Post Health Intervention Day celebration~ Trip to Port Dickson Beach

After weeks of preparation, finally Health Intervention Day ( HID) has comes to an end. To have a perfect ending, the group organised a BBQ party at the night of HID, and a trip to Port Dickson on the next day. It was super fun and we had around 30 people in total for the trip! Just guess how grand it was when 6 cars moves together from Juasseh to Port Dickson haha.

credit to Amira
Our super huge group photo. But some of them not in the photo haiz
Guys, I am really glad that Im actually in the same group with you all. We have so much memories together, and every moment is enjoyable together ( except those boring lectures haha) 

had picnic together on the beach~ 
thanks to Mira and the team for the breakfast ^^ the sun was striking hot that day huh. 

At first, the plan was to have an overnight stay in Port Dickson. but it was called off due to time constrain and all the bungalows run out during peak season X..x then we go for a day trip. Eventually we were choosing between Tanjung Tuan, Blue lagoon or somewhere else, then we decided to meet up together at Regency Hotel first before the games. 

the nice and beautiful environment in the hotel
the flowers really bloom fantastically. 

there are some colourful KOI in the pond. 

the private beach outside Regency hotel
quite clean as the hotel management maintain it well. but the water wasnt that crystal clear, don expect too much. As most people said, this water is badly polluted since years ago. 

not much people early in the morning. 
ya, we went there at 7am from Juasseh, reach Port Dickson approximately 9.30am ( some procrastination and stop by R&R during the drive haha) 

but, we were not allowed to have water activities in this beach. It is specifically for customers for Regency Hotel only. So we need to find another public beach nearby. 

Lucky us, there is a public beach with public parking available just beside Bayu Beach Resort. The beach was quite clean, not as bad as we expected haha. It really reminds me how beautiful Damai Beach was when I travelled to Sarawak.
the beach here is chocolate sandy, and the water is in chocolate as well. In short, everything is chocolate haha. Facilities are nearby, so quite a nice location. ( My frens said that Blue Lagoon beach has a better beach without much pollution) 

Some guys just cant wait to have their volleyball match on the beach

instead of castle sand-building, Gracie made a sandcake building~ 

Let's have breakfast together
and we really enjoyed ice cream haha

the weather wasnt that hot and striking as it was raining in the morning, so the sky remain cloudy until the afternoon. Lucky us, we don really suffer much from sunburn haha.
But plz apply sunblock when plan to have some activities at the beach, to prevent extreme sunburn/ "dipanggang oleh matahari" 

the arts of the waves
it was low tides during our arrival
I have seen a more beautiful one in Damai Beach before~ 

seaweed on the beach

after the rain stops, more people were seen on the beach
beach is a nice spot for family day 

a beautiful demarcation line of sky and the sea~
although this place wasnt that crystal clear or as beautiful as those famous sandy beaches, it is quite a nice spot to take picture. 

can you recognise what are these on the beach? 

And I spotted some little crabbies~ 
Hi crab, how are you? you are so cute, don you haha

on the right side of the beach, with beautiful Pokok Ru

more seaweed on the beach during low tide
I cant spot these seaweed anymore when we went back home

the girls in the sea
we shall have more crazy photos together next time, this is just too "formal " 

this trip cant even be better together with him~ 

we just sat quietly in the water, and let the stream brought us to somewhere else
just joking, we just enjoyed being "goyang" by the waves

we had "monkey catch ball games" in the sea, it is really fun and we had so much of laughters together especially someone failed to catch the ball or someone just get into the monkey group repeatedly guess you know who is that haha) 
It is a good games for bonding session. Well, in fact we no need to spend much to create a good bonding within us also~ 

just like this peaceful feeling whenever I go for a beach walking. 
this is the reason why I fall in love with beach so deeply. 

the apartments of Bayu Beach resort. Nice for a family outing, the beach just walking distance from the apartment. 

He in the middle of the sea, bash by the waves haha

my dear groupmates~ Teeng and Azie
and Azie, we are in the same small group again
build up a friendship with someone who have difference background from yours is really beautiful. 

Izzah who is floating in the water, with life jacket Xp
as I could not swim, I don really have the courage to float in the water 

the girls were well-prepared to challenge themselves for banana boat ride! 
the banana boat ride is RM15 per person, but if there is more than 10 people in a group, they offered at a rate of RM10 per person. Customers can choose to be thrown in the middle of sea, or near the seashore, more excited, both!
each ride took time about 10-15 minutes

well the sky is getting blue-r instead of remain cloudy and dimmed

meet the twins!!

saw someone sailing the yacht, guess it would not be cheap, but I really wish to try it out someday
maybe in a better beach Xp

group of girls before the banana boat session! some of them are ready for it with life jacket on
Kesh, you just being too manic phase 
*I don really go for the banana boat. First, I cant swim. second, I promised my mom not doing that. Third and the most important, Im too coward and I scare I will die if being thrown in the middle of the sea. I get extremely freak out when i cant touch my feet on the ground in water.

here comes the first round~
Okay they are ready to go

say bye to everyone first before the ride!

2nd round
2nd group is ready to go. And they have 2 splash in total, in the middle of sea and near the shore. 

Bye bye guys! have fun to the maximum

while the guys cant wait for their turn and eagerly put on the life jacket. 

This is how it looks like when my frens were being thrown into the sea from banana boat. Well, I can feel the wave if the impact is great enuf. banyak ombak we said Xpp

and finally, the third round with the guys~

While we just enjoyed ourselves with water at the seashore. 
prefer to be "direbus" than "dipanggang" LOL

after hours of games in the water, then we moved to the land for some dodge ball games. we divide ourselves into 2 teams, the girls and the guys. Sadly, the guys won the games. Issshhhh haha. 

the lovely blue sky before we left the beach. we had so much great time here, and it is really bad and sad to leave at afternoon time. wish to have more time at beach together la. 

so for frens who really enjoy water sports games and beach, 2 days 1 night is highly recommended than just a day trip. You can even have some obstacles games, go kart, team building or jungle trekking in Eagle Ranch Resort, not far away from Bayu Beach. 
BBQ night in Port Dickson will be so memorable ( we did it in hostel, quite interesting also la) 
Don forget the Port Dickson military museum and also the lighthouse at Tanjung Tuan. There is so many things in Port Dickson, and I will visit it again. To have a stay in the water chalet next time!

there is a public toilet for bathing ( RM1 ) and others ( RM0.50) just opposite the street. about 5 minutes walk from the beach, the toilet is in good hygiene and there is 5 rooms in total. 

This is the medan selera. Mamak store is available here, with some drinks and snacks at the stall

the look of the Bayu resort. make sure you don miss the laneway if you want to go to the beach!! 

That is all for this lengthy post. But I guess the health intervention day event will be even longer haha. Stay tuned for more update!

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  1. I love beach but I don't like the sun...I'll be holding an umbrella there, hahaha...

    1. No one likes the big hot sun Xp I wonder how ppl sunbathing there.
      I got terrible sunburn from beach day each time, but the sea water makes me lost control haha