10 Facts about me~ Part 1

haha, suddenly think of sharing some funny part of me, today going to write about.... 10 facts about me? Maybe this will turn up into a kinda boring post, but I just wanna write it, as a record of my life, my youngster moment. 

1. I cut my hair very short for once after graduate, when I gone insane
before that I study in Chung Ling Butterworth, ya a school with hair restriction. I was not allowed to keep my hair longer than 3 cm below ear level, and that was quite annoying, who don love long hair? so after graduate, I keep my hair long after I entered university. I thought I will keep it that way for a long time
but during my 3rd year in university, I gave it a big courage to cut my hair, into a very short and stylish one, maybe shorter than my CLB moment. well, some great impact happened that time so I got the decision. 
Although most of my frens said I look nice with short hair, but I kinda regret of cutting it when my hair grows into shoulder length, it was quite messy all the time and I had a hard time to deal with it

So perhaps I will nvr cut my hair above shoulder length in future? haha
but I would like to try short hair style again in future, when I have my hair long enough

2. Im catholic but I visit temples and mosque
 Im baptised and received confirmation in St.Anne church, I am a catholic who practice catholic life. But i still visit temples and mosque when I think it is interesting enough. Some of my frens think that Im doing it in a wrong way, but glad that my parents are not that conservative enough to stop me from doing that. 
To me, I am okay to visit but I don perform any prayers in other religious places. Every religion has their unique style in building, and I love to explore, so why should I act in such extreme way when I can choose not to care about other?  
Chiang Mai wat left me beautiful impressions~ 

3. Im coffee addict but I cant finish a full cup of coffee
I love coffee so much, specifically, mocha~ I don like latte or cappuccino because they are just too bitter to me. And Penang has so many cafes, I just love it so much.

But, I cant have a full cup of coffee on my own ( I dunno since when it start to happen), I will experience tremor, numbness over my mouth and face whenver I finish a full cup on my own. Caffeine overdose, DSM call it like that way.  

and, starbucks coffee is making me into sleepiness and drowsiness everytime, I wonder what kind of coffee is this when they have so many sugar in it 

I enjoyed cafe hopping everywhere, and I had it in Chiang Mai, one of the places famous with cafes. My next stop will be Melbourne the Laneway haha
so, please don bring me to a cafe and starbucks and don allow me to drink coffee, it is suffering!

4. I actually wish to join vet but i end up in medicine
I love small animals than human, they are so cute! but i cant have them as pet because I could not even take good care of fishes Xp
I had fishes, tortoises, birds and  hamsters as pet, but none of them survive X...X guess im not a good owner. But cant blame me coz I was just less than 10 years old that time haha

after my SPM, I actually want to join Vet as my future career. But becoz I had history of asthma during childhood, my parents banned it. So I end up my life in Medicine, deal with human life.
this puppy just grab my heart away~
cant wait to join Dogathon again this year!  

4. Im uncontrollable 
I cant be control, and i hate to be controlled but someone else. So I always against rules and regulation =..= In my secondary school time, I rarely passed up my homework, or I should said, some of the exercise books did not even exist even after 6 months of school life. and I always played truant, with different kind of excuses. And basically my teachers cant do anything, because my result was still good. haha not feeling sinful that time, but now really like, ar I should do it better last time. 

Until now, I still uncontrollable. But the condition is milder. For example, I hate my college management with all kinds of idiotic rules and regulation. they are so genius at sucking our money and try their every best to kick us out from the college. Every single thing they can punish us by fine ( as we don really care about it if money can settle the problem, I aint have so much time to deal with it) 

So, guess public health is not my cup of tea because it is all about creating " rules and regulations to others haha"  

5. I dont really use my brain to process words before I speak it out
Okay, I actually realise the problem but I just cant help it. Im quite hot tempered, and Im straight. I could not control my mouth before the words goes into my brain. I just speak whatever I can think of. so some times I accidentally insulted someone, or talked sometimes not appropriate. 

I would appreciate it if you speak onto my face that I had make u unhappy, but don backstab me ok? =)) 
well seems like my actions does not pass though my brain neither. 

