KL Dessert TIme~ Hui Lau Shan

What is a girl’s best friend forever? Dessert!! Ya I guess almost every girls like dessert right? So today, I would like to share a good place for dessert again, well it is so well-known and I guess I do not need much introduction, and the dessert is ~ Hui Lau Shan!! Originate from Hong Kong, a famous dessert shop, now having their business in Malaysia and wish to share the concept of HLS which stands for “ Healthy Luxury and Stylish”. So ya, let’s have dessert feast together!

So we went to the branch in IOI city mall, one of the latest and biggest shopping mall in Putrajaya near KL area in case you never heard of it. Located in second floor, it is a small but a spacious one. Not hard to locate it, it is diagonally above the entrance of Symphony =) 

Guess why is it so crowded? Becoz it is a open day for media and bloggers to try out their signature dishes. Thanks to Hui Lau Shan and Nicolas for the invitation! 

Before the launching started, we had the dessert buffet at the front counter, there is mango and durian mochi, curry fish ball, mango with sago beverage, fruit tarts and many more, lets try all of them out

The first caught the attention of my eyes are the curry fishball. Guess I was too hungry that time? Seriously I love their fishball so much and I guess I had around…10-15? It really reminds me the day I had endless fishball for snacks in Hong Kong, the curry flavor is similar to the HK one, great!

And their durian and mango mochi

nd their durian and mango mochi, the durian mochi is made up of D24 durian, which is a famous one. 

This is how the mangos look like inside the mochi, you see it? Yeah! A piece of mango!

Now is the tart time! They have so many kinds of fruit tarts, and I really love them all. Guess which of them is my favorite?

Fruit tart of mango with strawberry

Mango with chocolate dip tart. Okay this is my favorite. Well, just to let you know, I fall into crazy in love when I had my mango gelato ice cream  and chocolate fondue in Aussie, so no doubt this combination will be my favorite la

Pure mango tart. 

The mango sago beverage, my friends favorite of the day

And this is the luxury version? haha

About an hour later, the official launching event started. we were brief by the staff of Hui Lau Shan about a bit of history about the company, and we understand that all the mangos for their dessert are imported from Thailand and Philippine. No doubt becoz I would say Thailand really has the best mango! I haven try out the Philippine's mango yet, will do it someday

FYI, the desserts in Hui Lau Shan are halal! so my dear malay friends can enjoy the dessert here without worries ^^ 

Mango Feast
This is my second time to have the mango feast. since most of the people wish to try out all the signature dishes of Hui Lau Shan but with limited tummy space, mango feast is the great choice as it comes with the mini version of the favorite signature dishes here. 

this one is so yummy!! 

in this dessert, there is something taste and looks like kuey teow, we were so surprised that it is actually made of coconut! 

ice snowy brew
a combination of coconut jelly and bird nest ( local bird nest) 
I would say this is specially for female! so girls, don missed it out

how to eat it? 
you can eat it separately or.....

pour the bird nest into the coconut jelly and enjoy it

mango pop pop
why is it called as pop pop? let me explain it in a short while

just look at the mango, it is so fresh and not sour at all!! 
well, there is a reason why Hui Lau Shan entitled themselves as the "mango expert" haha

take a closer look, have you noticed the small whitish ball? it is not just jelly, it will pop a.k.a explode in the mouth once we chewed it. this is how this dessert got its name!

and the last dessert of the day~
durian crepe 
since Durian is so famous in Malaysia, Hui Lau Shan makes it a fusion of hong kong dessert and malaysia dessert ( no you wont find it in Hong Kong becoz they just hate durian becoz of its smell) 

once we bite it, the strong smell of durian just surprised all of us. 

okay, this is the end of the story of dessert, hope you enjoy it!

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