine. Actually we finished it haha. in Chinese, we described it as 甘甜美味

after the food, we had photo sessions again
SZ love this quote on the wall so much
'The further I travel, The closer I am to myself"
agree with it =)) that is why I love travel so much. 

A cute tips box at the counter. 
becoz Haven Harbour do not have service charge and government tax

cute decoration on the table

The look of the counter. 

The nicely decorated menu outside to attract customers. 
I really recommend this cafe becoz they really serve delicious food with good quality. 

The outlook of the Haven Harbour
it is easily spotted becoz it is a corner house. Quite strategic but limited parking space as it is near to Nagore Square. 

Haven Harbour
21, Jalan Bawasah Georgetown 10500 Penang
Monday to Sunday 11am to 12am ( closed on Wednesday) 
Facebook : The Haven Harbour
Instagram : #havenharbour
Contact : 04- 2266 508

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