6. I love nature more than shopping
I always prefer to go for outdoor activities rather than go for shopping mall. It had been 6 months ago since my last visit to Pavilion, and I went there for photo shooting of xmas decorations. 

Shopping is something very exhausting to me, and with my poor sense of fashion and the taking my breath away price tag, it does not make me enjoy it. And him, same like me with poor fashion sense, we went to shopping mall most of the time for movies. ya, both us enjoy movie so much, we had 4 movies in June till now haha. 

and nature environment, it is free to be enjoyed. I love beaches the most, and then forest and finally paddy field. Although i love beach so much, but i cant swim, what an emo. I even nearly drowned when I had my first snorkelling in Pulau Langkawi before. 

but most of the girls don really like to exposed to sunlight in nature, so sometimes I really find difficulty to get frens together for some outing. 

During plantation season in Sekinchan, the greenish paddy field is just too amazing!

fall in love with hiking recently, to enjoy an aerial view and breathtaking scenery from the top of hill. words cant describe my feeling about that. 

7. I cant speak English fluently before I entered university
As I studied in a chinese secondary school, there is no place for me to speak in English. even we got 6 period of english classes a week, I spoke Hokkien to my English teacher. In fact, I hate english that time, and I really feel reluctant to speak ( thanks GOD i still able to write). it sounds so awkward to speak in English when your frens were speaking in Chinese, furthermore I really hate english that time, never realise the importance of it. 

Still I got an A+ for my Spm, now you can have a idea how invaluable the grade is haha. I realise how Doom i was during my interview of JPA scholarship. Well it was a group discussion, and I performed very terribly. Padan muka I for not getting it. Then I entered matriculation, mixed with a gang of friends who are english educated, then I forced myself to speak in English. 

MUET gave me a very great confidence for improvement as well. After enter uni, I realise how important English is, especially your knowledge is so limited as compared to colleagues. I start to blogging in English, speak with my friends, and get myself involved more in presentation. 

Guess what, even my English level wasnt that Hi-5 enuf, i can shoot people in English perfectly haha. 
And with my limited knowledge on theory in medicine, I still can score good marks because Im confident to use English Language, to convince Doctors to give me that marks haha

and I feel so good for making it. 
from someone who cant even speak a full phrase of english, to someone go up stage for presentation most of the time. 

8. Im hot tempered
I admit this as my biggest weakness. I lost patience easily, super easily irritated when i met with something very troublesome, or I get stuck in traffic jam. I throw tantrum to those close with me, felt quite sorry sometimes for being so. 

maybe my temper just sounds exactly like this machine haha. get heated super easily. LOL

9. Im sensitive
To be honest, I am someone who is super sensitive, although I look tough outside but actually Im super fragile. My close frens know these. They tried their best to help me, by asking me not to think so much, but sometimes I just cant help it. That is why sometimes I still feel alone when Im in a group of frens, I don feel people understand me 

It is quite tiring to deal to someone like me, easily get hurt all the time. 
but if you are nice to me, I will give you a big sweet smile ok?? hehe

10. Last fact in part 1~ I actually prefer skirts more than pants
most of the time I wore t-shirt and short pants, but actually I like to wear dress or skirt more than it. Just becoz dress, I no need to make and mix and match, since my fashion sense is not just terrible but horrible at the same time haha. 

but I don really find suitable occasion to wear skirts, becoz most of my frens around don wear it. So sometimes I will wear it to church, dating or outing with my roommate haha. 

so these are some facts about me, perhaps more in future?? 
thanks for reading ^^ hope it wont be too boring for you haha

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  1. I prefer skirt than pants...because I'm very lazy, when goes to toilet, skirt is faster, hahaha...

    1. you really got the same feeling like mine haha. hi-5!!

  2. My English was poor before entering matriculation.
    Then, MUET works as a great motivation to push me keep speaking, writing, reading English, so grateful to be able to be "befriended" with English. Still have room of improvement though :)

    1. Haha seems like both of us r the same. MUET plays a great role on it

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